South African artist arrested over sex art work

A South African artist has been arrested over a sex art work which he showed Afrikaner businessman Marius Jooste receiving oral sex from a black woman.

South African artist arrested over sex art work lailasnews

Ayanda Mabulu was arrested outside the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) for showing a sexual painting of disgraced Afrikaner businessman Marius Jooste.

A painting portraying a naked Eugene Terreblanche, an Afrikaner supremacist who was murdered in 2010, superimposed on Nazi swastikas.

He hung the painting outside the JSE, with heads of pigs placed at the bottom with money stuffed in the pigs’ mouth and the money scattered on the floor.

The police have not stated why the controversial artist was arrested.

South African music legend Johnny Clegg is dead, aged 66

Prior to Mabulu’s arrest, his representative said the JSE would be “a perfect new home” for the sexually explicit artwork.

His representative added that “His painting has been inspired by the hold white monopoly capitalism has had on South Africa namely the Steinhoff saga.”

The object of the sexually explicit artwork, Mr Jooste resigned as chief executive of global retail group Steinhoff about a year ago after it was accused of accounting irregularities. He denied any misconduct.


    • Is just that most people dont think about the consequences of a thing before embarking on it. You are a disgrace to manhood.

  1. Painting gone wrong. Is against public role to paint a disagraced man or woman and this one that is about sex, hmm, it’s well. They should have shown us the art ooo

  2. Why would they arrest him aftrall his doing what he love best doing. Has an artist you can design anything designsable they should free him.

  3. He should not have done this,there are so many things things he should have paint that people will like so much than this

  4. Nawa oo,for this 21 century… Does that mean he don’t see woman to fall in love with or what is he’s problem.

  5. Has he run out of stuffs to paint or he’s just looking for attention? He should face the law as long as it wasn’t himself that he painted

  6. Tarnishing the image of people for you to satisfy personnal ambition is not a good thing and he must dealt with in respect of law.

  7. It is very unfortunate that the fear of God is no more in the heart people, showing a nude pictures in public is very bad

  8. What was his intention about disgracing the Afrikaner buisnessman . Probably they have an unfinished buisness

  9. From what i read here the man in the painting, had some bad reputation relating to what he put in the painting so i don’t see anything wrong with his pain, the only thing i don’t like is the fact that white people love it and will continue to use it to intimidate blacks.

  10. How I wish I can see the said painting self! Well,police should leave the artist alone. That painting May have different meanings to different people too

  11. What kind immoral painting is that?he should be punish for others to learn.immoral act should be erradicated

  12. A piece of art showing once mind, please they should release him, the guy is showing the world his thinking over what is going on in their country .

  13. I wonder where your inspiration comes from.. Painting a disgraced Afrikana.. On top that sexual painting too. If the law finds it unworthy then face the consequences..

  14. I don t see anything wrong with art work. But don’t start using it against people or causing public nuisance with it

  15. am sure this guy has reasons for this,maybe someone sponsored him to do him explain himself better in the court of law

  16. It’s just an art . Art might express your feelings at a particular time in life . I don’t think his arrest is right

  17. Art is an expression; is culture arresting an artist for his work is like arresting him for His culture

  18. I think the south african artist should be punished so as to serve as a deterrent to others .he is trying to spread indiscipline amongst the youth

  19. Art is an expression of things around we can’t even view the painting,that’s kinda serious though but that’s what fetch him money

  20. Being an artist doesn’t give the right to slander on someone personality, so he got what he deserved

  21. He don’t deserve to be arrested because he is doing his job… Some people do take things serious…

  22. This is not good, because you are artistic doesnt mean you should use your gift to assasinate other people character. Atleast will soon know his reasons for doing such

  23. I cant imagine how he can do that… is it possible that he has a grudge with a dead man…..laughing here

  24. I don’t see the reason they should arrest the artist because he is an artist therefore he is free to paint or design artwork as artist so they should free him abeg.

  25. arrest over sex art work, why not get marries start up a family and enjoy sex and life and all. instead of this.

  26. Is bad one. He should paint something that makes very sense than this madness he made. He must face charges for court

  27. What he did is against the rule of painting. Why paint such a sexual portraid picture in public

  28. Comment*He should marry and leave another woman alone, why should he be doing sex artwork.
    He should taken to court.

  29. there is no picture of the painting here so we can’t judge how bad the painting is. But I guess he was trying to send a message through his paintings

  30. Very good, He deserve the arrest because its too bad for him and that is a serious offence that need to be jail. is he a dog?????

  31. We don’t have to blame him because he is doing his job whereas the picture is not shown, whether to judge him good or bad.

  32. blame him because he is doing his job whereas the picture is not shown, whether to judge him good or bad. And I think his also trying to pass some information through his painting

  33. He should be charged to court. paint something that adds value to life instead of painting what does not.

  34. Admin could have posted the picture or paint for us all to see. Moreover, the art could have been offensive but that’s his way of protesting against white monopoly capitalism and inequality too. Is within his right and he did nothing wrong. Hope he released soon because his painting portrays the truth.

  35. It is very unfortunate that the fear of God is no more in the heart people, showing a nude pictures in public is very bad even if it’s ur discipline one must be careful

  36. This is uncalled for and why will he even do that just because he is an artist ,then he can just paint any thing he likes,he should be brought to order please.

  37. Even if he don’t have any other thing to do he should not have done that it is very wrong let him face the punishment.

  38. It’s good to be creative but let ur creativity impact lives.. He should visit a mind building consultant

  39. Firstly he shouldn’t have drawn such of a person, he should be charged to court for that, there are many other things he could think of that could add value to the society n yet he chose that??

  40. That kind of art work is not a good sight to behold and for the public viewing . He should be question for it.

  41. this is ridiculuos, it is so worst, he should be arrested for real but with evidence. please judge him with mercy ooo.

  42. Why, he didn’t rape anyone, didn’t kill anyone just because of the art work he did that landed him in station. No offense release him.

  43. He should have thought of the implication of what he was doing, before he even embarked on it,work of art can destroy a person’s reputation, let him be; interrogated

  44. People do anything they like these days without respect for humankind. Humans now behave more like uncultured beings, more like animals that don’t reason well and cares less about others. He should face charges for his efforts.

  45. Ohhh…. .but what he did was very wrong . not like the drawing was imaginery but these were existing or existed people

  46. If he was arrested for painting alone, they should warn him not to portray such in public, but he has to be freed, he was just doing his job, hope he doesn’t do such again

  47. Das good for him, what dey did to him we be inform of lession to other people’s that nomally do such kind of things as he as already deed

  48. It’s amazing how people now live their lives. He’s got guts to do those paintings. I wish I could see the paintings.

  49. Fine he his a good artist even the best so far, but let its drawing pass good information to others , not something like dis

  50. Art is a way one tells a story using pictures. The pictures reveals the thought of the creator of it. He only brought to life what he felt

  51. , it bring bad name to u and ur family pls look for a best job,and God will bless u stop it is evil because of money,

  52. Everyone’s just looking for a way to draw attention, be popular. Am sure he’s earned it but am sure it’s a real provocation to the public. The arrest if not good enough,he should visit the hospital to proper brain test

  53. Imagine, hpunishment an Afrikaner supremacist who was murdered in 2010. Very surprising!
    He should face the punishment for his act.

  54. The description of the art work alone potrays something is not good for the eyes of children and even adults.

  55. Sometimes I begin to wonder when Nigerians will ever be like all this developing countries in terms of moral conduct

  56. The painter needs to be taught a lesson that his talents should be directed at creating positive things and not shaming people .

  57. Some of these artists think that they can draw or paint anything even if is a nude picture or sexuality. This is very wrong as it has the tendency to corrupt the mind and send out wrong signals to people at large.

  58. I don’t understand but my piece of advice is dat you need to be careful with Ur job am taking about artist or any celebrity

  59. He should be punished very well for not thinking about the consequence of what will happen before doing the art work

  60. Maturity is important in what ever some one is doing, you should think of the consequence , that is too bad,

  61. That’s really bad of him. I can’t believe he wasted his precious time painting what can promote immorality

  62. Maybe that is his own way of passing a message to the people….artworks are always made to pass a message or tell a story

  63. Has an artist you can design anything designsable they should free him. He will have a reason why he did that and by the way he is an artist

  64. The police cannot arrest someone without stating the reason for the arrest. They should fell us why they are arresting him.

  65. But there are other ways he could have relayed his message than using this medium. He deserves to be punished.

  66. The African people have respect for sex and sexual activities, the value system of the African people should be upheld.

  67. The guy did not actually know what he did is wrong….if it was that he knew then he will never do such a thing….but all the same…so why the arrest

  68. police should leave the artist alone. That painting May have different meanings to him,
    That’s his earn income

  69. Most African people just like to do things to disgrace Africa continent in the present of the world. what was an insult to Africa.

  70. bad guy with bad mind, see dirty work he engage himself on.Why can you look for something more meaningful to do.

  71. You are a total disgrace to man kind entirely, you are given a good handwork and you are misusing it. Sex ark work will run your talent down. Please change from it.

  72. It is against public role to paint a disagraced man or woman and this one that is about sex, hmm, it’s well. They should have shown us the art ooo

  73. He has a good hand work which i think it pays him well… What he should have done Is to get a woman and settle with her. Why allowing himself to get this kind of bad name. This is too bad

  74. Well as read
    The police has not given reason for his arrest and I don’t believe it’s reasonable if he was arrested for the sex art work
    Let’s look out for more updates in this

  75. This is an abuse of human right. They should arrest all actors, actresses,directors and producers of movies that has sex scenes in them.

  76. Why would they aresst him over his work. Atleast he wasnt stealing or into bribery and corruption. Well of all things in the world, he could only draw sex.

  77. Why didn’t they state a reason for arresting him? There’s nothing wrong with his work as he’s not the first artist to portray sexually explicit paintings

  78. Why doing such…it you want to make an art work . .why no do a decent one…its rili a shame on your part

  79. This is a reflection of is thought brought to work, but why must it be a sex art work, that is what sploit it all…

  80. My point of view
    It’s an art work so I don’t see anything wrong in it
    He did It for income
    Am not saying it’s good but i don’t see anything wrong in it

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