South Africa Election 2019: Ballot papers run out across the country

South Africa election 2019 has began and South Africans head out to their polls to cast their votes for its sixth democratic election.

south africa election 2019 Ballot papers run out across - lailasnews

A record number of voters were said to have registered for the voting process yet, voting has been delayed in different polling stations across the country as they “run out of ballots.”

Voting delayed in Pretoria West as station ‘runs out of ballots’. Some voters have experienced the delay in the Elections 2019, after some polling stations opened their doors without ballot papers.

According to political analysts, this is the biggest elections since South Africa gained its independence.

South Africa election 2019 is still ongoing and it is to elect a new National Assembly and provincial legislatures in each province.

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According to the Independent Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC), voting stations were expected to open at 7:00, with the assumption that the administrative set up of the poll would have been done much earlier than that.

It is the task of the presiding electoral officers to ensure that the voting booths have been properly set up with the ballot papers stamped and ready to record the votes of the people.

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