SoundCity MVP Awards: Peruzzi reacts to Teni winning “Best New Artist”

Nigerian singer, Peruzzi has reacted to Teni winning the “Best New Artist” yesterday at the 2018 SoundCity MVP Awards.

SoundCity MVP Awards_ Peruzzi reacts to Teniola winning _Best New Artist_ lailasnews

The singer said that he made more money last year than any other new act in Nigeria, also noting that he personally feels he worked the hardest than any other new act.

He wrote in a now deleted Tweet;

Personally I’d say I worked the hardest last year than any other new act, same way I made more money last year than any other new act in the country. There’s a way I see myself, it’s MY race, theres a way I’m running it. Focus on yours. Facts over hype. It’s really simple.

SoundCity MVP Awards Peruzzi reacts to Teniola winning Best New Artist lailasnews 1

The Tweet went on to gain many reactions on Twitter before he deleted it.

Peruzzi later went on to say he looks forward to working hard this year. He wrote;

Na to sing shege this year be that


  1. Peruzi you sing shege, we stop listening to you music

    Congrats Teni joor
    “But my papa no be dagote,or adele, but i love your song ohhhh yeah”

  2. Congrats Teni, perruzzi, why not just wait for your turn. This life is turn by turn. Today is her own, tomorrow might be yours so chill

  3. Congratulations!. you deserve it because hardwork really pays and all you have to do is keep uping your game.

  4. That’s really for you teni look what hardwork got you congratulations but still we are still looking forward to see u win more awards

  5. she really deserved the award and we should celebrate with her. congratulations. work harder and harder to win more.

  6. I love her song a lot she is very hardworking in producing good songs congrats dear she deserve it

  7. The organisers of award in Africa are always bias in giving awards. Peruzzi should forget awards and give out his best

  8. Those that voted for Teni they have their reasons and what they see. Work harder this year.

  9. A lot of times it is about hard work. So the fact that you worked last year was not a guarantee that you would win the award. You should have congratulated the winner of the award. Congratulations to Teni.

  10. The problems of Nigerian is that they don’t want to celebrate somebody why?
    Congratulations abeg

  11. Peruzzi more awards abound for you take in the near future. Just keep up the hard work and you will win one soon.. Congrats to teni though.

  12. Peruzzi shut the fuck up…. almost all your hit songs you featured big nigerian stars…. but teni’s hit songs she featured no one…. she worked so hard and deserved the award..congrats Teni on the best new artiste

  13. I dont even know who teni is and I know a alot about nigerian musiç, I wonder how they did it. He is right he worked hard for this.

  14. Perruzzi stop the jealous talk,work harder next time. Congrats Teni. Keep doing you. Your lyrics are so dope

  15. Both Peruzzi and Teni makes waves last year they both deserve the best new artis.but the judges have chosen wisely.dont worry Peruzzi next year na to sing shege remain for you

  16. It’s painful when you work so hard, hoping to be chosen as the best, and you are not, maybe it’s not your time.dont feel so bad Peruzzi, God got you covered. Nice music you have.just work harder.

  17. In every competition there must be a winner. Personally I prefer teni’s song. God!!! You can’t resist it any where it is played . Don’t worry perruzi you did well just work harder, this year might be your year.Sing shege scatter everywhere

  18. Facts over hypes yeah! I like that and I agree with you. We all have our race to run. So get to it and keep moving

  19. All that are his opinion. Thank God he has determined to work harder this in other to back the award. God bless his hustling.

  20. This is jealousy ooooo…. Plz pray for Your Own so you win…. Why making such statement.

  21. He should wait for his time don’t envy others success. It’s turn by turn . It’s not one man’s vote oo. Na population win am for Teni

  22. You are not to judge yourself. People should and they’ve picked her. Just work harder this year

  23. You sound jealous and angry better work harder if you really deserve the award it shall be given to u next

  24. Congratulations dear, you are doing very well for yourself, hardworking meets with opportunity creates good reward. More grace

  25. I personally like the way talk because he know how he work last year that is why he wanted to put more effort.

  26. Teni, a very big congratulations. Sometimes people put in their efforts in making a successful career but it comes out nought. Thank God you made it Teni

  27. When I first watch Teni music it’s a guy. Congratulations to her. Perruzi don’t feel bad, that’s something about life we can’t unravel.

  28. Peruzzi should shut up.. What does he know about music, who told him Teni started doing yesterday, she has been doing music before he peruzzi ever signed for DMW, the same Teni has written songs gor his oga Davido.. He is there envying her. Nonsense igbo smoker who calls himself a musician

  29. Life na turn by turn….
    This is Teni’s turn…
    Maybe next would be your turn no need to bicker over it….

    Just keep on working hard

  30. What is Peruzzi’s problem. If he feels he performed and made more money than any other new act, so what? Tẹ́nì won award. Good!!

  31. Peruzzi deserves it too but Teni really worked for the award . Teni is the rightful owner of the aaard . I believe 2019 will be the year of Peruzzi

  32. Teni also really worked so hard to achieve this.Although some of these awards, they have their own way of giving it to people.I know you also did well.

  33. Congrats Teni perruzi u dnt need to compare your self to any upcoming art this year may b your year keep doing ur thin

  34. Do I sense a hint if jealousy? Perruzzi don’t worry, yours is on the way. Meanwhile, congrats to you Teni.

  35. Everybody has their own race in this world, “shine your shine make another person shine em own”.. Congrats Teni for your Award..

  36. Tenni you really did an awesome job last year, your songs was a hit back to back …. Congratulation on your award dear you deserve it…. As u talk , this year na to work shege . please do just that…. We love u!

  37. Teni is a great artist and I believe she deserved the award. She worked hard and hit what she deserved. Keep aiming for the stars baby, better year ahead this 2019

  38. It’s all about perfection is not by he that worn before. When you perfect it you will merit it so work hard for next time

  39. Congratulations to teni on her award, to peruzzi it’s not about making money or all that, teni gave great music for Nigerians to listen to, she deserve every bit of that award… Congratulations teni

  40. Teni is really really a great musician. I love your music’s especially this one “My papa no be dangote or adeleke but we go dey okay ooo”.Nice girl

  41. Congratulations Teni. You’ve worked hard so far and its paying real good. More wins for you this year. Peruzzi dear, the sky is big enough for everyone to soar, greater heights to you too

  42. Just continue in your hard work, don’t give up, don’t let any unnecessary drama distract you.

  43. Their is no point to jealous or beef a colleague because you didn’t win the award, celebrate with those winning, your turn will surely show up

  44. He work harder, he made more money but not selected, thats to tell its Grace and not by works. Congratulations Teni.

  45. Peruzzi congratulations to the success you saw last year. But to be on top more is required and you have to prove to others also that you are the best. We are the one to judge your song not you.
    Teni congratulations more grace.

  46. Congratulations to you firstly but I don’t think if it’s because of your hard work as you claim
    It’s just by the grace of God
    He blesses who he wish

  47. He is saying the truth oooo. I even thought he would win it, he got so many features last year but all the same your time will come.

  48. A lizard that fell from rooftop doesn’t need anyone to tell him sorry. You have done well and no one wants to acknowledge that and commend you for your efforts please help yourself

  49. Toni you are the bomb, congratulations on your award, more winnings more achievement, jealousy is the other of the day in Nigeria, nor let bad belle people pull you down.

  50. Without 2face putting you in a song, you never even be nominated. Teni did it without featuring or being featured by any A list artiste. Oga goan sit down biko.

  51. Success requires lots of hard work, congratulations to you for not giving up. Always remember to believe in yourself.

  52. Wow!!! Congrat bro, you really deserved it
    More awards will come your way dis 2019 in Jesus name Amen..oluwa bless your hustle

  53. So you are jealous because you did not win the award but she did. Well everything is turn by turn. Wait for your time.

  54. Yes oooooooo Teni,congrats dearie. “I will slap Peruzzi for ur sake”if he doesn’t knw what he is saying

  55. This tremendous
    Teni you deserve it
    Your song the burst my head
    More wins nd more achievement

  56. Teni is a good artist and deserves the award, it’s always good to rejoice with those who won than to be jealous. Work harder so that you can win this year. Teni’s songs are really very good. Congrats to Teni, more wins for him.

  57. I believe Teni was also worth it. She worked very hard also. Perruzzi it seems its not your time yet. No worry your time go soon come.

  58. Uncle peruzzi, she is still a virgin o, walai, she dont knw nothing o, sha dont take it personal, she jst wanna do it beta. Congratulations to teni ones again

  59. Winning award has nothing to do with how much you have made, there is a way of nominating and winning awards.

  60. Teni you did well and congratulations to you but remember God your maker gave you the award not your effort

  61. Yoruba people call it “KADARA” which means “DESTINY” So all I can say is u can only be what you are destined to be.
    More effort I know u can do more.

  62. well in a way perruzzi is right but still we have to say congratulation to teni you really deserve it more…. perruzzi shuld wait for his turn

  63. He should wait for his time don’t envy at others success. It’s turn by turn . It’s not one man’s vote’s population win it for Teni

  64. Peruzzi the baddest. Hard work pays, keep to your good work. We are enjoying the music bro.

  65. Teni; honestly am happy for you, she is good artist and deserves the very best. Congratulations to you dear.

  66. It’s not your time yet bro
    Relax and try the process
    When is your time to shine no one can block it
    Congrats to teni

  67. Congratulation but teni’s hit songs she featured no one…. she worked so hard and deserved the award..congrats Teni on the best new artiste

  68. Facts over hype, I really love this phrase the artist used as basis for success. Word up.

  69. Perruzi just congratulate the Babe and wish your type comes, for me I will vote for her too if I have to pick between the two of them

  70. I can see that Peruzzi is bitter and jealous…is turn by turn…if his time hav comes, he will surely win…he should be happy for Teni not this kind of msg he posted..

  71. No bid to react perruzi.. his song really a lot of sense tho u tried but he really deserves it… Congrats Teni

  72. Perruzzi you are definitely entitled to your opinion but Teni getting the award shouldn’t get to your spine, put your good work out there and take your career to the top

  73. My brother don’t worry yourself. You too will have your own awards. Keep on working hard. But for teni am happy for her, she deserves it

  74. Congrats to the winner and pls no jealous to the loosed. Though I am not really into music industry. God bless Nigeria

  75. Congratulations teni…Peru love…please work harder…i love you guys load…periods really deserves something…

  76. Peruzzi is better and more talented than Teni na by far, Not TENI MAKANAKI o, Teniwadess…

  77. For my papa no be dangote or adeleke….. I heard that song everywhere…. It was the bomb. Congratulations teni, don’t mind the Bros… E dey pepper am.

  78. Teni too did well. Just congratulate her and pray you win this year’s own. Better sing correct shege.

  79. She worked so hard and deserved the award, So the fact that you worked last year was not a guarantee that you would win the award.

  80. Personally, I think it is Peruzzi that takes the crown. He is the better. Who is Teni? I don’t even know him

  81. Congratulations to my Teni for such award and to Peruzzi, I’d say goodluck to ur *shege singing* this year.

  82. Teni deserves the award because she did just work but rather she worked hard and as such I congratulate her.

  83. Peruzzi no doubt you did a very good job, and tenni also did a wounder job, she deserves the award

  84. The Sky is big enough to contain everyone. Everyone’s time will come. Congrats to all the winners in the soundcity-mvp awards

  85. Congratulations to teni, perruzi along more money doesn’t count here bcus it’s done by votes

  86. Lolllzzz… But I see all those messages from him as childish. At least, congratulate the winner first.

  87. Bro is not all about making money or working hard. You can work hard and never come out with anything. So bro check yourself very well.

  88. That’s what he feels which is not the reality. one cant obviously see his guts and others to know which actually worked hardest. Buh i feel, Teni deserved it. She’s earned it

  89. Congratulating her was the best not that you’re are going to be reacting over the award she won. If you also wish to win you’ve to work hard

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