”Some of us just get luck” – Man shows off his 7months pregnant wife’s amazing stature

A Nigerian man has showed off his wife’s amazing statue when she was 7 months pregnant with their baby, as he declared he is lucky to have her.

The man identified as Adigwe Joseph Chinedu shared photos of his wife amazing stature when she was seven months pregnant and social media users testified that he was indeed lucky.

Sharing the photo, he wrote;

”How my wife looked 7 months into pregnancy. Some of us just get Luck.”

See how some Nigerians reacted below;

Avinbolanle : Ahhh seven month ke and madam still has flat tummy Me i will just be worried if our baby is OK we will go for scan every two days to be sure its a human and not an agama lizard she’s carrying

Anna : My mom situation, she just comes back home with my younger ones

Evans : Lool.

had this neighbour back then (God rest her soul as she is late now) she was slim and hardly showed till she gave birth plus she was a strong woman (goes about her activites) so you hardly would knw she was heavy till she was almost putting to birth.

Thobyano : I’ve Seen Someone Like That, Before.

I Went To Their House To Say Hello, Didn’t Know She Just Gave Birth. Because I Didn’t See Her With Any Pregnancy.

I Just Greeted And Left, Unknown To Me That She Just Gave Birth. Till Today, I Can’t Explain It.

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