Some actors now pay for roles – Charles Inojie

Nollywood veteran actor, Charles Inojie in a new interview disclosed that he is shy person who initially found it difficult to watch his movies.

Some actors now pay for roles – Charles Inojie lailasnews

Charles Inojie who also admitted that the current situation could not be compared with the good old days when he started acting, stated that there was no longer discipline in the movie industry as Nollywood was not being used by some people as an avenue to flaunt themselves and their businesses.

“I am a shy person, initially it was difficult for me to watch clips of my movies; it was hard to believe that I was the one doing some of those things. However, I am beginning to deal with it a lot better now. If I walk into a sitting room with people gathered watching my movies, I’ll probably just go out, but I am beginning to handle it a lot better now. I always tell myself that it is just the way I am.

“I have a persona that is different from the roles I play; the roles come naturally for me. Some people understand that it’s just role-play but others find it difficult to take me seriously,” he said.

“In those days, people had more discipline in the industry. Discipline has been eroded in the movie industry. For example, in the past, when someone was called a director, it would be obvious that the person had earned the name, but these days anybody just assumes that role.

“There are many people who do not really want a career; they just want to use Nollywood as a springboard for them to promote their other businesses. When there is no discipline and order, it trickles down the line. In those days, when an actor came on set, their first question would be: who is the director? If it was a name they couldn’t risk connecting their reputation with, they would leave the job.

“However, these days they don’t bother about who the director is, they only care about the money. At the end of the day, it’s only Nollywood that will have a bad name,” he told Saturday Beats.

The veteran actor further stated that there was need for a proper structure that would instill discipline in Nollywood, adding that a lack of discipline in the industry was affecting movie quality.

“I think people should be trained, I even hear they pay for roles these days; which should be the other way round. These things have affected the quality of movies in the industry. The solution to this problem is to strengthen the guild to function; they should be able to reprimand their members when they err. The guild should be empowered to organise training but the government also has a role to play in this,” Charles Inojie said.


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  1. So true of what he said. Paying for a role to feature in a movie didn’t start today but to what end is it gear towards is what I don’t understand.

  2. well spoken…this are thr real actors in the nollywood industries…really the home movies this days are something else..movies are suppose to educate the people and not the other way round…they should put in more effort and stop the corruption in movie industries…

  3. It’s true,Nollywood is no longer the way it use to be,some of their movies look like children acting.They need to strengthen their association, allow qualified actors and actresses to act in movies.

  4. Hmm it is not a new thing now. It’s been happening since the men pay with money and the female have option to pay in cash or kind

  5. Nollywood has turned into something else,where actors pay for role they don’t bother if he or she is capable of acting the role

  6. This is same bribery and corruption we are talking about, it then means someone will just partake in the acting as long as he/she has the money to pay whether that person is good in acting or not. Too bad.

  7. Paying for a role to feature in a movie is really uncalled for, it is really bad… I won’t really blame them because most people are trying to meet their needs

  8. That’s just the simple truth , there’s no discipline in nollywood anymore on like those days, now people buy they role they play in a movie which is wrong , no More standard in nollywood

  9. Everything is now money in Nigeria,they don’t bother about standard but the money with that you will have a role only God can restore this country under corruption

  10. Even when Nollywood started we have heard the news that some directors/ producers sleeps with some girls before they feature them in movies which is paying as well lol. Everyone is a director now for sure.

  11. Just the exact truth. I can’t even remember when last I wachted Nigeria movie it’s more like there movie is no longer meaningful there are just moving in a circle actung the same thigh over n over again

  12. This is what I ask my self sometimes why ist necessary to pay for roles in movie industry even some people can perform well and still have to pay

  13. I remember those days when nollywood was nollywood.. With integrity and sincerity.. Now adays can u imagine it has reached a stage were they pay just to act movies?greediness and selfishness, love of money has taken over nollywood…. But I believe things can still change !!

  14. Some ppl r just into the filming industry for familiarity which is why the director r now using it to mk more money by making them pay for roles which is not supposed to be so

  15. I thought that roles are gotten based on merit. Why do we accuse the government of corruption when we r involved in our little corners

  16. Thats a good talk, Charles. No more discipline in the movie industry in Nigeria which is why we have so many uncultured roles, movies and celebrities today. There is great need of sanitization in nollywood, not only in government.

  17. The strong hold of Nollywood has broken just because people that established it is no longer there the children there are now using it for business. Corruption is everywhere.

  18. It is unfortunate that this is happening in the industry. It is not a new development, there cases of ladies with with producers and directors just so that they could be given a role…. Now, it has come to bribing in form of payment to do given a role. It’s pity, I hope discipline Will return soon.

  19. Lack of discipline in any organization not only the movie industry will aways affect quality. Good, the problem is identified and possible solution identified. Implementation should be next line of action.

  20. In those days when nollywood was nollywood now is nollyfire, now Nigeria is fall of corruption, the love of Money have taken over nollywood, there acting is meanless we no longr enjoy nollywood.

  21. This things can actually be controlled, nollywood have a board and there should be checks and balances. Take bollywood for example, they have a board who takes care of who is a director and who is not, before your movie gets into the market it must be signed by the film board. They add to their country’s GDP. If only nollywood would be a strong film board up, a lot of things would be contained.

  22. So true that the Nigerian nollywood sector should instill discipline in the film industry so it’s reputation can be preserved and respected worldwide.

  23. This shows that corruption exists everywhere. Well I agree with the actor’s solution as curbing corruption in the movie industry will go a long way in increasing the quality of our movies.

  24. Actors are too many in the industry that’s why they pay for a role .is up to the directors to decide who is most trained not the monetary value

  25. This is what you get when passion is absent. Why pay to feature in a role you know doesn’t suit you? Now see where we are in the movie industry

  26. It’s true,Nollywood is no longer the way it use to be,some of their movies look like children acting.They need to strengthen their association, allow qualified actors and actresses to act in movies

  27. Charles inojie I always enjoys his movies because of the comic in it,he is making sense, in those day people are into the movie industry just because of the passion they have for it,but now is d money they are going for not passion

  28. To me, may be it is because am d viewer, he don’t look shy. Again, he isn’t the first person saying about Nollywood and their lack of discipline. People do all sorts behind the scenes just to make sure they appear on TV. They tend to drag Nollywood to the mud.

  29. Gone are d good days of great movies, now only movies produced and directed by the first generation actors, still make sense

  30. honestly, the height of indecipline In Nigeria movie industry is alarming. we use to be better than some other country’s movie industry.but now,we r way behind. the government should really do something about this.

  31. Paying for roles is not a new thing in the industry, however those who knew what they want maintain their intergrity. Though difficult

  32. What do you expect, when the head is rotten it affects the entire body, this is Nigeria for you. Paying to get a role in movies? it’s really sad. Which way Nigeria

  33. Yes I believed what he said I have a friend who want to be an actor but the director ask him to pau some money for a role,they should into this matter and let it stop.

  34. And that’s the reason why movie back then was more interesting, meaningful and teach lesson than movies now. They should try and do something about it

  35. Why won’t they pay for role, the truth remains, actors or actresses are in born. Once it is not you it’s not you. You can not force it and that is why some are paying for role.

  36. It’s been happening now, when an actor or a director will want to sleep with a girl before giving that person a role to play is it not the same thing.

  37. Sir Charles you are 100% right, am a witness to this,,, industry is no longer what is use to be, desperation every where, and with the way things are moving am afraid nollywood might fall, not my prayers but we need to be very careful

  38. This man has really said well . If all these flaws mentioned are not in check there is no way nollywood will not meet up with the world standard

  39. Charles onojas contribution to Bollywood film industry is tremendous. It’s just unfortunate if the standards and quality required for the industry to thrive has dropped.

  40. Yes that’s true, to me many actor and actress go into the film production business so they could flirt around its not just about entertainment alone to them

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