Social media will make you feel you haven’t achieved – Martha Ankomah

Ghanaian actress, Martha Ankomah has revealed that social media can make one think he hasn’t achieved anything in life due to the rate at which people post their best on the various platforms.

Social media will make you feel you haven't achieved - Martha Ankomah

In an interview with Franky 5 on Hitz FM’s “This Is Gospel” Martha Ankomah said:

“The social media didn’t come to help us at all in our days. It helps sometimes in a positive way but it didn’t come to help at all in a certain way”.

The actress added that:

“And sometimes you wake up in the morning and you think everybody is going and they are leaving you behind and there is nothing happening in your life. If you are not careful, you will think of doing something to put out there to get attention”.

Martha Ankomah continued by advising her colleaguse to stay calm and not feel pressured by the lifestyle of their fellow actors on social media.

“If the fear of God is in you, it will calm you down. It will take care of the issues. The peace of God will take control of your heart….It is not easy waiting. It is not easy being patient…but just don’t give up”, Martha Ankomah stated.

She went on to condemn celebrities who use nudity to attract social media followers and also those who live fake lives.



  1. Yea, you are right….. I just pity people who try to go into competition with what they see on social media

  2. God bless you my dear. Social media is part of peer group that if you are not careful, it might push you into trouble.

  3. Dat y some people live their life on social media without living their own life because every thing in social media is fake

  4. yes o dear ,it take one who is not moved or busybody to cope with the things u see on social media

  5. Social media and it’s influence. Often times it does more harm to the society than the progress it is meant to highlight and do.

  6. Well spoken sist social media is full of fake people and lifestyle if you want to leave a normal life and live long then be happy with your self and be who you are and don’t pressure yourself to leave

  7. You are damn right my lady. Your clock watch is for you and not an other one. If you are at peace in your mind. Then, you scape through others flashing beyond their earnings.

  8. That is why the proverb that says “All that glitters is not gold” we have to be very careful on what we see on social media everyday not all are real

  9. That’s so true, it has happened to me before, social media will just make you feel you are far behind when see your mates post some kind of pictures.

  10. What a truth. 80 percent of people that die are mostly by what people Still about in the internet or should i say social media

  11. Martha my dear your correct,social media has doneore harm than good,many people now believe all they see on facebook,it take grace of God for one to control his or herself in our world today.

  12. You’re right dear. Alot of them like showing off on various social media platforms. If you aren’t wise and careful you’ll be intimidated

  13. Only people who do not believe in themselves let social media content intimidate them.How can one be intimidated by pictures or videos mostly doctored just to get public validation.We live in strange times indeed.The pictures could even be 3 years old but people stillg et intitmidated by it.Never believe what you see on the internet and dont let the internet fool you.

  14. Correctly said dear social media has done a lot of harm in d life of so many people and will still cause more harm if care is nt taken,comparison it nt good also it causes jealousy or even hate,and as for does who chose to advertise der nude pic on internet u re noting in d sight of God

  15. Yes that was how social media does even though you are not a celebrity social media will comment so but as you are celebrity they also commented it so you got to do your own thing in your way

  16. Everything on social media is virtual, non of them is real. To live a satisfying life, attain some level of satisfaction, don’t envy others

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