Social media is a very scary place -TBoss

In 24 hours, Nigeria’s social media space has been set on fire and one of those who is feeling the heat is reality show star, TBoss.

Social media is a very scary place -TBoss lailasnews


TBoss whose post was a reaction to the fight between Oyemykke and Noble Igwe, expressed shock at the extent people go to trend or get acknowledged. She also prayed she never falls prey.

Her post reads;

Social media is a very scary place indeed. I cannot overemphasize this. The extend some people go to simply get acknowledged or ‘trend’ is straight up frightening!! Sweet Jesus I pray I never fall prey

Social media is a very scary place -TBoss lailasnews 1


In the last 24 hours following Noble Igwe’s revelation, TBoss’ friend of 16 years, Ubi Franklin and Big Brother Naija sponsor, Eyo Bassey have been accused of using their outfits as money laundering avenues.

Although Noble Igwe did not mention names businesses or individuals in his advisory to the EFCC, many on the Internet still took serious exception to his action on Saturday afternoon. One of the most visible insults directed at Mr Igwe came via a recorded video rant posted on the Internet Saturday by Abisoye Olukoya, identified by some online as a motivational speaker.

In the video, recorded in a verbal mishmash of English and Yoruba, Mr Olukoya excoriated Mr Igwe for taking up a duty that he was never assigned. The recording soon emerged on Twitter, sending ‘Noble Igwe’ trending at number one as at 6:00 p.m. Saturday. Other users followed praised Mr Olukoya for his rant and also followed up with a flurry of harsh criticism of the blogger. While some also criticised the video for its alleged support for criminality. But some commentators, including musician Jaywon, expressed concerns for Mr Igwe himself than the debate worthiness of his tweet.Mr Igwe expanded on his comments in subsequent posts however;

“My tweets were simple: We leave in a society where we try to categorise fraud/stealing into big and small but, in the actual sense, all crimes are to be considered crimes,” he said.

“My tweet said that most people that are engaged in these activities use music, property and others as fronts and you only get to know them by how the spend money in the clubs.

“If EFCC wants to know people that are not legit, they should have people in clubs across Lekki to Victoria Island,” he added.

Mr Igwe also dismissed claims that his comments constituted ‘snitching’

“What’s my business with snitching? I don’t know who and why I should be the one doing their job,” he said of the anti-graft detectives.

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