Small girl, big God: Juliet Ibrahim is becoming a landlady

Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim who has found a home in Nigeria, has penned down a post on how she is evolving into a landlady with her ongoing project in Ghana.

Small girl, big God: Juliet Ibrahim is becoming a landlady lailasnews

Thanking God who stood behind her and helped her become somebody from nobody, Juliet Ibrahim also noted that she was once a refugee with nothing and started building her empire from the scratch. Her post reads;

It started as a dream, tirelessly working from one set to another; filming over 6 movies in a month just to make a living. She recalled how her immune system will break down and her loved ones would ask “can’t you just take time off and rest?” Just like every girl, She had a dream, She wanted to accomplish her resolution set out before she turned 30!

In April 2015, Juliet bought her first house as her 29th birthday gift. ‘I’m extremely grateful to God Almighty who has been able to allow this nobody be a somebody! ‘Says Juliet. Many don’t know what being a refugee is like; literally she had nothing and had to start from scratch to get to where she is today. This is just the beginning of many more blessings to come because whatever you believe you can achieve. Time and hard work makes a difference!

Small girl, big God: Juliet Ibrahim is becoming a landlady lailasnews 1


Juliet Ibrahim had once told her story of being a refugee. She disclosed that while announcing that she is bequeathing N1 million to the victims of the devastating flood in Benue.

She wrote;

“Waking up to news about so many natural disasters happening around the world has been extremely devastating.

“The most recent ones that struck me were ‘Hurricane Harvey’ in Houston Texas, the mudslide’s in Sierra Leone, and now the flooding in Makurdi. Many families have lost everything, and even worse, many lives have been lost.

“I’ve once lived as a refugee, and I know what it means to work for something, and lose it all in the blink of an eye.

“Hence my decision today, to donate. Starting with the most recent and nearest, I will be donating the sum of 500,000 Naira and another 500,000 Naira on behalf of The Juliet Ibrahim Foundation, to the Makurdi flood victims.

“I am also using this opportunity to challenge my fellow colleagues, friends, and fans to join in. Let’s help out by donating to this cause. #MakurdiFloodReliefChallenge

“I need my friends to step up to the challenge. Once you’ve accepted the challenge, simply post or tweet stating you have accepted and then tag those you’d like to challenge. You don’t have to announce the amount you are donating. The goal is to raise 10 Million Naira.

“Celebrities are doing their bit abroad for the ‘Hurricane Harvey’ victims, and I pray we can also do it over here for the Makurdi flood victims.”


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