Slim men are usually stingy, I don’t like them – Imelda J

Female singer Imelda J, who has been in the past, had her own taste of the usual controversies that trail celebrities, has mentioned that she doesn’t have a thing for slim men, as they appear stingy.

She made this revelation in a new interview with The Punch, where she talked about her career, life and the men she had been rumored to be dating in the industry.

Slim men are usually stingy, I don't like them - Imelda J lailasnews 3
Slim men are usually stingy, I don’t like them – Imelda J

Read excerpts:


I was born and raised in Benue State, which is also my state of origin. I studied Integrated Science at the Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi, Benue State. I am the first daughter and the second child. My given name is Imelda Ada Okwori.


I started singing from a very tender age because my mother was into music and she had her own group. It was more like growing up to follow her footsteps. My first song was titled, My Love For You, and I featured the late OJB Jezreel. It was actually one of the songs that brought me fame. Then, I released Bread and Butter. I also did a song with Small Doctor. I have released a couple of songs but the latest one is Money Good.

Parents’ reaction

They supported me because it was not strange to them. However, people advised my mother to stop me from doing music because they felt I wouldn’t get married if I became a musician.

My wife will give birth in some few months - Dbanj (Video)


Challenges are numerous. As a woman, you get to meet people that would only offer to help you based on certain conditions. Some people would want to date or marry you before they can help you. You have to be financially capable because the music industry is not fair to women. To promote music in Nigeria, you need a considerable amount of money. As a woman, you have to go the extra mile to do certain things because it is an industry dominated by men.

When I got to Lagos newly, I got entangled with a man who said he would help me only if I would be intimate with him. He advised me to break up any previous relationship I had despite the fact that I had money to pay for my song. I walked out on him but he called me back and now we are friends. I also lost a contract because I refused to meet with the record company owner at a hotel.


I don’t know why some people like to interpret things to suit their purpose. D’banj is someone I have always admired. Aside music, he is business-minded and hard-working. He is my kind of person: playful, intelligent and cheerful. I didn’t mean what I said about dating him because it was a joke. However, the rumour got to me because we are good friends.

My wife will give birth in some few months - Dbanj (Video)


I never dated Jaywon; we have just worked together. During the shoot for one of our music videos, some people took suggestive pictures of us together and this brought a lot of misunderstanding between Jaywon and I. I didn’t like the way he handled the issue because he didn’t ask me anything; rather, he and his manager wrote defamatory press statements about me.

Governor Suswan

I have tried not to talk about the rumour of me dating former Benue State Governor Gabriel Suswan. During his tenure, he supported a lot of artistes in the state, unlike what obtains now. I am fortunate to be part of those he sponsored.

He treats me like his daughter, yet we are not even close. He and (some members of) his cabinet attended an event I organised in my state. He enjoyed himself so much that he challenged every member of his cabinet to support me.

So, it became more like a fundraising dinner. That was what generated the rumour that I was dating him because some people felt it wasn’t possible for him to do that for me if we were not dating. I have grown a thick skin to comments about me dating anybody because I am a single lady.

Current projects

I am working on an album. I have recorded a lot of songs but it will take some time for me to choose the right ones to put out. Hopefully by next year, I will release my album.  I also have a Non-Governmental Organisation that empowers women and persons living with disabilities.

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Role models

I admire a lot of female artistes in Nigeria, especially Tiwa Savage, Yemi Alade, Seyi Shay, Omawumi and Simi. When it comes to male artistes, Davido, Tekno, Flavour and Wizkid are people I look up to. When I want to do an inspirational song, I will like to work with 2baba because I think we blend in that area.  Internationally, I look up to Rihanna, Beyoncé, Jlo and Nicki Minaj.


I don’t like slim men because it makes me feel like they will be stingy. I don’t like stingy people because I am a giver. I don’t like men that attach conditions before they do anything for you. I prefer a man who has listening ears to a handsome man.


When I am not working, I go to the beach and the cinema in company with friends and family. But I prefer to stay indoors.


My fashion sense is top notch. I love going over the top sometimes and I love combining colours with a touch of African vibe. I love to dress sexily and classy. I take risks when it comes to fashion.


  1. nice story of you but I don’t think of what you said about slim man are stingy, it was totally wrong.

  2. Who told you that.if you have slim boyfriend and he doesn’t have money to give to his girlfriend do you want him to kill his self?

  3. I think i agree with you, they are so stingy and not a type of guy i would go for nice story of you but I don’t think of what you said about slim man are stingy, it was totally wrong.

  4. The news of your affair with the former governor of Benue state was everywhere but if you insist that nothing actually happen, so be it.

  5. MY dear you are correct but not all ,the same lies to fat men. People must talk because is free, the only thing is for you to be mindful of what you do,whom you are and go for what you want. That’s all

  6. You are pretty confused with your life and your nonsense theory on slim guys.maybe u might b asking too much

  7. Opinion is free fact they say is scares, you re’ entitle to your own opinion,for me been stingy is a thing of the heart and not being slim or obsessed is a personal attitude nursed over time

  8. Lol…she just said fallacy ….anyways that’s her believe…she herself knows she’s wrong….she just said it for saying sake

  9. Just be focus,don’t listen to what people are saying about you,it doesn’t take anything thing away from you,as from slim men been stringy, it is not true,stinginess is a thing of the mind,not your physical appearance

  10. All this are challenges of life which at the end brings good ending but is like what said is true o, slim guys stingy o

  11. Nice story i realy enjoy reading this ur story but not in the line wit the idea of slim men are stingy, not at all…i’m not stingy ooo

  12. MY dear you are correct but not all ,the same lies to fat men. People must talk because is free, the only thing is for you to be mindful of what you do,whom you are and go for what you want. That’s all

  13. People must talk because is free, the only thing is for you to be mindful of what you do,whom you are and go for what you want.

  14. THis is funny though and I like the fact that she was straight about her thought on slim men. She might be talking from experience

  15. Wiw! She’s a great musician. But why would you think slim guys give conditions? I don’t think it’s all.

  16. I can’t help but laugh… I will advise all my slim family members to add weight so people won’t think they are stingy. But seriously, that a man is blind shouldn’t make us believe all men are blind.

  17. I don’t agree with that statement, being a giver or stingy person, is a personal thing. though,she is talking based on her own personal experience

  18. Your biography speaks well of you and brings a nice sensation to your fans and lovers right now….but the QST is..what is your real life aside the media…..behind the scenes…

  19. this is not true at can’t judge base on what happen to you personally.your man might be slim and stingy that doesn’t mark every slim guy to be stringy.

  20. it is not true still men are not stingy some men are stingy they have stingy they are born with stingy and they grew up in stingy so dont judge it based on body structure

  21. Honestly, I was surprised when I heard of your dating with Governor Gabriel Suswan…but since you said it was a rumor, let it be so

  22. I don’t blame her, she must have tried too many slim guys yet haven’t met her match that’s why she’s saying you trash about slim guys.

  23. Anyone can be stingy it’s not about the size of a man that determined his mental attitude

  24. Stinginess is not in how slim or fat a Man is. Your experiences could have supported that but largely it’s not so.

  25. I think it is a matter of choice. If you actually get what you need and want from fat guys,then go go girl.

  26. This is hilarious! How many slim men have u met to generalize? If ur guy is stingy say so. Stop dragging every slim guy into it

  27. That your conception is wrong, giving is not produced from stature, stature has nothing to do with giving, besides giving has a law of reciprocal, that’s your own view of men anyway

  28. Why is she generalizing it, slim men are not stingy , she is just unlucky that the ones she has met are natural stingy

  29. Funnily enough am slim and a cheerful giver,but that doesn’t mean all slim men are cheerful givers. She knows what she’s saying.

  30. I totally disagree with you, some slim men are stingy while some are generous so it depends on the one you meet

  31. I don’t know about them being stingy but I fear they won’t be able to handle everything thrown to them.
    Muscular guys tho, I think they’re better.

  32. You funny, did u no when he started labouring for that money you are expect him to spend on u? Rubbish, look for fat and rich man to marry

  33. My dear when it comes to stinginess to me it’s personality. Anybody can be depend on whom you meet.

  34. All Imelda interview section were quite simple and her replies were straight forward. I love the fact that her parents supposed her despite the fact that people advise the parents to stop her buh they never gave up on her, rather, they pushed forward to make her dreams come true.r

  35. please mind the kind of post you place online because the world is seeing it. if one slim man is stingy to you doesn’t mean all slim man are stingy o. please Change your mentality

  36. I think i agree with you, they are so stingy and not a type of guy i would go for nice story of you but I don’t think of what you said about slim man are stingy, it was totally wrong.

  37. She’s entitled to her own opinion about men but generalising it was wrong. But common how did she get to that judgement that stingy men are stingy then what happens to the fat or normal men too. The assessment is totally wrong I think. This is a joke for real.

  38. Not all,depend on the one you meet… Stinginess is not the way you fat or slim… Is just individual personality.

  39. Slim men are stingy! That’s funny even though I do not agree with you . That’s your own opinion and u are entitled yo it. By the way i like your story.

  40. I don’t believe that. who ever that is stingy is stingy and doesn’t have anything to do with your size either fat or slim.

  41. Nor b lie o u r very correct I agree with u ,some will even b stingy for themselves not to talk off to give out.

  42. People that make these type of comments are beggars, a giver doesn’t even know if the person beside him or her has anything to give. It is better to give than to take, for you to notice that someone is a beggar means that you went begging and got disappointed. Beggars don’t give, you are stingy.

  43. Thats absolutely not true . They’re some fat men that are extremely stingy. Maybe you haven’t met them

  44. See this lady. Thats your thought and it doesn’t concern me. She should just be mindful of she says

  45. Imelda has her own reasons for this maybe from personal experience but it’s a personal thing

  46. My dear which type of stingy are you talking about cos I know there’re different kind of stingy both slim and fat men can do it. Stingy in money or ……..

  47. You can’t just conclude that all slim men are stingy base on the few you meant, that is what I called hasty generalization

  48. How many slim guys have she mate and how many have she date,,,, she have bad experience on one person doesn’t make all stingy ok

  49. Everybody is entitled to their own opinions… But that doesn’t mean you are right my dear. If a guy decides not to give you anything he won’t whether fat or slim. Just pray you find the right guy for you

  50. Lol there is no sense in your speech, my teacher is fat but trust me he do go to market to buy food stuff,

  51. This is absolutely ridiculous, how can a man’s stature or physique be a great determinant of how he gives or not. I actually dont believe this theory, it might just be coincidental that she dated slim men that were stingy, simple.

  52. This is so wonderful and nice experience and autobiography but not all slim men are stingy, just few

  53. You have said a lot of things and you didn’t talk of settling down in marriage. I think you need to settle down so that so many things you face from guys will be minimal.

  54. That’s your own opinion about slim men, not because you’ve encountered many if them to conclude, an again I think by now you should know that social media people can say anything to draw attention, so it good you’ve developed a thick skin.

  55. Mind you how many slim men have you tried out before coming to such conclusion. Fallacy of hasty generalization

  56. That u are meeting stingy slim guy doesn’t mean that all slim guys are stingy. Stingy is nature.

  57. some headlines will make you run mad, of all she said this is the only word suitable to be use as headline.

  58. I totally disagree with you, lady. I am slim and definitely definitely stingy. You can ask my wife and all who know me. Plus, 6ou definitely aren’t my type either, if ‘type’ means anything to you!

  59. Well she feels that slim guys are not giver, she is wrong, slim guys are givers they have open hand

  60. I don’t know about that but you must be say this base on your experience so i can not say otherwise

  61. nice interview, but saying slim men are stingy is not right, that is fallacy of hasty generalization

  62. Stingy no dey show for body ooo….Some have big body but are still stingy…weldone with your career

  63. I like your simplicity. She’s just down to earth considering her explanations. Go on with your life, nothing do you dear.

  64. Well you might have mets with wrong one, slim guys can performed more than what they put on it, that what you should say

  65. Not all slim men are stingy tho….generalizing and concluding that slim men are stingy wasnt nice because I know a lot that are cheerful givers

  66. I think i agree with you, they are so stingy and not a hoarding most of them don’t know how to give to a lady

  67. Lol….this is funny….how many slim guys have u tested??? Being stingy is an act of the mind not depending whether slim or fat…so erase that mentality

  68. nice story of you but I don’t think of what you said about slim man are stingy, it was totally wrong.not all of them

  69. I dont think is about being slim or chubby is about who the person really is .. there are fat men that are stingy, and slim men that can spend..

  70. When the world gives u advice, this is how it sounds like. And many people will even agree with her.It depends

  71. Part of what she said is quite inspiring and impressive. Celebrities do suffer a lot especially rumour mongering. Stingy men are not usually slim, I think she got that wrong

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