‘Sleeping Beauty’ proposal at theatre goes viral (Video)

'Sleeping Beauty’ proposal at Theatre goes viral lailasnews

A ‘Sleeping Beauty’ themed marriage proposal, by a young man at Brookline’s historic Coolidge Corner Theatre has gone viral.

The video, which by Thursday night had over 750,000 views on YouTube, shows an altered version of the film where the man and his now fiancee are Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip.

According to Coolidge Corner Theatre’s website, the boyfriend Lee Loechler spent six months animating himself and his girlfriend, Sthuthi David, into the pivotal scene in her favorite movie, “Sleeping Beauty,” where Prince Phillip awakens Princess Aurora with a kiss.

On Dec. 30, he filled the theater with friends and family, as well as some helpers he found on the website Reddit so as to not give away the surprise.

In the video, Sthuthi David is visibly confused by the changed hair and skin color of the characters. Loechler watches intently for her reaction.

As the animation brightens, it becomes clear that the two characters have been animated to look like Loechler and David, and the Loechler version of Prince Phillip kisses the altered Aurora and then pulls out an engagement ring. The film stops as the animated Loechler looks as if he throws the ring to Loechler, who is standing at the front of the theater.

“It’s not every day you get to propose to your high school sweetheart, so I’m gonna take my time,” Loechler says as the animated version of himself urges him to propose.

“I love you with my whole heart, including all of its ventricles, atriums, valves,” Loechler says. “She’s a cardiologist,” he explains to those new to the couple.

“Will you live happily ever after with me?” Loechler finally asks.

David answers yes.

The crowd cheered as the couple kissed.

Watch the romantic video below;


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