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Lady whose sex tape went viral has come out to blast her critics

A slay queen identified as Olamiadara Adedayo whose sex tape was uploaded to the popular adult website, has come out to ask people to stop criticizing her.

According to the lady, ever since the sex tape went viral over the internet, a lot of Nigerians have stormed her social media timeline to blast her and call her all sorts of names and some even sending her private messages.Slay queen whose sex tape went viral has come out to blast her critics Lailasnews 2


She has however asked people not to judge her as she is human too and she also enjoys sex just like every other person out there in the society.

According to a post she made on Instagram, the lady claimed she had consensual sex with her boyfriend, which he filmed and then later went ahead to release on the internet.

She wrote this on her Instagram page:

We had Sex, then he leaked the video. Now people don’t want me to rest, WHO IS A VIRGIN ? WHO DOES NOT LIKE SEX ? Why are you guys sending me different messages as if sex is a crime.
I enjoy having sex just like everyone of you and I won’t let this discourage me.

She was however chastised by so many people, despite her statement. According to a commentator on a forum, you don’t have to entrust your nude photos or videos to anybody, no matter who they are. The user claims that the people you trust today may renege tomorrow and betray you.

“Trust is a fickle thing. You never know who you are dealing with until they have your nudes or sex
tapes in their hands. One moment of indiscretion or stupidity could have your sex tape floating on
Twitter or a porn site”

The lady has however locked her Instagram page to private and may not be contacted for further questioning.

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  1. My dear don’t mind haters, na them get their mouth.

    It’s not their pu**y
    Neither is it their di*k
    It’s not their po*n
    Neither is the guy theirs.

    My dear the stupidity is yours, it’s a free world and and you owe none no apology for being foolish, so keep fooling around.

  2. Good she summon the courage to move on, for some won’t stand the trauma & may likely end up committing suicide. I love her spirit, we don’t die in our mistake rather we learn from it.

  3. but must she turn on the camera before having sex? this is what you get when you decide to make private stuff public. so deal with it…

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