Slay Queen and Slay King fight at Facebook group’s hangout (video)

A slay Queen and a slay King who weren’t okay with their war of words online, decided to engage in a fight at a Facebook group’s hangout yesterday.

Slay Queen and Slay King fight a Facebook group's hangout lailasnews

Facebook users who witnessed the fight, disclosed that the slay Queen and a slay King had been attacking each other verbally before now. It was gathered that the fight started online when the lady identified as Kiki allegedly made a post threatening to beat up the young man named Cammy, when she meets him in their Facebook group’s hangout in Lagos.

Slay Queen and Slay King fight a Facebook group's hangout lailasnews 1

The duo made real their threats to each other, after a heated war of words at the hangout venue yesterday (Wednesday). The slay queen and the slay king who fought till they tore their clothes in public, were not separated by other members of the group who filmed the disgraceful scene and shared on social media.

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Slay Queen and Slay King fight a Facebook group's hangout lailasnews 2

Oga Boss who shared the video wrote;

A popular Facebook slay queen, by name: KIKI O ADORNMENT, a single mother, from Ibadan has been physically beaten up by another Facebook slay king by name: CAMMY KHALID, over a social Media dispute between both of them in one of the Facebook groups

The issue which I can’t specifically state what prompted it, but the point there both agreed to fight in their first group hangout which everyone was thinking is a normal social media issue until they met on the hangout somewhere in Lagos (location hidden) and both engaged in a physical fight as other members was busy recording the fight until the slay queen cloth was tore into pieces



  1. Hahahahahahaahah this is so funny, the threat was actually carried out, congratulations to you both, fighters of our time

  2. Both of them are foolish. Especially the man he should handled the matter maturely. They just disgraced themselves in public.

  3. they are not in Nigera, they did not know what is going on in the country if they do, they wont start disgrace themselves in public

  4. Some of the senseless being still exist?? When others are busy making money everywhere,they are here busy fighting…so bad!!

  5. This is the height of foolishness, even of the girl was stupid, the guy is so crazy to have done that. What a shame on both of them.

  6. Two of them are slaying them self in public for everyone to see, especially the the slay queen that is everyone is watching her breasts right now. It’s a shame

  7. This is total foolishnesses,i think whatever is done online should remain online,the girl is senseless to think she can engage in a fight with a big boy like this,let her deal with the shame she brought onto herself and to show how wrong and immature all of the group members are,they allowed them to do this rubbish, such group should go down.

  8. Why are they hiding location? Mtcheew it happened at Fadeyi.. next time she will learn how to respect ladies and guys.. very good for her after all the mouth she was even making..stupid girl

  9. What a disgrace. She just ended up disgracing herself by such a dirty act.What if her child grows up to see these videos online

  10. This is a very bad behavior in public, they are children that is why they behave in such manner. Both of them are disgraceful.

  11. What a shame, what is their problem? At this time around that everything seems to be hardly, even to eat nowadays is a problem and they are involved themselves in wrongful ways.

  12. It is so shameful to see young people fight. To my greatest surprise their own group members said they should allow them fight taking delight in videoing the fight instead of separating them. That is not fair.

  13. Hahahahaha quit interesting. Finally they have met each other. There is nothing fight can do order than disgrace and shame. They would have settled it by themselves

  14. Either their Father is Dangote and there’s surplus of food at home or it just plain stupidity, not knowing what to do with their lives.

  15. Keep disgracing yourselves…they don chop Christmas rice sha…abi dey re seekn for fame…if dis was aw odas became celebrities…we all for don run comot…

  16. What rubbish! Well i don’t blame them, the don’t have meaningful things to do with their time… that is why they choose to embracing themselves in this manner. Shameless!!!

  17. Jobless people, it is people like this that causes world wars, how can they be so jobless, that’s their business anyway.

  18. Hahahaha lwkmd…. What a disgrace to them both especially the female. You are a girl not just a girl but a mother and you so much belittle your self to fight a guy…. She really deserve that beating… Slayers here and there lol am very sure your parents gonna clap for your public disgrace Hahahaha fair in picture black on ground…. Wasted sperms

  19. What sort of rubbish is this? The people that made the videos needs their character’s to be questioned. How can they leave two adults too fight like this? It’s very unfortunate.

  20. Lol…. Nigerians can not size to amaze people….from Facebook to real life maybe then go translate fight in Spirit word.

  21. Please ohooo can someone help me explain which one is slay queen and slay king. Well i think they have eaten enough thats why they are fighting

  22. Slay queen and slay king indeed! They just both disgraced themselves over nothing. Facebook fight is not enough, is yo put yourselves in public shame

  23. See how they are publicly disgracing their generation..this is truelly the definition of lazy Nigerian youth

  24. Hahaha, hunger no dey catch this ones ooh, na because then eat belle full that is why they have the strength to fight.

  25. Haha, very funny people. Over what should these young people be killing themselves? They are very shameless.

  26. This girl is shameless. Even if the guy look for your trouble must you fight in public. Just look at how you naked yourself disgracefully

  27. Wow they were not satisfied with the first match on fb so decided for a rematch live women don’t be shame and men lack respect sometimes

  28. There is nothing lack of shame and respect will not downgrade anybody to do. Imagine this rubbish in the public.

  29. So oya nah , let us clap for them. This is why we have lazy Nigeria youths that only waste their time on facebook

  30. Foolish and childish
    Well that’s cos they have no positive thing to think of or deal with or no reasonable responsibility

  31. Sense fall on what will they gain..The ladys cloth torn naw she is naked..n people r busy filming that’s first class WICKEDNESS

  32. The lady just gave herself up for beating. This is Nigeria, some are fighting and some are looking, it ought not to be so but that is the situation

  33. This is irrationality of the highest order, because of a social media dispute which shouldn’t exceed the same platform being turned into a physical combat


  34. I saw the issue the girl was totally at fault cos she took it serious and wanted to continue the issue physically anyways una two no get sense

  35. Some people are really lazy and aimless oooo,so you even have time to be fighting a girl in the public from facebook chat,it’s realm madness

  36. they are not serious and they don’t have anything meaningful to do with their time dat’s why they could have time to fight

  37. What will they gain from the fight?is it by force to be in a Facebook group, I tired for this nonsense fight

  38. This is so disgraceful. She is a mother and should be a shining example to her kid but is instead slaying and shaming her family.

  39. It is rather unfortunate that they are referred to as slay king and slay queen. They end up disgracing themselves in public.
    The people around at that time were very funny, instead of them to separate the fight, they were busy filming them as they were fighting.

  40. Slay fools…see how you ppl are disgracing ur selves, especially d lady tomorrow now u will want a man to com and marry you

  41. Slay queen and king indeed, some people don’t have any atom of shame in their life again especially the lady see how she is fighting a man in the public shame on to her.

  42. Some people have taken social media too serious that they even forget their selves in real life. See as this slay queen was disgraced.

  43. Shame on them both and that guy sef you won’t go and fight your mate o is a girl you will fight and you wanted to disgrace her abi that is why u tore her blouse shame on you

  44. When will Nigerians get sense ??..
    Youths are just busy whiling away their time.. Can imagine what these two grown ups got into publicly.. Na wa o

  45. They are taking g slaying to another level. Its shameful though for a man to raise his hand on a woman to this extent of nakedness

  46. They don’t have a good thinking faculty… If they do they will know that this is absolute madness they should be punished

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