Skin bleaching creams banned in Rwanda

Soaps and Skin bleaching creams banned in Rwanda by the government and directives have been given to officials across the country to enforce that the ban is adhered to.

According to a report by CNN, the East African country is leading a campaign against skin bleaching and substandard cosmetics, particularly products that include hydroquinone, a spokesman from the Rwanda Standards Board said.
Skin bleaching creams banned in Rwanda lailasnews 2
Skin bleaching creams banned in Rwanda

“It is been implemented by the Ministry of Health and the Rwanda Food and Drug Authority and the Rwanda Standards Board,” said Simeon Kwizera, the public relations and communications officer for the board.
“Operations are being conducted by technical people. The police is there to oversee only and make sure that all operations are being conducted in a safe way.” he said
President Paul Kagame sparked discussions on the need to ban the sale of skin “whiteners” on social media in November.
In response to a post from a woman calling for the government to crack down on skin bleaching, Kagame said on Twitter that bleaching creams are unhealthy, and he called on the country’s ministry of health and police to rein “this in very quickly.”
Government officials and police are now patrolling markets in the capital, Kigali, and in provinces across the central African nation, seizing skin-lightening and bleaching products from vendors.


  1. Wow, thats nice, i hope these new laws can be implemented here in Nigeria. It is really becoming a menace.
    The next few years are actually going to be better, i can see the signs.

  2. That is a very nice Idea as bleaching kills one skin and make it a prey for any bacteria particles.

  3. Even here in Nigeria they should come and banned it, why will someone bleach him/her self just because of beauty

  4. I like that idea of being ban bleaching crime as well and that should be practice in Nigeria too.

  5. This is a welcome development from our African country. I wish Nigerian government can be sincere and implement same to reduce skin diseases caused from the use of those cream

  6. Hhmmm it good …for those people that wants to fair when they know very well they have dark complextion
    God will help them

  7. I just wish this can be done in Nigeria also, because bleaching the skin has negative effect

  8. Very good,I pray this kind of law will take place in Nigeria very soon so that they won’t be dumping already banned stuff in our country

  9. Hoping this ban is successfully implemented as most ladies or even men that bleach their skins might kick against it and not allow it see the light of day

  10. thank God at least one will have a particular color of skin…. waiting to hear the news here in Nigeria

  11. Very good. At least let’s know who is black and who is fair by nature and not by bleaching. Bleaching creams are not good at all for the body. Nice in Rwanda

  12. Kudos to the ministry of health in Rwanda. Wish it can be implemented in Nigeria. Bleaching cream has done more harm than good

  13. Yes,that is true
    Bleaching cream is very unhealthy but is quite unfortunate that so many young ladies loves it.

  14. this is awesome ✊ ! they should ban it, because is not good to the body. many women and men’s skin is now turning to something else. am so happy to hear this. God bless you .

  15. This is a good move by the Rwanda health organization. Bleaching creams are bad and very harmful to the skin.

  16. Wao oo that is good, I love that.
    Good work.
    People are really using this bleaching cream to destroy their skin, they want to be light at all cost

  17. Is it your skin or is it your money? Anybody has the right to do tattoo or bleach if they so desire. Though we know its not good as it results to skin cancer.

  18. That’s good to hear and I hope the same should done here in Nigeria so that we know the ladies that are fair naturally.

  19. Very good. If i have opportunity to ban anything in Nigeria, the first thing will be dry gin (gogoro popularly known as sapele water)

  20. That’s great, they saw the need to do such, I don’t believe this is our major problem here in Nigeria, no, no ,no

  21. This kind of laws need to be enforced in Nigeria. It’s commonplace in Nigeria this times. They bleach so much that their skin becomes more brighter than their future. They sweat small everywhere will be saturated with obscene and malodorous smell.

  22. Can this be also done in Nigeria, the rate at which our women are bleaching i? quite alarming. They are no longer around of our melanin.

  23. That’s good move, I don’t know why people love recreating themselves. Moreover, these cosmetics causes cancer of the skin, so why are you using them?

  24. All these laws been implemented in other countries will equally be good in our country Nigeria,. Hydroquinone is the major ingredients in bleaching cream and one of the major causes of skin cancer. It’s a wonderful development.

  25. What a nice shocking news, so there are country that can ban bleaching creams. Rwanda is strictly doing a very good thing in their country

  26. no the federal government of Rwanda should have let them continue , I don’t know if they live their skin the way it is they will not look good

  27. It my body not their body , I do want with it. Anyway it a nice thing to hear and I hope that can also be done in naija

  28. Wow this is lovely,I wish this laws will be effective in Nigeria too,all bleaching cream shd be banned

  29. I hope that those laws be enacted in Nigeria as well so that people will stop damaging their skin in a bid to look better.

  30. That is a very good decision by the Rwandan government. Bleaching is very hazardous and disastrous.

  31. That’s good, I hope such will be implemented here in Nigeria as many have become multi-colour in nature.

  32. That’s very good. It will help reduce the rate of skin cancer and other related skin infections

  33. I wish Nigerian government can be sincere and implement same to reduce skin diseases caused from the use of those cream

  34. That’s a very good idea, I totally support it. Most bleaching cream causes body cancer, is not good for our skin at all.

  35. This is a good move by the Rwanda health organization. Bleaching creams are bad and very harmful to the skin.

  36. Brilliant idea,they love their people they don’t want them to have Cushing syndrome later in future

  37. Better ooo, it should be done generally, bleaching act is rampered and the shameless don’t know it’s after effect..

  38. Nigerians come and see oooo. Well that’s a good one for Rwanda. Can this be possible in Niger?

  39. That’s very good in implementing the law the bleaching cream and soap must be banned because they abuse the cream

  40. I don’t think that is good enough how will their skin look like now people will be running away from this country also the manufacturer ‘s sines will surely go down

  41. people should be allowed to live their lives they want it.Why try to force a chosen lifestyle on Adult.If they want to bleach their skin, let them do it.Why even seize the products from the vendors? This is bad

  42. If you see someone you know from childhood black.. The person will turn fair and be killing themselves.. That’s good idea.

  43. How I wish Nigeria can do this but how can they when even the senators & governors wives are using the bleaching cream.

  44. Bleaching is a serious problem.. A person you know way back then, if you see them now you can’t even recognize them. Because of bleaching..

  45. Very very good….
    This should be done in Nigeria asap, me I am tired of seeing okpa coke, iru fanta and big stretch marks.

  46. How I wish our so called president can emulate the same policy. Very sluggish president we have.

  47. Nigeria should borrow a leaf from this people ooo, it’s on the increase over here, Rwandan government has done well

  48. wow that’s very good oo
    Bleaching creams has destroyed many young ladies skin all in the name of I want to be fair..
    I like this decision

  49. I really love this. As African countries we should encourage this. The rate of bleaching this days very annoying.

  50. That was serious, bleaching cream banned in Rwanda, i guess they did that as a way to accept and cherish their akin colour

  51. The government of rawanda has done well at least this fantasy face and Coca-Cola leg will be least in the country

  52. It’s a big sin before God, because you are accusing God that u re not suppose to made the way u see urself, that’s why u re changing ur color.

  53. Wow! this is good news!..those selling bleaching cream will hav to relocate to another country .

  54. Rwanda is a small country beside Nigeria yet they are all about the health care of their citizens . I commend the government on taking such a great decision to ban bleaching creams . It’s unhealthy to the skin

  55. Waw!!this is very good to hear. Infact if they can also stop it in Nigeria also ni, I swear it will be good

  56. Lol… nice development
    Everybody should love their skins as these creams contain harmful substances

  57. The easiest way to achieve this is to sensitize the people to know that they’re unique the way they are, they don’t need to look like anyone else to feel beautiful, or to have confidence.

  58. That is very good because these creams are really destroying africans both economically and health wise. Hope nigeria starts doing it.

  59. That’s a good move from Rwanda, skin bleaching cause cancer, I hope they understand and follow the law.

  60. That’s good… Because it cause body cancer. I don’t even know what they gain from it

  61. Nice but they should also know that bleaching of skin is a choice we have human rights for God’s saked

  62. That is a good move because most people have actually spoiled their complexion all in the name of i want to be fair….that law should be used in Nigeria too

  63. Good, we need this kind enforcement all across most of the African country which bleaching creams are sold to… off course it is unhealthy.

  64. I don’t think that is part of how to quit or reduce corruption the things is that every body as the right to do what ever they like in there body if they don’t abide by the law

  65. At least there are people who love their skin color just the way God created them and their health too
    Congratulations to the Rwanda government

  66. This is a good development… The government have realized the cancerous effect of bleaching cream on the skin. I hope it becomes possible in be Nigeria.

  67. what a call from the rwans government bleaching causes cancer, make the awareness thread all over africa

  68. Let them bleach until their skin start decaying, kudos to the health ministers for their great work

  69. I wish Nigerians could also implement such law. No body wants to be black in Nigeria again.

  70. Bringing back the beauty of African woman, if only other African countries can emulate Rwanda and ban skin lightning cream all over Africa.

  71. The normal trend in Nigeria here is bleaching both boys n girls everybody wants to be light…I soo love taken in that country buh it can happen here in nija oo..cos our governor dey bleach too

  72. Am just imaging what will happen this were to happen in nigeria , some of our celebrities will go into hiding or travel out

  73. Thank God I hope this will happen in Nigeria soon, people that live with cream I mean bleaching cream will have to leave the world for us

  74. It should be banned in Nigeria too. Most of ladies are having multiple colors because of bleaching creams.

  75. I wish this type of banned will be applicable in Nigeria too, well it is really nice of the government to place the ban

  76. Very good implementation! Nigeria also need this urgently. Too much coke/fanta and whitening gals .

  77. If only our govt can copy them n ban all these yeye cream they r bringing and making in our country.yellow no even guarantee ur beautu cos e go fade someday

  78. It’s a good development. But it’s too harsh for my liking not that I do bleach but he can’t decide for everyone.

  79. Nice law made, this law should also be made in Nigeria, it’s needed here because everyone wants to be fair nw, we hardly see black skin this days

  80. I think we need same law in Nigeria
    Its extremely hazardous to health and people still do it
    Its a good development from Rwanda

  81. The rate at which people bleach their skin saying its toning… in fact same should apply in Nigeria

  82. Wow very good idea I wish Nigeria will do the same cause our ladies here uses bleaching cream and deceiving us

  83. Nigerians should also be prepared. The cream will be banned for life,infact who ever is selling it should be charged


  85. Pls minister of health Nigeria come and lemme something here cos my village people who used to be dark are now fair the me

  86. This is a good ideal the government should take a good measure on this to stop the use of bleaching creams…

  87. It’s right ,cos it harmful to the skin so should it be given a full backup to ensure it is been observed

  88. Nice one by the government of Rwanda. I just wish Soaps and Skin bleaching creams can also be banned in Nigeria

  89. We need this development in Nigeria also.
    The rate at which bleaching cream increase in Nigeria is alarming causing several ailment

  90. Anything that goes beyond toning is a no no for me. Why would one entirely change he’s or skin colour.. It still marvels me though.

  91. The law is really good for the protection of the people of Rwanda. With this law, bleaching creams will be avoided and thereby protect the skin of the people.

  92. Please bleaching cream should be banned here in Nigeria am tired if seeing bleached face and black leg everyday

  93. That’s impressive kudos to Rwanda government I which that law should be implement in Nigeria

  94. Now that everyone wants to be white.
    I wish this should be implemented in Nigeria so that we’ll know some people real colour

  95. I totally agree with the Rwanda government for the implementation of the new law is high time our woman changing they skin from black to white

  96. it shouldnt be introduced here in nigeria , because most girls cant do without bleaching cream. well i dont think it will happen though

  97. Skin whiteners are bad and should be discouraged but still it shouldn’t be on the level of force
    After enlightening the people
    Who soever wants to go on with it can ride on
    Security operatives should Br focusing on better jobs not checking for creams in the market

  98. I love that. I still see skin bleaching as an indirect way of calling the blacks, black monkeys..racism!

  99. Ha! I think it’s a good ideas, So that people will know you who is who, who is black and who is white.

  100. That’s very good how I wish it will also be done in Nigeria I will like it
    Let’s know the ones that are fair and black

  101. Black is beautiful butbthe people of today don’t cherish their skin colour. Wish they’ll also ban it here in Nigeria.

  102. Oh my we need such low in Nigeria I doubt if it will even exist self cos everybody will kick against it including the government officials and their wives and girlfriends

  103. I think that’s what we need in Africa especially in Nigeria. We need to start appreciating our color

  104. This should not only ban in Ruwanda, it should also ban in Nigeria and other countries of the world, people should leave their skin the way God created it. Kudos to Ruwanda government

  105. This is nice, pray maybe Nigeria could bring such ideas. To ban such things from going on in the country

  106. I don’t just understand why people are killing themselves especially Ladies there is no gain in this

  107. Lol , some people that can not do with bleaching cream will now have to relocate to Nigeria lol,

  108. This is a good one from Rwanda, I wish that bleaching creams can also be banned in Nigeria. People are destroying their skin with bleaching creams and soap and this can cause skin cancer. I wonder what people gain from bleaching their skin.

  109. I think that idea is good because most people are in abject poverty just because they wanted to maintain their skin.

  110. Nice one, this is a good development, but if i here say Nigeria can do the same. May be in the next generation

  111. This is a very good ban. Since the users can’t have mercy on their skin, all thanks to those in authority for banning these creams to save their lives

  112. They should extend this legislation to Nigeria, This is because thing s are really going out of hand, we no longer know those that are genuinely fair or dark

  113. It’s really good that they ban it… Let them know the real color of the ladies in Rwanda
    Hope they ban it in Nigeria

  114. This is a good move by the government of Rwanda because it is too protect the good people Rwanda.

  115. I don’t think this president knows that there are also natural ways to bleach, or is he going to ban the natural home remedies for bleaching?
    He should look for something else to ban

  116. This is a very good decision because the way people go about using bleaching cream is getting out of hand can you imagine that is it stands now there is one that if you rob it a pregnant woman the baby will automatically become fair after birth.

  117. It’s like taking the choice from the people. Bleaching or skin whitener is a choice for those that are not comfortable with their skin. Is that the problem in the country?

  118. This is a welcome development by Rwanda government and Nigeria government should take clue from this

  119. Nice one. Good for you guys. I hope Nigeria would have better law to implement order than this irrelevant one.

  120. Very well Nigeria should follow suit too, because our men and women are just injuring themselves with bleaching cream

  121. This so lovely and interesting, applauds to Rwanda’s government. It is great one, bleaching is so absurd, I think this should also be done in Nigeria..

  122. Buhari should also ban nigeria bleaching cream companies cos very soon skin cancer will be the order of the day

  123. Most laws are for the betterment of man. We keep on destroying our body in the name of beauty . The new law in Rwanda is a welcome one

  124. This is where leaders listen to the voice of their people. Hydroquinine is dangerous to the skin. Good though but I think there are better things to be done for thioyuer taht banning of cream.

  125. This is where leaders listen to the voice of their people. Hydroquinine is dangerous to the skin. Good though but I think there are better things to be done for them other than banning of cream.

  126. I believe their government has their interest at heart and they should be happy at this development.

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