Sisters caught attempting to smuggle drugs into Kuje prison

Two sisters were caught attempting to smuggle substances suspected to be Indian hemp and Tramadol into Kuje Medium Security Prison.

Sisters caught attempting to smuggle drugs into Kuje prison lailasnews

Miss Blessing Chinwuba was alleged to have concealed the prohibited items in a carton of neatly packed Indomie wraps.

She was arrested by vigilant officers at the prison’s gate before she could pass the items to an inmate, John Ifeanyichukwu.

This was contained in a statement by the FCT Prisons Service Command spokesman, Humphrey Chukwuedo, on Tuesday.

According to the statement, the prime suspect, who feigned ignorance of the contents of her illegal cargo during interrogation, claimed that the consignment was given to her by her younger sister, Victoria.

Victoria, while corroborating her sibling’s claims, also said she was unaware of the contents of the consignment, which she said she merely collected from a courier service provider.

The two suspects have been handed over to the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency for further investigation and possible prosecution.


  1. These sisters are equally criminals, they should be sent to jail without mercy, others are sending gospel message to prisoners, their own is to send Indian hemp, they are wicked.

  2. Let them properly investigate the matter because the way I looked at the two of them they appeared innocent

  3. These ladies are just the cause of their own problems. They should have find something else better doing.

  4. Though they appear innocent but you never can tell as evil is not always written on the fore head. Proper investigation should be carried out before prosecuting them.

  5. When purnishing a law breaker, The root cause of the crime should also be looked into which includes- unemployment and poverty. There is hunger in the land. And an ideal mind is the devil’s work shop

  6. She looks innocent though it’s hardly to believe that she can smuggle drugs to the prison it’s been bad

  7. They must have been doing it for long. Their cup if full. Let them remain with the NDLEA; They will confess

  8. this story look terrible I can’t believe it please proper investigation should carry on in that case

  9. this story look terrible I can’t believe it please proper investigation should carry on in that case

  10. Is that so….. So prisoners buy drugs too, how them take dey get money weh them take dey buy drug in
    So the small small money weh we dey dash them na it them take dey buy drugs

  11. This is definitely not there first time, thank God they were caught this time around. This is definitely not good enough and they should be duely purnished

  12. Two sisters committing same crime,they will have to face the same punishment for the gravity they cause.

  13. Comment*Undermining d fact dat der is unemployment in d country, dat does not guarantee her to involve herself in such dubious act

  14. Am just laughing this people that is still talking about APC because more is about to come after rice and money gift

  15. They still have the right to be proven innocent until found guilty of such crime…. Though one can’t really tel on such issue..

  16. People and there baby character, certainly the person that will receive the drugs from inside is there because of drugs and not yet out and still dealing on drugs

  17. This is ridiculous, so it means that those in the prison do take hard drugs.
    The ladies should be punished for smuggling drug into the prison

  18. See their faces now dat they hv been caught, how can u smuggle drugs to criminals In prison,u even want to increase their crime

  19. See what poorvity and joblessness are causing the youth of Nigeria to do and government is doing nothing to help only to arrest

  20. This is so bad,how can this be possible if not without an insiders and a higher rank officers, they girls look so innocent and they should be made to face investigation and deth with.

  21. See their bony bodies with their innocent face. Since they are not afraid to smuggle drugs into prison, they should not be afraid to be locked up in the prison.

  22. Too bad for her. A lesson for all. She will learn the hard way. Investigation is Paramount here to sort things out

  23. Proper investigation is needed in this situation to no who sent her or she is doing it by her self

  24. This is very bad, taking drug into the prison. You are not helping the inmates rather you are spoiling their lives

  25. People who are banished from society so to say, and people still want to be making money of their weakness or situation.

  26. The truth is that they may not have been aware of the content. But investigation should continue

  27. Women empowering themselves. Innocent or not they are tinri their business. But it’s not yet clear if they did it. It’s a pity to them.

  28. What kind of crocodiles tears is this, dose it mean that this two sisters don’t know the implications of what they are attempting to do or what

  29. Someone is inside prison you still wanna give him drugs to take, thats so bad. Thank God they caught them, if they punish them, they will learn lesson.

  30. They should be properly investigated. What is happening to our Nigerian youths? The quest to make fast money has gotten a lot into trouble and is still. May God help us

  31. Hmmm, sisters? Poverty and laziness has really stealth with some people that they no longer reason, smulggling drugs into prison won’t help the prisoners or anyone. Proper investigation should be carried out to be sure

  32. The law should take its course. What is happening to our Nigerian youths? The quest to make fast money has gotten a lot into trouble and is still. May God help us

  33. They should tell us the courier company that gave them the carton so they too can be investigated. What’s all this shit

  34. Only God knows whether they are saying the truth or not but its most like they might end up in prison themselves

  35. This absurd
    Someone is detain in prison
    You are still going there to give him
    Add drugs
    That is very wrong
    They should punish him accordingly

  36. Why would someone want to smuggle drugs to prisoners? I think they should look deeply into this matter, she may be innocent.

  37. Are they even trying to let their brother out or what? committing this now has taken their brother’s case to another level God help them.

  38. That is bad, well the police should find out and investigate in order to catch the people doing the package

  39. They want to make cool and fast money that’s why they did that but the law caught up with them.

  40. They have been visiting the prison and now they will be a prisoner. Imagine women taking drugs to prisoners. This is weird.

  41. Nigerians can be very self centered, as long as it gives them money, they don’t care about the harm it can cost the other person.

  42. Most of you have condemn them even before they are founded guilty and how many of you without jobs are trafficking drugs. If they are guilty then they are criminals and no making excuses for them…

  43. This life sha. Women we don’t have to so things that will spoil our name. God will help us sha

  44. They should be punished . they don’t want the prisoners to be remorse of their sins even while in prison

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