Single men are free to have sex with whoever they desire – British man

A British man who goes by the name Andrew has written on men’s freedom and he believes single men should be free to have sex with whoever they feel pleased to have sex with.

In a long article written by Andrew, he talked about how a man shouldn’t rush into marriage, but instead should enjoy his life before the age of 30 and frolic with any woman of his choice.

Single men are free to have sex with whoever they desire - British man lailasnews 2
Single men are free to have sex with whoever they desire – British man

He however berated some women for enjoying their lives while in their prime, but wanting to get stuck on to a man at their post-peak periods.

Read his thread below:

At 19 years old. Your wife was uninterested in being faithful to anyone – wasting her best years taking dicks she will never tell you about for party powder in Ibiza. Now she’s 26 she wants “something serious with a real man” and tie you in for her decline.

If a woman really loves you she will marry you in her prime. Sub 23. And have a child then. If she doesn’t – fuck her demands for bullshit post peak. She is smart enough to know her time is running out.

As a man. Your optimum is much later in life. Most men don’t even have a respectable income until 30. Men are in no rush. At 30 in good shape and high income, you are living the life the 19 year old girl lived. That’s YOUR prime. Experience cash etc. Girls become easssssy.

Don’t give up those prime years. You can marry at 36/37 to a 22/23 year old. Very easily. Have kids then. Enjoy fucking 50 girls a year for a while – eventually you’ll stumble on something young and beautiful in her prime (not past it) who knows how to obey.

Like everything in life. It’s a numbers game. More women you’ve had, better chance at finding an exceptional one. As if with anything else in life. Why is my gf perfect? Because I fucked 300 girls to find her that’s why. Simple math.

Most men are unhappy in marriage because they feel like they’re missing out. I’ll be happiest married guy alive because I have USED AND ABUSED MY PRIME. I didn’t miss out on ANYTHING. Countless beauty queens in 60 countries. As a man should.

Become so high value she knows arguing with you simply gives her space to someone else. Women hate to lose, especially to other women. Behave or she will. Absolute ferocity.

I’m a full grown man. Nobody, nobody tells me what to do. No job. No society. No female. I fuck who I want. I do what I want. Come along for the ride or step aside. Recite with seriousness in your eyes – make them understand. It’s ride or die.

You love me? How much? With all your heart? I’m gona fuck that girl there. She’s beautiful. What you gona do? Leave? GO. Stay? Good. Join in you don’t wanna miss out do you?

Leave and txt me all night about how I broke your heart lol. Shoulda stayed bitch. Do not blame me for your bad decisions. I fucked her anyway. I was always gona fuck her. You coulda been part of something beautiful instead of missing out and complaining over WhatsApp



  1. I see no sense in what this man is saying. If that is your analogy then it works for you alone

  2. Really downgrade for the ladies but #leaking and speaking the fact that need to be notes… What need to be done is for guys not to see their prime as time to rubbish their lives and future but blind it strongly…. Likewise ladies can used Their prime to Tobolsk ahead with the one they truly loves…

  3. True but don’t misuse your freedom cause having multiple patners can make get infected by HIV

  4. You have a point… But some men misuse their time impregnating and abandoning them which is not really a good idea. Men you guys have backup now so carry on…

  5. Some day God will arrest everyone of you and you all will give your life to God. Then you will understand that there is no gain in sin only death, shameful death even

  6. Interesting! He can fuck whoever. Good for him but remember sexually transmitted diseases and infection are everywhere

  7. Well in this now I don’t know what to say more on that but reasons on differ but is not off to truth saying that

  8. Its not a good thing for single men to be having sex with any lady they like, it is ungodly, besides one can contact diseases through it. Its better you stay aware from immortality till you get married

  9. Immorality of the highest order…. REMEMBER one day monkey will go market and will never return.

  10. This your theory is against morals and highly partial unfair to the female folks. Since is your belief you can keep it but stop sharing this garbage

  11. Rubbish! is only a fool will take this important, for d fact that u lived a useless life and get away with it doesn’t give u d right to tell others to do d same thing

  12. I will always say that these white people behave like animals sometimes. This is how animals think.. It is totally irrational.

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