Simi speaks on the challenges of being a woman in Nigerian music industry

Nigerian singer Simi has shared her experience as a woman in the entertainment industry.

The Headies award-winning singer, said most often, female entertainers are constantly pitted against each other in other to compete.

Sharing her experience in a Twitter thread, Simi said women can hardly get away with some of the things their male colleagues get away in the industry.

She wrote: “Tbh some of the things I’ve experienced – specifically as a woman – in this industry. Lol. They will try to pit you against other women. Try to redefine ur value. Try to get in your head and remodel your self esteem. And I have even had it easier than many…

“Ati executive oh. Ati audience oh. It comes from all the sides. That’s why I fuck with any woman that is winning in this industry – because hurdle is much dear. Women can hardly get away with the kinds of things many men in the same industry get away with on a regular.”

Simi further added that a woman who always stand up for herself in the industry is usually described as difficult .

She also advise women that are trying to get ahead as she revealed no one cares unless about they are benefiting.

She wrote: “For every woman that is making it, there are tons of women that have been broken. If u stand up for urself, “she’s difficult”. If u’re not a pushover, “she’s proud”. If u take time for urself, “she’s lazy.” If u ask for what you deserve, “she’s greedy”. Well, fuck you then.”


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