Simi kicks against sermon by Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo on sex

Singer Simi has reacted to a sermon by Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo of David Christian Centre in which he advised ladies of today to abstain from giving men sex.

Simi kicks against sermon by Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo on sex

According to Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo, the reason why men aren’t eager to get married is because they are already getting sexual satisfaction without marriage. This is because young ladies are allowing themselves to be used.

His words:

”women need to understand that men are not emotionally developed as they are, women know what they want from childhood. The average teenage girl has dreams of how her wedding will be. Men as teenager is just playing ball, he has no dreams of settling down. He wants sex, men want sex not relationship. God put so much sexual passion in men, expecting that women will obey him by doing access denied, so that if he wants so much sex he should marry. So, he will give you what you want, you will give him what he wants. That was how God planned it, but many women have been sabotaging themselves. So you have been giving it out to people that didn’t put a ring on it. This is why we have so many single people because a lot of guys are sexually satisfied. Men enjoy sex with more people, than with one person. So, you are messing up and sabotaging yourself by giving out free sex. If you do national lock up, these men will marry. “

The pastor’s words didn’t sit well with Simi who is a fan of his. In reaction, she wrote:

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  1. Simi you know truth is bitter. I support you pastor what you said is nothing but the truth Sir don’t mind that Alika simi.

  2. I support wat d pastor said. Women are losing their dignity in dis new era and weddings are not sacred anymore.

  3. The pastor is very right joor although the truth is bitter buh u ladies have to endure this

  4. Seriously sounds fake to me cos sex doesn’t entice men close to Ladies cos sex is all about pleasure. What matter is based on attitudes

  5. My dear pastor , don’t mind simi and her selfish act. She is married now, let me see weather his husband will allow her to fornicate again.

  6. From the sound of your comment “Simi”,you practically do not have a useful thing to say.your opinion actually does not hold are probably pained because this particullar one hit you real hard.instead of you to accept the truth,you’re rather fighting it.Truth is bitter and cannever be hidden.God’s word has a backing on What the pastor said.Please Preach on Pastor!!! Let our ladies come to their senses.

  7. Preach on pastor.Hit them real hard with those words ,lets see if our ladies can come to terms with the truth.I dont understand why cant just hold ourselve to when its right

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