Simi drags Mazi Ibe after he trolled her on Twitter

Simi drags Twitter celebrity, Mazi Ibe after he trolled her lailasnews

Simi didn’t take things lightly with Twitter influencer, Mazi Ibe, after he kept trolling her on the social media platform.

A mild drama played out on Twitter on Thursday night, December 27, 2019, after Mazi Ibe kept trolling Simi on the platform.

Apparently, Mazi has trolled Simi multiple times in the past and she blocked him as a result, well, he was able to view her Tweets again two years after, as his account was suspended and restored.

The influencer seemed to have a lot to say to the singer as he immediately went back to throwing subliminals at the singer.

One of Mazi Ibe’s tweets made reference to the incident between Simi and Naira Marley which happened earlier in the year.

Mazi tweeted: “Simi and EFCC. The greatest influencers of the year 2019. They gave us Marley.

He also retweeted a tweet that reads: “Deep down simi’s heart she for wan turn marlian but let me not talk.”

This didn’t go down well with Simi who immediately hit out at him before BLOCKING HIM AGAIN. She wrote;

“And I dare you, @i_pissvodka, to never talk about me again. Unless u’re obsessed or I’m really bringing you that influencer money. Because I’m just a little girl minding my own. Or next time you see me outside, come to me and speak ur mind…”

“Let’s talk woman to child – instead of you sneaking, taking pictures of me, looking for laughs on social media. Big boy, you gawky internet bully, twitter warrior, I dare you to dislike me enough to pretend I don’t exist. So ti gbo.”

“And you be careful not to let these cheap social media noisemakers that, honestly, totally and truly have nothing to add to your life take away from it. Use the brain our Lord God gave you. Happy new year in advance.”

Mazi reacted to her Tweet in an apologetic manner, stating that he didn’t hate on her or intend to bully her. See what he wrote below;

“Nothing was said out of hate or to bully. I was legit shocked when I saw her tweet & not the link I used to see. Quoted it exactly as it came into my mind. I’m genuinely sorry if offended you @SympLySimi in any way. E ma binu.”

“I don’t understand the sneak and take pictures of you part sha. Either ways, I apologize. E je ebure.”

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