Simi and Adekunle Gold are getting married today (Details)

Simi and Adekunle Gold are getting married today, this is after the pair got engaged and held a wedding introduction December last year.

Simi and Adekunle Gold are getting married today (Details) lailasnews

According to reports, 300 guests are set to attend Simi and Adekunle Gold’s wedding today 3 weeks after they did their secret wedding introduction in Magodo, Lagos.

The lovebirds are set to tie the nuptial knot later today and only 300 people will be privileged to witness the epoch event.

The traditional wedding will hold today in Victoria Island, while their white wedding is slated for Thursday at Ilashe beach.

The secrecy of the event shouldn’t come as a surprise to many, as the couple have always kept their relationship private.

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Their wedding introduction was not made known to the public until a report by NET. The report read;

“Did you guys hear that Simi and Adekunle Gold are now engaged? The two had a low key introduction ceremony this past weekend. 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾
.. It was attended by only their family and close friends, and photos were not allowed to be taken. Wish them all the best guys! And when you see photos, remember we told you first” 😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️
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  1. Wow this is truly an upgrade to Nigerian music, seen the pair engaged and marrying is a wonderful sight to see

    • Ferdinand, this is nice so others will learn from them. For the fact that you are a celebrity does not mean you shouldn’t have privacy

  2. Congrats to the both of them, it’s good for people who are in love to get married. I wish them unending joy and happiness in their marriage and I pray that their love for each other will continue to get stronger.

  3. wow so happy to hear this, I think they don’t want a noisy wedding. is good anyway and I wish them happy Married Life.

  4. Congratulations to the love birds I pray you prove your fans wrong that there are still some celebrity married that can stand the text of time. God bless your union

  5. Congratulations to them, i wish them the best of love relationship and a happy marriage life, congrats

  6. Congratulations, wishing you both a happy married life, blessed with children, wealth and prosperity.

  7. Woah a beautiful story to start the day with…congrats and wish both of them a blissful union together forever

  8. Congratulations to both of them so hayfor them but why is this that a celebrity will married him follow celebrity

  9. Let them be, they want to lead normal lives not having to worry about outsiders dictating the pace of their relationship. Congratulations guys.

  10. I already knew it, this gonna happen from the start. I love the duo and their combo
    Congratulations to the newest couple in town
    May God bless yhur new home

  11. So cool, I am so happy for you guys, congratulations to you. Pray God bless your marriage and new home

  12. Congratulations to the both cuoples I really hope youve a stable and happy union because its not easy for celebrity to marry each other in this our country I wish you bliss marriage

  13. Wow!!!
    I love these guys, they made their relationship cool and mature… Nice one guys.
    God bless your union and have a blessed home.

  14. It’s so joyful and more mature keeping it real love u guys and wishing you a happy married life .

  15. Happy for both of them. I think they will really make a good couple. I mean Simi is my favourite female artist in Nigeria. I wish her the sweetness of marriage

  16. Happy for both of them. I think they will really make a good couple. I mean Simi is my favourite female artist in Nigeria. I wish her the sweetness of marriage.

  17. I was in shock when I saw this and am still in shock right now I cant even believe what am seeing it so abscond

  18. Nice one is not a must that they will bring their relationship to the social media it breaks relationship

  19. Congratulations to the latest couple in town , God bless their union ,I truly appreciate the wisdom .

  20. A big congratulations to you both. It’s not about getting the public involved. Have your wedding as personal as you want it after all in the end, it’s you both who will live together. God bless your new home as you Tue the knit traditionally today

  21. Congratulations to Simi and Adekunle, sometimes it’s good to keep ur relationship a secret so hatters won’t know your next move

  22. Why only 300 the want to attend their party, well best reasons know to them, and this wensday marriage?

  23. Congrats to adekunle and Simi,have know they will end up marring each other because they have been having a private relationship

  24. Similar and Adekunle…look I celebrate y’all go ahead do it the way you want it, cause it’s what you want…..I thought its great….Weldone!

  25. Congratulations to you two, i am so happy with the way they managed their relationship keeping it away from the public eye, they handled it so maturely that nobody was aware they were dating.. I so much admire them and i wish mine goes the same way if not even more discreet than theirs.. Congratulations Simi and Adekunle Gold may God bless your union and please you guys should continue to keep it on a low key even after the marriage, social media love and popularity is one of the fastest killer of marriages this days.. I love you guys

  26. These are people who are in love and they’re getting married with the money but still on low key. It’s not making air, no noise, I love that. But you see us here that are hustling eh we can so misbehave in relationship, just I love you, the girl will change her Facebook name, itz Olori these and that up and down. I don’t know what is wrong with us sha. God bless their home.

  27. Wow that is lovely one, a big congratulation to both of them, and i pray that almight god we bless there union with abundant twins

  28. Simi and Adekunle Gold are just doing their things codedly and it’s really nice.300 guests is even much.They even tried.Wishing them well in their marriage and they’re a great pair

  29. This is not fair how do we get our share of the cake and chicken well congratulations and wish them well

  30. Congratulations to them my Ernest prayer for them is for God to sustain their marriage till death do them divorce idea shall come their way.Amen

  31. I’m extremely happy for them and I pray to God to bless their home. Congrats love birds.

  32. Good for both of them, cos they have bin dating for a long time now.i pray thelr union is blessed and fruitful Amen

  33. Congratulations to the new couple and happy married life, May God make it a fruitful one

  34. Congratulations on , may Almighty God bless your union..Dekunle in 9momths time we dey expect twin oo. Cute one .

  35. Those two9 have had “a thing” for a while now
    Even after the chemistry song Similar made with falz it was thought that she and falz we having “CHEMISTRY”.
    It turned out Adekunle Gold won in the struggle…

    Congrats to to the couple

  36. This should be true, though they have shown signs of love for each other, if this is true then I think their marriage will be blessed, but they should come out bold and say their intentions so we don’t get the wrong impression of them.

  37. They really should work hard to make it work. It ain’t easy. Congratulations to the couple

  38. I know they will get marry, when u are playing a game of love with someone, beware lest you fall in love with him or her…

  39. Hmm. Interesting. We’ve being seeing signs that this too were meant for each other in every way and they keep featuring each other in their songs. I sensed something must be going on and also simi won’t stop sharing adekunle golds gold’s posts on Twitter.. Congrats to the two love birds. I love this. Coded wedding.. Adekunle don find his orente

  40. Another celebrity wedding. I wish you guys all the happiness you deserve in life. May you joy be full but please put your diffrences aside and make it work.

  41. Awnnnnnnn congratulations to this two love birds I trust their ways though they are very matured and gud to go happy married life

  42. Congratulations…didnt know they have gone far and so deep in love… Both are my heroes… I thNk God for the strength…so only 300 are targeted invitee…if you no get money….

  43. Simi and adekunle Gold being a couple??
    Wow, I didn’t see this coming,,, congrats to both of them

  44. First congratulations, i love the secrecy in their relationship. I wish they remain that way not allowing the world to suggest and meddle in thier affairs. Keep it up.

  45. Congratulation to you both and may you both grow in love and peace as you come together as husband and wife today, may God bless your marriage.

  46. Its better that way and they chose today being a working day which will make it hard for uninvited guest to show up. Congrats to them.

  47. Congrats to both of you, wishing you more love and understand as you step into another stage in life.

  48. Am so happy for them all God please remember as many that are blving you for this kind of goodnews o

  49. Some times the whole public stuff and running around everywhere does not make sense at all. Spent less and move on that’s all

  50. Secret wedding no photo was allowed.. Hmmm
    Anyway congratulations to you guys.. That is all I have to say for.. Untill next tine

  51. They have shown signs of love for each other and I think their marriage will be blessed, they should just be bold and say their intentions.

  52. at first i was thinking she and falz had something in common, but that is one thing about the heart, you cant know it..congrats to both of them..wish them well

  53. Congrats!!! To them. I wish them happy married life, their relationship have bn a secret, hope it will remain like that till after marriage. My first time of hearing two Nigerian musician getting married. Happy married life to them

  54. I wish them unending joy and happiness in their marriage and I pray that their love for each other will continue to

  55. That’s a good one for them, wishing them the best in their new home. God guides and protects them all the way. Congratulations.

  56. Wao,it’s a good news, congratulations to you both,God bless your union and give you a wonderful home that will stand forever

  57. Awww my simi is getting g married. Congratulations simi and adekunle. I wish u both a successful married life

  58. Congratulations, i am coming for the party. wishing you both a happy married life, blessed with children, wealth and prosperity.

  59. Wow, what a great news, I knew they were they meant for each other, they fit perfectly. Congratulation to the newest couple. Wish them a happy married life.

  60. Congratulations to both of them.. I’ve expecting this for long as well…but why are they doing it secretly…?

  61. Wow,,am happy for both of you,,,congratulations to you guys,more love and understanding, may God bless your Union.

  62. congratulation oooo bro…….where is the location for after party i go like come oooo i wish u couple long and happy married life

  63. Happy married life Mr and Mrs Adekunle, may your home full with joy and happiness. Congratulations.

  64. I just love them both
    They are the perfect match as far as the music industry is concerned
    Very simple personalities and lifestyle
    I’d like to be among the 300

  65. By far the wisest celebrity couple, they kept their relationship private. Congrats to them, they should sha post pictures for us.

  66. Congratulations my pple am every happy for you both, more blessings good luck in your new home congratulations once more

  67. Wow!
    The wedding is here. Congregations to Simi and Adekunle Gold.
    Why just 300? Because I planed to attend.

  68. Comment*waow what a lovely pair. Looking forward for their new album as couples. Congratulations!!!

  69. After all the denials, I hope their marriage last. Congratulations to the pair. May their marriage be bless with wonderful kids

  70. Congratulations to both of them. I pray for them to keep their marriage vows for a happy and lasting love. Wish them the best

  71. Congratulations to Adekunle Gold and Simisola for tying the knot, anyways is not surprise that two of them is getting marry, this is evident in the collaboration the two has been doing in the Music Industry
    Congratulations to them

  72. Congratulations To both of them, Adekunle, am happy for you to have gotten such a beautiful woman Simi.

  73. Congratulations to Simi and Adenkunle for their traditional marriage toady and the wedding coming up on Thursday.

  74. They are really determined to avoid the celebrity status funfair wedding.nice one. Congrats to them.

  75. Congratulations Simi and Adekunle Gold . Happy married life and I wish you both love and happiness forever

  76. wow ade nah my dream wife you wan marry so o. make nothing bad happen to your marriage and wishing you all the best more children for both of you. celebrity marriage sometimes no dey last

  77. A very big congratulations to them. Wishing them success and more of greatness in their marriage including their career.

  78. Congratulation to my favourite Nigerian female musician. Enjoy your marriage. Love that you guys are going low key with it.


  80. Congratulations to you two thats a combination of two good musicians with meaningful music’s their music’s I can’t stop listening to because is unique and sends a message

  81. Congratulations to both simi and adekunle gold. May God bless their their union true love never dies. I pray their marriage last long.

  82. Conjugal bliss to the lovebirds, am so happy for then even though they left the fans in a dark room for some time

  83. Celebrity marriage don’t last ohh, and I think the both of you are still very young pls simi try very hard to keep ur home.


  84. Hmm big lie how can they get married today and it only 300 people as that lucky to witness them when all celebrity is on ground and they don’t call any of the celeb abeg I no won read dirty news jooh

  85. They are very responsible for not exposing their relationship lives on social media. Congratulations and Happy married life to you both.

  86. Congratulations to them, wish them good luck togetherness,
    also wish them a fruitful home… Cheer! !! !!!
    A toast for them

  87. Wow! For real? Well.. its nice seeing you guys getting married to each other, it has always been a rumor bt now its confirmed. Congrats 2 u guys and i wish you a happy married life, and a fruitful home. God bless your union

  88. May God bless your marriage as you begin a new phase of your journey on Earth. Congratulations to you both.

  89. Congrats to them, they have their reasons for making it a secret and i respect their choice.

  90. I am Extremely happy for them, they are so sensible and have decided to be a bit discrete about their union. I wiSh them well. Happy married life to them.

  91. I’m happy for both of you. A big congratulations to you guys. I wish them a blessed home.

  92. Hmm… SHocking news, I’m just hearing about their togetherness today and they’re getting married

  93. Happy for them, but 300 guests is it not too small,, abi na only members of their family,, Similar, I wish you happy married life,

  94. I like the way Simi and Adekunle are kerping their relationship secret and not bringing everything to the social media because is not everything you bring to social media. God bless their union.

  95. Wow congratulations to you I am wishing you to experience the joy of marriage to the end of your life

  96. Congratulations to you guys. Both of you are perfect match for each other just as you are both my favourite music artistes

  97. Adekunle Gold and Simi are finally engaged and even having their traditional marriage today. I wish them a very glorious and blissful wedding.

  98. I’m impressed by their action… You don’t have to blow the trumpet to the world like other celebs do… Congratulations Simi and Adekunle.

  99. Congratulations to the both of them, wishing them blessings of marriage, happy home, and children surround their table.

  100. Congratulations to them..
    finally the rumor about their relationship has been certified truly. Am happy for them

  101. Lolzzz
    It’s only those 300 people that you invited that will listen to your song o

  102. What a wonderful and colorfully decorated marital bliss. Congratulations to the newly married.

  103. Congratulations to them. I’m happy for them. May God bless their union. I wish them happy married life.

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