#Silhouettechallenge: Nigerians ladies go nude for new social media dance

2021 is already a dramatic year, we have seen so many topics, dance moves and slangs trend already an it’s just January.

A new trend is disrupting the norm, as ladies go nude on Twitter for the new #Silhouettechallenge.

#Silhouettechallenge_ Nigerians ladies go nude for new social media dance

It is still unclear who started the “Silhouette Challenge” on TikTok, but verified creator @mrsmosquito popularised the trend.

@eral__ also shared a TikTok tutorial on her Twitter page on how to do the “Silhouette Challenge”, and the dance move is already trending like wildfire.

The dance routine usually features ladies typically dressed down while dancing to Paul Anka’s song, Put Your Head On My Shoulder released in 1987 and stripping when Doja Cats’ song, ‘Streets’ which was released in 2019 comes on.

The women dance under red lights allowing viewers to only see the silhouettes of their naked bodies.
Even though the red light only shows the silhouette, the wrong shade of red, as observed in some of the videos means people can see more than just a silhouette.

What even makes the trend more exciting are speculations that with the aid of virtual reality, viewers can see beneath the red lights.

See some comments on the new trend below;

@__gershom: I love the #silhouettechallenge videos from Nigerian women more than I do the ones from others.

It feels real. Relatable. The bodies, the backgrounds, the utter lack of coordination. This what I know. This is what I love.

@AdekunleUmar: How would you even try the #silhouettechallenge and everything would be dark….
Are you a cultist ni?Weary faceWeary face
At least allow the light of the Lord on your body n

@imfLoReen: This #silhouettechallenge should last a week abeg. It’s one of the rare things uniting the world and it’s beautiful in the sight.

@UncleDennis101: Please is you’re so morally correct in your ways of living holy and can participate in the #silhouettechallenge please do not criticize and castigate those who are doing it. Cause you’re aswell a sinner for already judging.

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