Side chick who is a ghost, allegedly disappears in Lagos office

A side chick who is reportedly a ghost, allegedly disappeared today in a Lagos office shortly after she visited her lover who is a director at the firm.

Side chick who is a ghost, allegedly disappears in Lagos office today lailasnews

According to Twitter user @sore_fade, the side chick turned up in the Lagos office for her lover’s birthday and that was when her ‘ghost’ identity was uncovered. Read the tweets below;

THREAD!! GUYS BE CAREFUL  At work today, this happened like in the past half hour things are still not stable at work everyone literally left the whole building even the security team at the gate post, the elevator men too! no one drove out of the building, everyone RAN!!

PS: I WOULDN’T BELIEVE THIS TOO IF I DIDN’T WITNESS IT MY SELF infact I planned to skip work today for some reasons I’d taken permission but then today is one of the directors birthday (exactly who this thread is about) he’s a very great man and owns more than half of the firm

And it’s extension even over-seas. Had I not made it today to work and I was told what happened isd I wouldn’t believe it. So it’s His birthday today and unusual we haven’t seen his wife and daughters with their plans and merryment for everyone so while we were gathered in the Largest conference room, he said “before anything, guys my wife couldn’t make it cos she has to extend her stay in Canada till Friday due to biz. plans that got rescheduled and my daughters, are in Abuja they also couldn’t make it they told me they are closing in on a Major deal for my wife’s biz.

So hence the quiet and no fries and drinks and every sort of enjoyment they usually come up with as usual on my birthday at work so we will find a way about that I got plans fellas” everyone yelled “ayeeee go Engnr. ****** it’s yo birthday” so the Singing began – for he’s a jolly good fellow …. Then boom the door opened and everyone turned towards that side and we heard bands playing coming in so we were yaay they made it (that is the wife, & daughters who are 24&29 yrs respectively) only for us to see this BEAUTIFUL flawless Lady, I swear on everything kimK got nothing on her she was leading the bands and there were ppl bringing in fries, cakes, cocktails… like she was so fkn pretty light skinned wearing a fancy d&g shades nice LV boots high denim jeans like she was dressed to KILL wow!!

the excitement in everyone fast became a confusion as this wasn’t his daughter or wife infact not anyone we have ever seen he has an habit of when any family visits at work he introduces them to everyone hence the confusion faces dartted towards him and he was yelling “TINU WHAT IS THIS YOU HAVE DONE!!!” he was so furious and began to sweat profusely under the heavy a.c. that legit was making me feel Ukraine again no one has ever seen him so mad and disappointed at least in this frightening manner he was putting it up.

App the babe was his gf that’s what We figured at least at that point the hall was quiet at once the bands and stuff everyone shut it she then replied (omg her voice was better than the feel of orange juice after a long day I’m not exaggerating) “oh I’m sorry wanted to surprise you since you didn’t have pla..

he Then cuts her sharply “Can you shut UPPPPPPPPP” he was almost going berserk as he was about to say something guess what? he was cut short by the sound of the band we heard from the hallway/and elevator opening even the lady(tinu) turned in disbelief (and shiit her ass would seat Plates of 5 people it was so perfect too surreal)

she has a blonde wig on some ladies murmured in awe what GLORY wig is this (PS: some were snapchatting and have since been mumuring wow the Wi-Fi is not connecting which was strange just keep this in mind it’ll make sense soon)

Lo & behold it was his wife and daughters (if u remember they all bailed on their availability for today his day cos he said his wife was meant to be back Saturday night and his daughters Sunday morning) obviously they wanted to surprise us and Him especially then boom they lead In their band smiling and it was so noisy and nice too but they quit smiling when they noticed the look on his face and the chaotic looks on everyones face (the lady Tinu was noticeably tryna trace her steps towards the end of the hall shaking her head taking off her shades)

Then the elder daughter initially racing towards her dad (she’s his fav) suddenly stopped in the midst of the negative aura in the room and upon seeing the lady well (meanwhile the wife also had understood they are clashing w another surprise party by the pretty babe here with her (own team of band and all what not) she then yelled nooooooo dad!! the younger daughter was immediately sobbing dialling a number shaking scared to death at the same time telling everyone “back off of her pls don’t look at her” (we were confused so was the mom and dad fine we get it they couldn’t believe their dad had a gf and the mom too was in disbelief but we didn’t understand their fears and expressions)

the mom then yelled wth is going on here 1st of all that’s a 1st she never curses then the daughter 29 asked shaking “have u called him” the Younger replied “He’s not picking” and immediately told her dad stay clear of that *thing dad* don’t look at her or imagine her at all” then yelled “everyone too don’t think about her” the mom lost it and said his name what have u done?

sobbing she was lost then he dropped to his knees saying “I swear to you dear apart from today we have only met 5x and that includes the 1st time at the golf club and other meetings too are at the golf club she often keeps our and my own company more esp I can show you a text where I told her never to hang around me again”

“i never knew she was doing this I’m surprised as everyone you have to believe me” then the daughters said in unison “don’t you guys get it she’s fucking dead!!” immediately after that we heard a scream from the halls end like a banshee and ppl screamed and boom this gorgeous ladyt/babe literally disappeared via the wall she entered the fkn wall!!!

yooo the ladies tryna Snapchat earlier screamed different everyone looked at them and they said their phone had restarted itself and it’s vibration scared them that they had too drop it. tweeps, everyone headed for the stair case/emergency exit. one of the many expatriates in the hall hit the emergency button so fkn hard and everyone started to run!! ignoring the elevator exits that were all good!! see on getting downstairs even the security team had started running you know in

Nigeria we don’t wait too see what’s pursuing anyone u just join them not even when u see directors whites and staffs running at high speeds plus the alarm went off too as we approached the road one American was been asked by the armed men coining towards us running towards them Weapons ready and asked what is it sirs ?

when he heard she’s a ghost in unison they joined us. Men be careful of the ladies you run into or meet I’ve only seen this on tv heard about it but I have never seen it live like ‘ll wouldn’t believe this if I WERE told. Please very Careful of the ladies you meet! this lady obviously didn’t know his wife and kids are coming the man didn’t even know she was coming who knows what her plan was with all that food and fries and cake bruuhh what would’ve happened today?

BE CAREFUL MEN odeshi no sabi Ghost/witch real quick I’m gonna put this here. This is a colleague like we witnessed it together here’s a convo for y’all doubting.

And pls just get the point be careful! see it as a film all u want say all u want idc just get the point “be careful” the wife and the husband obviously didn’t Know the lady was a ghost that’s how far I know from what we saw there. Cos he was busy explaining to her but she was trying to find pout why the girls are scarred he deosnt even know too obviously she’s a ghost the girls must have come across her before in a similar situation

Cos they were not even mad about their daddy having an affair as soon as they saw the ladies face all these things happened very swiftly. I won’t explain my self to anyone I just wanted to share this shii with y’all but hell u lots on this app are extra like my @ is really messy

This is a colleagues convo and I. Y’all doubting it’s ok, I would too but get the damn point. “be careful” cos even ppl that we all saw this today some are on a flight to fct and respective destinations already w out taking anything from the office bant with sense pls

Side chick who is a ghost, allegedly disappears in Lagos office today lailasnews 1 Side chick who is a ghost, allegedly disappears in Lagos office today lailasnews 2 Side chick who is a ghost, allegedly disappears in Lagos office today lailasnews 3 Side chick who is a ghost, allegedly disappears in Lagos office today lailasnews 4 Side chick who is a ghost, allegedly disappears in Lagos office today lailasnews 5 Side chick who is a ghost, allegedly disappears in Lagos office today lailasnews 6

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