Sick husband dies after wife ignored him over misunderstanding

A sick husband has died after his wife refused to heed to his calls, all because they had a misunderstanding before he left for work.

According to a social media report, the man worked in Ogun State while his family is in Lagos. He however had a disagreement with his wife before leaving for work that fateful day, but felt sick immediately after getting to work.

Sick husband dies after wife ignored his over misunderstanding

His wife, who is a pharmacist, refused to pick his calls even after he told her he was seriously ill and even when he asked that she came around to see him, she refused.

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There’s this couple, the wife works and live in Lagos while the husband works in Ijebu Ode. He comes home every weekend and leaves for Ijebu every Monday morning. Then on this fateful Sunday, they had a misunderstanding.

On Monday, as usual, the man went back to Ijebu and started feeling sick, he called his wife who is a pharmacist, sent WhatsApp messages, sms and all, she didn’t pick, she didn’t read his messages from Monday – Saturday. Then on Sunday, she decided to pick his call.

I haven’t been feeling well, her husband said to her and I wanted you to recommend drugs. Please can you drive down to Ijebu with our daughter to check me? She refused, said she doesn’t know her way and her husband suggested Google maps. She said no. (she was still mad)

She was called later that night that her husband was rushed to the hospital. She had a sleepless night and drove down to Ijebu ode in the morning. She met his dead body. This happened last week Monday. She said ‘maybe’ if she had picked his call, he might still be alive


Responding to the report, a woman wrote that in her home, irrespective of the level of misunderstanding between she and her husband, there are laid down rules they both have to follow

So Sad. In my home we lay down some rules no matter the fight O 1)We must continue eating together. Neither is allowed to say I am not hungry. Even if na small bite you must chop 2)You must still call and check on each when you get to your place of work the next day etc

No matter the kind fight. We must follow these rules. We can do things together and still continue our fight.

But Thank God the rules have been so helpful. So Sad the man died just this way. Very painful. The wife will be regretting her actions now”she wrote


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  1. Hmmnn….I’m just speechless,Never let the sun go down in anger or else something dreadful might happen&you”ll never see that person again i.e Death

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