Sholaye refused to marry Linda Ikeji, she’s a rejected baby mama – Kemi

Controversial Nigerian journalist Kemi Olunloyo doesn’t seem to get tired on Linda Ikeji and this time around she has changed her tone on the moon-bump allegation. She is now claiming Linda Ikeji’s alleged baby daddy Sholaye has refused to marry her despite her father’s pleas.

Kemi Olunloyo in a new post make an expository allegation on Sholaye’s life and claimed he has so much in common with Linda Ikeji and so they fit each other.

Read her Instagram post below:

EXPOSES ANOTHER FAKE LINDA PROSTHETIC BABYDADDY. Read the post. The blogger who dragged every celebrity is now being blogged. #lindaisnotpregnant
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This two stupid old buffouns have been fucking since 2016 off and on. Both are desperate social climbers who understand what it means to do the needful to belong to the upper class. Sholaye was a ratchet model back in the UK and Linda also a local info girl that started her career modelling.

So you see why I called them two overgrown buffouns. they are actually birds of the same feather but I can assure you they will never flock together. Sholaye is known for wanting to be seen with daughter of the rich, older successful women and the likes.

He will drive his rolls Royce around town whenever he needs to prove a point. Yet he lives in a rented apartment in parkview ikoyi. Sholaye the pimp and house boy of Femi Otedola, Dangote, Musa Danjuma, Terry Wayas and more has no plans of marrying Aunty Linda. Linda thought she had found Prince charming.

she left her brain in her banana island mansion which was bought by an Oil Magnate BP (if you know, You know ) and jumped into the hands of a man who is the typical definition of a cheap pie, so greasy and smooth at the top with all kinds of rubbish inside. as we speak right now, Linda has been begging Sholaye to save her the embarrassment contrary to her stupid epistles she has been writing these past days.

LINDA IKEJI is actually shook to her bones, Her entire family especially her father has done everything to make Sholaye marry her and he blatantly said NO. Linda I am sorry to break the news to you, You are a rejected BABY MAMA just like all the other ones you have made fun off.

Your struggling sister and her stupid husband can bearly feed themselves that is why the only work she can do is to the be family’s town crier. Kemi Olulonyo. aka madam KOO is not as Crazy as you think she has the juice and she will spoil appropriately watch out. @instablog9ja get your facts right.


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  1. I just want to believe Kemi is okay and sound. Her rant are beginning to piss me off. What if all her allegations are false? I remember how she was begging inside prison, suddenly she has found her voice again. She may not survive her next ordeal if she continue this way.

  2. Haba !! What is wrong with this Kemi …i don’t care for Linda and her belle but for this woman whom Linda bailed out of prison to be spewing this rubbish means she’s ungrateful and silly ..what is her problem ? even if the guy refuse to marry her ..then what?? linda is already near 40 and wealthy so she will just go on to have a baby ….and yes she is getting married to the sholaye soon

  3. abeg sholaye will not marry linda becos he has since bn with these men that do not have wives nd he loves his their lifestyle of parting nd hooking the like of musa up with girls. he wwas once an errand boy for james ibori nd terry waya back in london in 2007 and when james went to jail, he became broke nd moved bck to 9ja and had bn doing his boy boy for timi aliabe nd femi and musa and co. he has no day job except for handouts given to him by femi nd co. kai linda u fall hand o. this sholaye that talks too much ? what even made u talk to him nd even open ur legs for him? is becos of the men he hangs arund wit that got u decieved ?? he has a daughter in the US. y would u be so callous is it becos of desperation??? sholaye when i knw no go marry oh. him no fit stay house o when party dey twn???? he does not have money abi na u go dey feed am? can u give him what mr femi o give him for bringing girls??? kia. this na heavy fuck up o babe. sholaye ke???? that one the will sleep with a girl first b4 hooking her up with them femi, musa , timi and all of the na him u go carry belle for??? no wonder u said u dnt want people to knw cos them go laugh u tire. kai, girl u 4 jst do ivf via sperm bank or theif pikin o… sholaye ???? is it tru him u met Femi, jenifa polo nd all others?? he is my friend o so i i knw him reach house. … na wa!

  4. Such a bitter deluded retard! Your subconscious thoughts and ugly personality exudes through your mental illness. There are people who are extremely psychotic and have a heart of gold. Kemi, please get back on your meds for damage control. Human beings are very inpatient with their fellow beings, including those with special needs. Remember the pastor who put you behind bars despite his awareness of your condition. I understand that you might find it difficult to filter your thoughts/actions but you are still responsible for actions by using your antipsychotic meds. The existence of treatment/medication equalizes you with the society and you will be punished just like others. I’m glad that Africans are more knowledgeable and receptive towards mental illness. However, we are not there yet and their responses to your actions can actually worsen your illness. So, taking your meds consistently should be your highest priority.

  5. Am beginning to think the ban on Tramadol & codeine is beginning to affect this woe-man

  6. I don’t see anything bad if Linda is a rejected baby mama bcos , she is not the first and she is not going to be the last person.pls respect urself

  7. Hmmmm when she was attacking Pastors people thought she was doing investigative journalism,when she was arraigned for defamation of character,she was being oppressed. Hope people know her better now. Linda shame her by ignoring her and maybe later slam her with defamatory charges again.

  8. Even though I know Kemi is lying,Linda deserves it.She has equally ridiculed others before.He who lives by the sword shall also die by the sword.Kemi,continue with your madness.Linda ndoo o.

  9. This madam kemi matter no b here ooooo…..her madness just dey grow everyday …..but theriz no smoke without fire oooo I will wait and see

  10. independent journalism#away from all the copy posting things# hmmmmm this is interesting

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