Shocking story: Lady finds out her “mom” kidnapped her at 3-year-old from her biological parents

A lady has shared the shocking story of how she found out that her “mom” who raised her, kidnapped her from her biological parents when she was 3-year-old.

A social media user, Aidan Moher, started a conversation, asking users to share a story about yourself the sounds like a lie but is absolutely true and Jolie Blonde decided to share hers.

The lady, Jolie Blonde recounts how she had a confusing childhood and viciously hated her mom at the age of 6, demanding she wanted to go to her real parents only to find out years later that she was actually kidnapped from her biological parents.

Read her story below.

Growing up I never liked my Mother. We fought viciously. At 6yrs old I wud scream “How r we related? I’m nothing like u! I want 2b w my real parents, in my real house, w my boat & my dog!” 😁 My “real house” was fancy btw lol!

She wud call me a spoiled brat & say “Well, where r they? Go ahead go back 2 them! You have quite the wild imagination.”

I wud even tell my friends that I had a boat & a dog 😆 “She’s lying, we don’t have a boat or dogs” my Mom would embarrassingly explain.

In college I got a job taking photos of homes 4 real estate listings.

One day driving around, I saw the house from my wild imagination. I wasn’t sure if I was awake or dreaming. How is there a house, detail by detail exactly like my imaginary one 😟

I felt sick 2 my stomach as I lightly knocked, not knowing what I was even going 2 say.

A nicely dressed lady answered & screamed out my name.

She sat me on the sofa & brought out albums full of photos of my wonderful life with my beautiful family, my boat & my little white dog before I was kidnapped at 3yrs old.

It wasn’t a dream
It wasn’t my wild imagination.
I wasn’t lying.

A lot … but the strangest thing I’ll share is that I wasn’t able to hate her after that. Suddenly her words + behavior my entire life made sense. It wasn’t right, it very very wrong + but it made sense.

Everything … finally made perfect sense.

It was the most sane moment of my life. Realizing I was never insane, lying, making things up, ungrateful, hateful, selfish, a thief, manipulating … I was NONE of those things 😊💗

I was just a kid that wanted 2 go home 🏠

😄😁😆 I left home at 15. I had already been on my own almost 10 yrs when I found all this out. I was also suing my Mom 4 visitation rights 2 my younger siblings. So 4 privacy sake I’ll end the story here. I decided 2 love both families. Love won BIGLY 💗

Many have called for her to write a book sharing her story.

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