Shocking moment woman uses baby as a weapon during street fight

A raging woman is seen grabbing a baby boy around the neck before appearing to use him to batter a man in the street. The sickening scene was captured on camera and came after the out-of-control woman had already spat in her victim’s face.

Shocking moment woman uses baby as a weapon during street fight Lailasnews

It’s not known what sparked the bizarre bust-up – which took place in front of dozens of people in the middle of a busy shopping street.

The short but shocking clip opens with a woman – who looks in her 30s – spitting at a man as he walks past her on the pavement.

One of her friends then casually hands her the toddler and without a second’s hesitation she flips the baby around and appears to use him as a weapon to attack her target. People can be heard screaming in the background as she swings the young boy over her head and lunges towards the man.

After dodging her attack, the man then swings a right hook which catches the woman on the side of her head.He is then dragged away by a friend as the ranting woman – still clutching onto the boy – pursues him down the street.

It’s not clear where the clip was filmed but it was uploaded to LiveLeak on Sunday and has already racked up thousands of views.

The short clip begins with a scuffle. The attacker is seen spitting in her victim’s face. Suddenly, a friend of the attacker hands her a baby boy, who she had been carrying wrapped up in swaddling.

Without a thought, the woman, who looks in her 30s, uses the boy as a weapon, hitting the man on the head. He retaliates by launching a flurry of punches before backing away around a street corner.

Bystanders can be heard screaming as the violence breaks out. As her victim backs away she lunges towards him again – still holding the child like an offensive weapon.


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