‘We are a shithole country, with a shithole President’- Femi Fani-Kayode

Reacting to President Donald Trump’s viral ‘shithole” outburst which led to worldwide outrage, PDP chieftain and former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode in his tweet, acknowledged we are shitty down here in Nigeria.

'We are a shithole country, with a shithole President'-Femi Fani-Kayode lailasnews 2

In his tweet, Femi Fani-Kayode, said we have a shithole President who delights in cows more than humans, and delights in the slaughter of his people.

His tweet read;

Nigeria may not be a “shithole” country but we certainly have a “shithole” President that values the life of cows more than human beings and that delights in the slaughter of his own people.

It is only in a “shithole” country that the Pres. values the life of cows more than that of human beings. It is only in a “shithole” country that he can travel abroad and call his people “criminals” and that he can clap when a foreign leader calls them “fantastically corrupt”.

The bitter truth is that we are a “shithole” country, with a “shithole” govt. and a “shithole” President. It is left for us to clean up our shit, wash our arse, flush Buhari down the toilet, open the windows, get rid of the stench and make Nigeria a cleaner and better place.

When Tunde Bakare, Wole Soyinka, Dele Momodu and others that supported and helped u to come to power in 2015 condemn the genocidal practices of ur Fulani footsoldiers and mass murderers u know that ur end is near. The innocent blood they spill cries out for vengeance against u!

'We are a shithole country, with a shithole President'-Femi Fani-Kayode lailasnews 1

During immigration negotiations on Thursday with lawmakers in the Oval OfficeDonald Trump asked: “Why are we having all these people from s***hole countries come here?” in reference to HaitiEl SalvadorNicaraguaHonduras and African countries in the temporary protected status program.

Witches and wizards flying are not your problem, the Government are - Catholic priest (Video)

However White House has reacted to Donald Trump’s comments, which reportedly shocked lawmakers in attendance at the meeting at the White House.

In response, he claimed some of the claims were “made up by Dems” and added “probably should record future meetings – unfortunately no trust”.

Trump tweeted: “Never said anything derogatory about Haitians other than Haiti is, obviously, a very poor and troubled country. Never said ‘take them out.’”


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  1. Hahahaha this one weak me o!

    I think Nigeria should just swallow their pride and accept the shithole.

    But I would like to only here it from Trump because his intonation will always make it sound like a good name.

  2. Nothing pains me more than this….. if I am chatting with my girl friend and I write note and she will be like….mmm. I write again she will be like…. I hear. Is this interesting friendship pls?

  3. I love this man called Fani Kayode, his bluntness & outspokeness is second to none. He actually spoke my mind & what I would have love to said but I guess my comment won’t be approve on that rather sensor. A hard & bitter truth from FFK

    • But this guy was also there before as a minister, what difference did he make while in the system? This criticism could have been more meaningful if it comes from someone else.

    • @hope Amarachi there is no truth in what that big mouth is saying.deos he want to tell Nigerians he never participated in the looting spree that took place in goodluck jonathan’s administration where he fani kayode served as the aviation minister…

  4. AM not a shithole and point of correction if only those Nigerians that are acting like fulls and the Nigeria government should put head together I believe we will we the result see no follow rich men of because they are doing this not for you but for them self’s and they kids do what is right one man can’t do it alone we Nigerians are sometimes acting like full and think your President will just come out and help you. You think him no be human like you corruption has taking allover our minds living in corruption now is hard to face the truth. Let fight out fullish corrupt Nigerians and also the once that always cause problem to the society then you see how Nigeria well look in the next one year brother we rich pass Ghana but the way them day you no go hear too much complains flue here 4cds or 3cds high pass our own but the no day act like you people. Pls pls change oh if no na so una go complain for everything till una die from the world still even go heaven go day complain lol if una no change

  5. Kayode can you just shut that gutter you call mouth,i have tried not to respond to your irrelevance statements but you won’t just keep quiet.kayode were you not a minister in gooluck Jonathan’s administration?was it not thesame administration $32 billion was looted?when you were the aviation minister,what did you do to revive and restructure the Nigerian airways since you said you are smart and Mr know it all.pot calling fry pan black, kayode you better go hide your face in the mud and keep quiet because you are so annoying,i mean like seriously.mtcheew

  6. Nigeria is a SHITHOLE

    A country that has so many natural resources but use none…..
    A country that has educated young people but no jobs for them…
    A country that’s got young women trading their bodies for job opportunities….
    A country that has government officials asking for bribes in broad day light…..
    A country that has government officials swear on the bibles to do the best for the country but lie through their teeth….
    A country that has resident throwing rubbish out of their cars and expect the environment to be clean…
    A country that has student learning under trees whiles we spend billions of naira on an opening ceremony to Circle dubai, whiles government officials drive big cars with their kids in big schools in 1st world countries….
    A country that people will vote and stick with one political party because the leader is fair and cute…

    And the list goes on and on and on….

    And you will have some people angry because a white man says our country is a Shithole… The same white men we go to for big big loans for our country….

    If a Nigeria is great why are You living out of the country??? Don’t sit in your America or Europe with your green cards and and European passport and residency visas and make noise that a racist person who we all no is racist is saying the truth…

    If Nigeria wasn’t a Shithole we won’t have our brothers and sisters killing themselves trying to get to other countries for greener pastures…

    Our country is a Shihole, let’s stop all the unnecessary debates and stop glorying nonsense and call a spade a spade ♠️

    Let’s find solutions and work on it, not only the government but all of us…

    Yes Nigeria is a shithole point blank period. And if you are upset go and hug transformer…

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