Sheik Gumi: “Herdsmen took up weapons after being brutalized”

Prominent Islamic cleric and scholar, Ahmad Gumi has stated that herdsmen across Nigeria took up weapons after being brutalized.

He stated this while explaining why herdsmen across the country took up arms.

Sheik Gumi_ Herdsmen took up weapons after being brutalized

Herdsmen have been criticised by many for bearing arms, as citizens pointed out that them bearing such heavy weapons like the AK-47 is unconstitutional.

In an interview on TVC, Islamic cleric and scholar, Ahmad Gumi alleged that herdsmen took up arms after being continously brutalized by security forces and neglected by the government.

He said;

“I blame everybody, from the President to you, the man speaking. I blame everybody. It is a combination of small, small issues here and there that produced this monster. Everybody is at fault. I don’t want any Nigerian to exonerate himself.

“The media plays a part by polarising the nation. Even journalists helped in stirring this ethnic chauvinism we see all over the country. Government has neglected these people all along and they were using a hammer to kill a fly.

“To the southern Nigerians, #EndSARS is not a reason to understand why these herdsmen took up weapons. They were brutalised by the military, not only the police, for a lot of time, and not only in this regime. We should not be surprised.”

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