‘She stole my destiny’ – Nigerian prostitutes clash in Turkey (video)

A short drama ensued as Nigerian Prostitutes clashed in Turkey, over an alleged ‘stealing of destiny’.

'She stole my destiny' – Nigerian prostitutes clash in Turkey lailasnews

One of the Nigerian prostitutes in the viral video identified as Joy, accused her colleague identified as Mary of stealing her destiny alongside that of other men she sleeps with. The distraught lady who held on to claims of her destiny being used in the video, stated that she hardly gets a customer each time Mary wears her cloth.

Joy further accused the lady who tried to leave the room but was barred by Joy’s backup, of being a witch. It was also gathered that Mary is an Urhobo lady from Warri in Delta state. Here is the viral video which captured the Nigerian prostitutes’ clash in Turkey below;

Marry-your-Rapist: “Rapists marrying their victims is biblical" - Daddy Freeze


  1. Rubbish, she carried your destiny, beat her and collect it back now. Your mates are out there hustling and doing hand work for themselves,and you are there sleeping with people up and down. Shameless girls

  2. What is this world turning to?. You can imagine something that is not suppose to be heard in public, what business is she doing that she complains of not having customer whenever her friend wore her clothe. Prostitution.

  3. You have wasted your destiny long before now did you know how many men you have slept with and do you know how many of them have taken your destiny from you so stopped embrassing her you should have thought of your destiny before going into prostitution instead of looking for respectable jobs out there like your mates.

  4. Do they also have destinies? This is laughable. They are shameless. What poverty has turned our youth in to.

  5. End time pray against evil plotters
    They are even happy about been a prostitute
    Only God can save them now

  6. I believe not that she has destiny because what she is involve with its a shameless act. Christ that can enable you to have a destiny has stress his hand, repent

  7. These ladies don’t have shame at all.See how they’re disgracing themselves. Of all jobs, they chose prostitution and this one called joy is just jealous for nothing calling it stealing of destiny

  8. This is sad! What could have led this ladies into prostitution!now talking of destiny being stolen by a colleague, I pray that Gods mercy delivers them all!

  9. Yesterday we read of a man that praised a Nigerian family…and here u are disgracing Nigeria in Turkey.

  10. They have migrated from Italy to Turkey. What a shame and national embarrassment? May God help them.

  11. What a disgrace..This people are just disgracing the image of Nigeria and our reputation..

  12. This is serious, so prostitute also have destiny . This Nigerian with there problem, you better repent before it’s too late.

  13. May God help us in this life, imagine how can a living human being be fighting one another over destiny in prostitution. And making it a public affairs, instead of fighting on how stop your self from such life style, have you shame, don’t you think you’re disappointing your family, what will become of with this you’re attitude you are born to bring them honour not shame dear, I know you are coming from somewhere so please stop this act now. Repent and embrace God he will make everything right once again in your life dear.

  14. What a way to embarrass yourselves,families and country, more this; there is no destiny in prostitution, it is called destruction.

  15. It’s a pity how much length some ladies will go to earn money even back again ng friends when need be

  16. Waiting prostitute know has destiny see the way they re even fighting instead of them to be ashamed of themselves.

  17. Shameless girls…I pity your family members who taught you girls are doing good business in Turkey..

  18. All this prostitute are not shameful she even have mouth to talk am say someone collect is glory away Na wa ooo

  19. What a shame to the both of them, if that’s the case why does she allow her to wear her dress

  20. This is so funny so prostitution still has a Destiny like one was born to sleep with so many men to Make money

  21. That’s an act of shamelessness..you just misrepresented your father land…change your ways and dedicate your life to Christ and everything lost will be restored

  22. I don’t know that someone can steal destiny but if you can fight well do it and bring your destiny back Mrs sleeping around with trash men.

  23. since when has prostitution became a profession or ones destiny God touch us by force without waitinh for us to invite you

  24. You are just realizing that your destiny has been stolen. It’s long gone. And it takes your true repentance for God to restore that which is gone. Shameless Girl, disgracingvyour country, parents, families and friends over there. Please deport her

  25. Set of shameless people, ladies suppose.to be treated.with respect but now, shame no dey for una again

  26. So prostitution is now a destiny. Please you girls should do your thing and stop dragging the name of Nigeria to the mud. Come to think of it,Why is the Mary sucking the other girls v.j ? The world has really gone bad , guys that go for runs babes should be careful.

  27. Ladies nawa you even have destiny ,then why are you destroying your destiny yourself and you no prostitution is not good thing and you are still doing it no body is destroying your destiny but you yourself

  28. Shameless bunch of fools . These are some of the reasons they abuse real women . They don’t deserve to be call women . They are animals . Some animals has shame but them they don’t

  29. Is prostitution a job? Shameless people.They even have audacity to publicize each other. I pity you all and your customers in crime

  30. Wonders shall never end she stole your destiny what are you waiting for oya steal her own back na

  31. If the destiny they stole from you is prostitution, you don’t have destiny at all in the first place. Please look for something and do, don’t go about and be telling us that your destiny was stolen. You just threw it away.

  32. Shameful act…..our girls don’t have shame o.it is well….. maybe she fell into d wrong hands.

  33. What a shameless people she stole your destiny this lady is very funny do they tell you or you just thinking it.

  34. See shameless ladies o, upon you people are disgracing our country and your family, you still have mind to put it on social media. I cover eyes

  35. Destiny ooo, please where are you coz Joy is looking for you. Nonsense. Why are you all disgracing Nigeria anyhow in this year 2019.


  37. so there is destiny in Prostitution now! it is appalling to even read about it in the dailies, shameless things have become destiny fulfilling missions in the lives of people.

  38. If she stole your destiny which is as the case maybe prostitution… then she did you favour… shameless people.

  39. so there is destiny in Prostitution now! it is appalling to even read about it in the dailies, shameless things have become destiny fulfilling missions in the lives of people.please retrace your steps and do with your lives meaningful things and that is not being creative!

  40. You do not even have destiny again, your destiny might been stolen for a very long time since you started your prostitution job

  41. Seem like she just figure out that her destiny have been use a long time even before this resent one happen.

  42. The both of them are really destroying future, prostitution is never an occupation. Change your life.

  43. Instead of trying to do some thing decent and worthy of imitation, you are fighting over shameless things

  44. Nigeria girl can fool their selves , any where they go them must show their true colors, so shameless, she is a disgrace to this country Nigeria

  45. stopped embrassing her you should have thought of your destiny before going into prostitution instead of looking for respectable jobs out there like your mates.

  46. So your destiny is in prostitution, I weep for my dear country even in far away turkey, it still didn’t stop their stupidity. Nigerian youth go into the world and keep embarrassing us.

  47. They don’t even have shame sef….there people are here saying they are making money from business

  48. Nawa oo for them see what she is saying that she steal her destiny thats not true and i cant belueve it

  49. First how does she know she stole her destiney, besides they should have some kind of shame even doing this line of work. Things are hard yes but there is more respect and blessing attached to doing the right hustle

  50. Nigerian youth wise up. Stop disgracing us , what stupid destiny is Joy talking about. Prostitution is it her destiny to be sleeping around with unknown men. Shame

  51. this are shameless people. they sell their destiny themselves, by sleeping around. But they don’t know.

  52. This is funny, but Joy why did you keep your destiny careless that Mary stole, you better go and collect it back from her and better life.

  53. What a shameless human being, you have the guts to open your mouth to say say someone stole your destiny, collect it back and steal her own too. Your mate are out there working hard to be someone in life your there sleeping with different man.

  54. This is shameful. A prostitute calling out another prostitute to stealing her destiny because no customer patronize her when the other wears her clothes. Unbelievable!!! How can she believe her destiny is in prostitution.

  55. This is serious o. The lady has no shame at all. So prostitution has now become a legit business that you now come out openly to show your self abi? Shame on you

  56. Very shameless set of people. This are the people misrepresenting Nigerian abroad trading in prostitution

  57. Arrant nonsense. What’s anybody’s business on the matter. Destiny to be a prostitute? What kind of life is that? Shameless people

  58. hahahahahahaha this is serious on but don’t fear because the only solution you need now is Jesus Chris. start attending a genuine prayerful prophetic Pentecostal church

  59. This is what people call prostitute they must end up fighting and arguing each other because of a man

  60. There is nothing like shameless prostitute Because prostitute have no shame. They can naked in public. The others are jealous of her.

  61. Hope can they still ones destiny, they should be ashamed of themselves and do better things with their lives.

  62. Chain prostitute and their lifestyle so shameless hear what is Coming out from her mouth, may God have mercy on you guys

  63. what a shameful news, why would she open her mouth to alter such disgusting story. God have mercy on your children.

  64. Hmm,they are not ashamed of themselves,,, she is even serious saying that while she decided to sow her life to devil.

  65. That’s a shameless act from Nigerians prostituting in another country… Seriously Nigerians can embarrass themselves

  66. Shameless human being, she stole your destiny because she gets more customers than you, jealous kee you there

  67. Sometimes I wonder if they are from homes or they fell from the sky. They have sold their shame and dignity.

  68. Destiny kwa? How did you know?
    The destiny of being a prostitute or what? That’s good! If it’s stolen, it means you would stop being one!

  69. She stole her own destiny by giving her self out to strangers, I Pity people that do these things, accusing people of things you are using your hands to cause

  70. This is very funny. That you don’t get customers to patronise you as a prostitute, you went ahead to talk about destiny. It’s there any link between prostitution and destiny which is a gift from God. What are u blabbing about accusing your fellow woman wrongly, wake to reality, your destiny has long been taken back from you the day you choose the life of prostitution.

  71. Very funny so prostitutes too have destiny? That lady should have thought of better ways of earning instead of prostitution

  72. It’s clear that the two of them don’t want to make their lives meaningful, rather they want to tear each other apart over who is stealing and who is not stealing destiny. They should ask themselves if prostitution is really a destiny?.

  73. You should be grateful. It means your case would have been worse. Like being a double prostitute. She stole your destiny and she is a prostitute now

  74. This is absolute rubbish, she need to repent if she want to experience new life of peace, joy and victory.

  75. What nonscence please look for something genuine and legitimate to do… You can do more better instead of embarrassing yourself

  76. Where are this fool’s from,are they born of woman outsll.is this what somebody’s child is supposed to be doing

  77. God loves both of you. It is not His will that any should perish. Please He is calling both of you to come come come . Change your ways .

  78. Very funny how true is this a fellow prostitute stealing another glory they both need deliverance what a shameless ladies

  79. Can you imagine this you are fighting for a prostitutional destiny what a disgrace to this country nigeria

  80. Both of you are not ashamed of making an issue with this. Get something befitting to do with your lives.

  81. If E no dey
    E no dey
    Not all days is christmas
    Change ur format or strategies of ur so call business

  82. Both ladies should be be ashamed, fighting and going public about their unapproved way of life.

  83. So prostituting is now a legal business every where that they can even bring their selves to social media to talk about it.How did she even know the other person collected her destiny?

  84. You never see anything beat her and collect it back now, shameless britches you are a disgrace to womanhood

  85. Rubbish ashawos.. destiny ni destiny ko… dont goan get a decent job.. until yu contract something no onehas ever hrd of

  86. Go and look for your destiny were you kept it and dont apportion blame to anyone. Ladies and jealousy

  87. Wait I don’t understand, you mean she stold your destiny has as a sex worker. Where did you get such destiny from, God?

  88. And she is proud to tell the world her line of business. Some women have sold their integrity to the devil. She is really a disgrace to Nigerian women

  89. Shameless woman. She is even proud of being a prostitute. You had better repent and give your life to Jesus.

  90. You don’t even have any atom of shame. So your destiny is in prostitution which is why you are looking for who stole it. Better check yourself.

  91. That Joy is a foplush and stupid girl. You just wake one morning and start claiming someone took your destiny and calling her witch. Illiteracy is the cause of all these…

  92. why is it that these edo girls are disgracing Nigerians all over the world, is prostitution legalized? Just imagine the shameless things

  93. This is so complicated and the prostitute is not even ashamed of saying it please Nigerians should learn how to put a smile on our face

  94. People don’t have shame anymore, so prostitution is now a destiny. There is nothing someone will not hear in this world. You are not even ashamed that you are a prostitute and you are bringing this kind of issue on social media, may God have mercy on you.

  95. This absurd
    U have already sold ur destiny cos u r a prostitute…. May God have mercy on Ur soul
    This a shameless heart

  96. A lady without shame having guts to bring out herself this way in social media. The joy lady is a shame to womanhood.

  97. Please let me ask who videos this kind of stupid things and airs them for people to waste megabytes on in the course if reading them?

  98. This is a new style, destiny stealer. Wonder shall never end. People are just coming with new ways

  99. Nonsense
    And she is even opening her mouth to talk. Don’t go and look for something better to do with your life
    She stole your destiny….so being a prostitute is your destiny

  100. So shame no dey with you abi! Prostitution is the destiny that Mary took. I was thinking the destiny was something like being a doctor or an engineer. May God forgive you

  101. Both of u are insane because if not u will not leave this country to another without having a reasonable work to do

  102. All hail Nigerians abroad for their negativity activities. The shame you are giving yourselves will live with you forever.

  103. Destiny that have been lost for so long time ago…. Many guy sleeping with you and enjoying it, you didn’t think of it before

  104. What rubbish destiny is she talking about? When does prostitution become someone’s destiny? This lady doesn’t have shame at all.

  105. So the star she stole from you is that of prostitution
    And you’re are boldly posting video of it
    Why not include your face in the video and stop foolish yourself

    Licking the girls to**

  106. No more shame.her mouth is even sharp as if she is doing the right profession…mat God hel0 them oh…she should take her destiny back b4 is too late..repentance is all she needs…

  107. The two prostitutes u ought to be ashame instead of hiding their selves, they are washing their dirty undies outside.

  108. This is madness,she is using your destiny to get men to sleep with her so what type of destiny dies she have,some people are crazy

  109. This is a huge shame to my country. They should just deport all of them let them come and sort themselves out at home. Instead of disgracing us outside

  110. Destiny can only be stole from a person who has one, prostitutes do have destinies but they usually give it away unsuspectingly due to the nature of their so-called occupation.

  111. You are just realizing that your destiny has been stolen. It’s long gone. And it takes your true repentance for God to restore that which is gone. Shameless Girl, disgracingvyour country, parents, families and friends over there. Please deport her.

  112. You are a disgrace to womanhood. Which useless destiny she have before. She’s just talking rubbish

  113. Frustrated ladies, instead of getting something meaningful to do with their lives, they are looking for those who stole their destiny.

  114. This Nigeria prostitute are very crazy.you are posting your videos on media to the world concerning your dirty work

  115. If she stole your destiny like you said, then you think you can get it back by fighting her physically and publicly. Shame to you. Idiot

  116. Was that possible for someone to steal someone’s destiny, you have such destiny and you doing such nonsense act

  117. Nawa oh…carried your destiny?…hahaha…lwkmd…..Shameless girls…these girls are not even ashamed of wat dey are doing.

  118. Which destiny is she talking about here? The ones she sold a long time ago because of numerous men she slept with?

  119. Lols……I can’t stop laughing, she. Stole you destiny……are sure of that?….. Or is it you that sold it out to ritualist during your random sex hwarkin business.

  120. What a big shame, no dignity for their womanhood anymore.. They are not even ashamed again.. Prostitute feeling proud about the nonsense job they do.. Fight for your already battered destiny.. I wonder what destiny she is even fighting for.. Nonsense

  121. There’s no Oita of shame anymore for ladies.
    Women openly showing they sell their body for money and all that
    Its a pity the society conform to such disgrace

  122. You have already f**ked off your destiny.. So if you are fighting over she taking your clients it means you are finished

  123. They don’t even have shame again as regards this prostitution again.. Imagine them displaying their stupidity

  124. Shameless set of foolish ladies, see how they are disgracing themselves in another country, that’s how they bring bad name to nigeria

  125. And making it a public affairs, instead of fighting on how stop your self from such life style, have you shame, don’t you think you’re disappointing your family, what will become of with this you’re attitude you are born to bring them honour not shame dear, I know you are coming from somewhere so please stop this act now.

  126. Prostitutes without she, you are prostituting instead of you to be ashamed you are publicly telling the people that your destiny was stolen, so you mean, your destiny is to prostitute?
    Shameless girl!

  127. shameless human, she stole your destiny, ehen what is your own destiny looking while her own steals yours

  128. what a disgrace, prostitutes are even posing and pride of their work, I pray they change b4 it’s too late

  129. This is so funny,destiny taker,destiny taker come and bring my destiny my destiny today,shameless girls

  130. arrant nonsense, how can being a proustite be your destiny rather you sold your destiny to those men you were sleeping with

  131. This is serious and rubbish fight, this nonsense things shouldn’t be stated outside here, prostitute fighting prostitute of being using each other’s destiny.

  132. Pls go n buy senses… Why he won’t stole your destiny when you are selling your body to make money.

  133. This two are shameless and a disgrace to the women gender, they’re prostitutes and they see nothing wrong with that. I think they should be repatriated if they can’t make a decent earning.

  134. She has not stole your destiny, it only what you are doing that your destiny is warning you about before is too late for you.

  135. This is absolutely madness…please they should grow up and do some meaningful thing about their lives

  136. You are not serious jare go and find something better to do than stay there saying she stole your destiny

  137. Idiot do come back from another man land come here the talk that nonsense for your stupid life.
    Rubbish girl.

  138. Who is talking of stolen destiny… she even get destiny before …talk more of it being stolen. Let them go and get a life.

  139. Prostitutes don’t have shame. They still carried their shameless show to as far as Turkey, wonders shall never end

  140. Prostitute and destiny, you have already wasted your destiny. Well is unfair to reveal such to the public.

  141. if you claim she stole your destiny then fix it out by yourself. but better still go to God for restoration.

  142. Your mates are out there hustling and doing hand work for themselves,and you are there sleeping with people up and down. You bring shames to our nation

  143. Behind every lies there’s an element of Truth, nobody knows what may have happened between them before now.

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