Sexual harassment: Lady releases creepy chat Oluwatosin Adeshokan allegedly sent to her

A Nigerian lady has released snapshots of some creepy messages, freelance journalist, Oluwatosin Adeshokan sent to her.

Sexual harassment Lady releases creepy chat Oluwatosin Adeshokan sent to her

Kiki Mordi had earlier today accused the freelance journalist whose works have been published in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, VICE, CNN, Quartz, The Africa Report and more of being a sex predator who harasses young girls.

Taking to her Twitter page, Kiki Mordi claimed Oluwatosin Adeshokan, pretends to be “asexual” just to gain women’s trust before taking advantage of them.

According to her, a number of women who are his alleged victims were afraid to reach out to her for help since she is his friend and they thought she would take his side.

She added that action will be taken against him, irrespective of her relationship with him. See what she wrote below;

“@theOluwatosin becoming friends with feminists and pretending to be asexual will not protect you from being called out as a predator. You target young feminist women, make them believe you’re a sexual minority, they trust and protect you and you take advantage of that.

“People have spoken to you in private but now me I want you to lie to my face in public. You think you can use my friendship and the friendship of women like me to continue to get away with harassing young girls?

“Best believe action WILL be taken! If Tosin has ever been inappropriate with you and you felt like you couldn’t talk to me because we were friends I implore you to fuck that and reach out! Action WILL be taken! No safe space for predators. Certainly not within my circle!”

A Nigerian lady in response to the allegations has now gone on to release some creepy chats he sent to her five years back. Sharing the snapshots of the chat, the Twitter user @loudandvocal wrote;

“I wasn’t sure if I was going to post these publicly, but fuck it. When I was a teenager on here Tosin pretended to be my friend, and then he quickly became creepy. He would try to pressure me to send nudes and also send me unsolicited nudes. I eventually just ghosted him.”

See the chats below;

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