Sex workers talk on the strange requests they get from clients

Some sex workers have opened up on some of the strange requests they get from clients – including a kick in the nuts.

The popularity of the missionary position is plummeting and people are becoming more adventurous in bed, the workers say.

Sex workers talk on the strange requests they get from clients lailasnews
Sex workers talk on the strange requests they get from clients

Cambridge News’ survey has surprised the city’s sex workers. And they are willing to do what someone else might not – but at a price.

One sex worker, who advertises her services online for men and women in Cambridgeshire, told the publication about the very bizarre requests she’s come across.

Known as Jessy, she said: “I do get a lot of the usual requests such as the GFE (girlfriend experience) which is simply playing out the fantasy of having a partner who is open-minded about sex.”

She added:

“There are a lot of men who actually don’t want sex at all and just want to talk. I know it’s a cliché but it is true. They just want female company where they can talk freely without being judged or condemned for their thoughts.

“Then there are the more, shall we say, off the wall requests.

“The most recent one that springs to mind is the man who wanted me to pull up in my car beside his van then get out and just kick him hard between the legs and drive off. He was willing to pay me £80 for that.

“Then there is the man, a very nice elderly man, who wants to sort of control me like a doll or a robot. He dresses me up in sexy outfits and uses a remote control sex toy to pretend to control me.

“He will ask me to have sex with the corner of a table or other things while I am simulating sex on the floor and other things involving humiliation that I won’t go into.”

The 29-year-old believes she is doing society as a whole a service in potentially preventing some men from breaking the law in search of sexual satisfaction.

“Quite a few men want outdoor sex with a bit of danger of being caught so it will be in supermarket car parks or just parked on the road. That can be a bit weird as I don’t want to alarm anyone. I am very careful that we won’t get seen.

“I feel that if these fantasies were not acted on then they could lead to those desires coming out sideways and who knows what could happen? It is better that it is played out with me who is a willing partner than anyone else.

“Rape fantasies are now being asked for more often and although this can be very uncomfortable I would rather it was played out as a fantasy.”


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