Sex workers clash over clients in Ikeja, Lagos

Two sex workers clashed and engaged in a public brawl over clients in Ikeja area of Lagos, the fight later led to one of them being hospitalized.

Sex workers clash over clients in Ikeja, Lagos lailasnews

According to reports, the sex workers identified as, Charity and Joy went to Ikeja in search for clients and when a particular client eventually arrived in the evening, they struggled to win his attention and in the process has a disagreement which made the client to drive off.

The matter did’t end there as the disagreement degenerated to physical fighting between them in the public glare.

During the public brawl, Charity used a sharp object to injure Joy and she was rushed to an undisclosed hospital.

The matter was reported to the police at Ikeja Division and Charity was arrested. After interrogation, the police found her culpable and charged her before the Ogba Magistrates Court for assault.

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She pleaded not guilty.

The prosecutor, Inspector Benson Emerhi, did not oppose her being granted bail and asked the court for a date for hearing on the matter.
The Presiding Magistrate, Mrs. O. Sule-Amzat, granted her bail in the sum of N50,000 with one surety in like sum.

She was remanded in prison custody pending when she will perfect her bail conditions. The matter was adjourned till 28th February, 2019.


  1. This is crazy… Ladies look for decent job to do no matter the amount with time you can get a better one instead of risking your lives following a total stranger to sleep with and get paid. You can imagine their sweet names Joy and Charity

  2. Lol, normal thing with prostitutes they always fight over a client, they just disgrace themselves and womanhood.

  3. Why fighting over nothing when you know that you can find another client now see were it have landed you into

  4. Sex worker is not a good work. I know you are not even the sole owner of any amount you make.

    Wise up ladies.

  5. The funny part of the story is that the client that made them to have the disagreement drove off before they started fighting. So one would ask what are they fighting for?

  6. Why use an object to fight her fellow woman? Only the lazy ones behave that way. May God forgive the two of you

  7. It happens everywhere, sex workers always gets crash over a client. But it’s very bad and heart broken

  8. U see, 50k for bail, is d client worth that much? See what u av caused urself, shameless women.

  9. They are both foolish and stupid for fighting over a client, Infact they are a disgrace to womanhood

  10. Prostitute are not shy of anything they don’t have the word disgrace in their dictionary. Instead of them to get something reasonable to do they are there fighting over a man

  11. Fighting for client for sex because of money hell is real ooo Change and repent the kingdom of God is at hand

  12. Had a disagreement, client drove off., almost killed themselves. After disgracing themselves infront of the lit client they d3cid3d to crown it with a fight. Stupidity at its peak

  13. What a shameful act. This a disgrace to the family and to themselves. Go and look for better job and do

  14. Its not new, she also kill someone and she is pleased not guilty because you want 50k. No criminals are pleaded guilty in the name of money.

  15. Shameless prostitutes who are too lazy to earn a decent living. They are now reaping the fruits of their stupidity.

  16. It has been the norm with sex workers. The bail is just small thing to them but the unfortunate thing is that it will not just end there cos the hospitalized victim might come back for revenge.

  17. Trace it,,,,those ashawos are graduates, no work, they are just using what they have to survive with… Buhari is busy planning to rig election

  18. Wonders shall never end, sex workers fighting to the extent of being hospitalized over someone else penis that they will use and be paid for ,why can’t they just GI for twosome for the client,with that there will be no problems.

  19. What a shame fighting for a man that has gone home that charity deserve it let her face it for me jail is better for her

  20. Shameless women. You are fighting over a man that is not your husband to the extent that one of you is landed in the hospital, this is very bad

  21. I wonder why sex workers are legalized in this nation. This kind of bussiness should not continue in our country. Ladies please there are other better ways to make money than using your body.

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