Sex-for-mark: Court jails AAU students, vindicates lecturer

A magistrate’s court in Ekpoma, Edo State where two former students of Ambrose Alli University (AAU) were arraigned in August, 2012, on eight counts charge bordering on alleged conspiracy, stealing, unlawful detention and frivolous petition, has convicted the AAU students and further vindicated the lecturer.

Court jail AAU students, vindicates lecturer lailasnews

The former students were sentenced to one and two years’ imprisonment, for unlawful detention of a former lecturer of the university, following the 2010 video, which went viral on the Internet, and showed the lecturer Dr. Peter Otubu, being stripped by Judith in a female hostel located near the university at Ekpoma.

The former lecturer in the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, was accused of allegedly attempting to have sex with her in exchange for a pass mark in a course, as Otubu was also seen in the video being compelled to sign a N100,000 cheque in favour of “Judith Okosun” in order to secure his release.

Sex-for-mark: Court convicts AAU students, vindicates lecturer lailasnews 1

Chief magistrate, Maltilda Iluobe, who maintained that Juliet had admitted in her evidence before the court that she had the key to the apartment where Judith unlawfully assaulted Otubu, sentenced the duo to one and two years’ imprisonment respectively with an option of N20,000 fine. The judge also expressed displeasure over the conduct of the former lecturer for going to the room of his student, an action which she said affected his career.

An elated Otubu said the judgment has vindicated him, adding that, “the principal suspect, Ivie Okosun, and her sister, Juliet have been jailed. Whether they were given an option of fine or not. I am satisfied, as the judgment has proved my innocence. To correct the erroneous impression, I was never dismissed from AAU, my appointment was terminated due to the video that was posted on the internet.”

Sex-for-mark: Court convicts AAU students, vindicates lecturer lailasnews 2

Responding, Counsel to the defendants, Mr. Olayowola Afolabi, aligned with the judgement on sexual promiscuity as “a show of shame”, but however  pleaded with the court for clemency for the convicted persons on ground that they were first offenders, stressing that the second convict is a nursing mother.

Sex-for-mark: Court convicts AAU students, vindicates lecturer lailasnews 3


Here’s the video below;


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  1. I watched the youtube of this ‘thing’ back in 2010. The lecturer from all things visible was guilty as hell, but that lady, her boyfriend and cohorts, took laws into their hands and today, look how they made themselves ex-convicts in a matter they shoulda easily won.

    I’ve heard people say, “if it were outside eh? I would have slapped the hell out of that Cee C”. Lol at lay people, they can be funny some….

    Then for free, le me counsel you (1) you would have slapped (Cee c) a lawyer in retaliation for something she said to you verbally abi? Where went your own mouth that you had to resort to physicals? Well the “commensurate principle” would easily jail you. She abused you verbally, you decide to retaliate physicals right? because you feel you have more power right? Lay person! (2) The lady and her boyfriend locked the man in, which is a felony crime of “false imprisonment”, they restrained, confined or detained him unlawfully (3) they stole from him when they forced him to write a cheque and perhaps they cashed it. (4) They conspired among themselves to “jointly” commit the foregoing criminal acts. However, their case became frivolous when, instead of dealing with the man in accordance with the his stupid sexual intimidation acts, they resorted to: (a) battery, (b) false imprisonment, (c) stealing, (d) conspiracy to do unlawful criminal acts, indecent exposure and verbal abuse of the man.

    Le me stop here, its becoming long, before some “lay, educated illiterates ‘arrive’ to accuse me of writing”epistle”, whatever that means.

  2. okay but if she had stab him with a knife when he attempted to have sex with her and he died in the process what would we have called that #Chika the educator or legal adviser

    • Imagine this one that cant even write primary school English well calling himself Dannybobo. I am a lawyer as well, why not google what Chika wrote or ask a lawyer in your village you idiotic lay asshole?

      Commensurate principle applies in so many cases, especially non homicide matters. From the way you write, it doesnt even seem as if you went to Poly, get off here fast!

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