Seun Kuti reacts to claims of Burna Boy being first Nigerian artist to perform at Coachella

Seun Kuti in a ‘soft jab’ post on Facebook, reacted to claims of Burna Boy being the first Nigerian artist to perform at Coachella.

Seun Kuti reacts to claims of Burna Boy being first Nigerian artist to perform at Coachella lailasnews

Seun Kuti who shared a photo of his performance at Coachella in 2012, wondered if those behind the claim think he is Togo or Ghana. He wrote on Facebook;

First Nigerian artiste to perform in Coachella? I must be from Ghana then or maybe Togo!!

Seun Kuti reacts to claims of Burna Boy being first Nigerian artist to perform at Coachella lailasnews 1 Seun Kuti reacts to claims of Burna Boy being first Nigerian artist to perform at Coachella lailasnews 2

This is coming after we reported that Daminu Ogulu, popularly called Burna Boy, and Tosin Ajibade, popularly called Mr Eazi, are shortlisted to perform live alongside other top international stars at the music festival.

Rihanna dancing to Burna Boy song, Ye! (Video)

The announcement was contained in a press release on the official website of Coachella. This is the first time the Nigerian duo will be performing live at the music festival. The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is an annual music and arts festival held at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California, located in the Inland Empire’s Coachella Valley in the Colorado Desert.

Mr Eazi and Burna Boy will be performing alongside other stars such as Ariana Grande, Donald Glover, Kid Cudi, Janelle Monac, Wiz Khalifa, Tame Impala, Bad Bunny, Clairol, Diplo, Childish Gambino and more.


  1. Congrat burna boy more bags for you. you go blow like wizkid the independent artist that knows how to grind

  2. Yet he shouldnt have called Nigerians unprogressive backward fools.congratulations to him anyway

  3. This is serious, didn’t they check there previous record before running into conclusion. That’s there problem anyway

  4. Burna Boy is a very good musician he deserves to be among those to perform in the artist of the year

  5. If truly seun kuti have performed in the country before that means burna boy is not the first Nigeria artist

  6. Mr Kuti thank you very much for making us know that Burna boy is not the first Nigeria to perform in coachealla .

  7. Congratulations to you Burna boy.People should try to verify things before making conclusions. Seun kuti have played there before.So they should change the news with burna boy being the first because it’s not true.

  8. First to perform or not the award has been given to him so celebrate with him we are one Nigeria.

  9. Those saying burna boy is the first Nigerian to perform at coachella need to get their facts right.

  10. Thank God, the record has been set straight. Let’s wish Burna Boy and Mr Eazi plenty of good luck.

  11. Kudos to all Nigerian Musician for making us proud. People should be mindful of what to post on the internet.

  12. When the bloggers don’t get their facts right. Sorry Mr seun it was a mistake. They should have checked well before such pronunciation

  13. Seun a good one the photos speak so burna should turn down the claims of been the first to perform.

  14. Those that emanated the story must be those that just came into entertainment lately they carry false news about

  15. Mr Kuti, we know he is not the first to perform there but please leave am for us , it is your turn to shine OluwAburna…… One love bro….. Congratulation on your success.

  16. Congratulations to nigeria been known all over the world as the best africa country in music, goodluck burna boy..

  17. 2012 is not a long time to forget easily or maybe they were carried away by excitement , its a good Kuti reminded them

  18. Hahahah whether he’s the first or not, Buena boy is trying to sell his market to the world that’s all

  19. Thank you for up dating us ,so that we can no Burna boy is not the first person to perform at Coachella.

  20. Seun Kuti, it is a good thing you help me realise that he needs to keep pace with history and current affairs. Yes, he’s a star but has fumbled due to pride and ingratitude

  21. Seun kuti is very funny , I think he is a Ghanian not to be recognized , but is not right to say that they are the first Nigerians while someone has done dat already

  22. Burna boy my main man, I just like the way he played.more grace to elbow. Congratulations

  23. I don’t think Burna boy is the first Nigerian artiste to perform at cochella but Burna boy is a great artiste.

  24. Kuti is quite talented himself. And burna should stop claiming to be bigger than everyone. Humility would help

  25. Well I have not followed thier performance so I wouldn’t know kutimhad performed there before.

  26. very lite talk mr kuti .. let burna knows putting himself ahead others is very bad and he needs to do more findings before talking on the net….. congratulation burna also

  27. Nigerians can showcae theirselves…..we are blessed… Congratulations to your efforts Femi Kuti who made clear to us that u were there before burna boy and Mr eazi.. please teach them to be humble.

  28. If he was the first thank God for him, people should not Take credit for what they don’t achieve

  29. Seun Kuti has performed there before, now is Burna Boy. Such is life, no one should boast over nothing, congratulations .

  30. Well I guess seun kuti is the first lol. I wonder whatś so special about the coachella that everyone is shouting about. Congrats to burna if he humbles himself he might just get another invite.

  31. If I’m not mistaken, I think the reporter meant the first time the Nigeria duo will be performing in the music festival not the first Nigerians to perform their. Which ever way, we acknowledge you as first and still congratulate Burna Boy on his achievement.

  32. I wonder if Burna Boy didn’t check past records before saying that he is the first Nigerian artist to perform in Coachella. This Burna Boy is too arrogant. Kuti shouldn’t worry himself because he is still better than him.

  33. No mind all these soft sell magazines that won’t do their assignments properly before printing rubbish. Maybe to them you must be from Liberia as they didn’t know you have played at coachella long time ago.

  34. Burna boy is a very great musician, he sings reasonable songs and am not really surprised at this nomination, congratulations to you guy.

  35. That shows how far Nigerian musicians have gone, congrats to them all, we will also like to hear them sing gospel musics

  36. Is Femi Kuti jealous or what? Is there any problem if Burna Boy is said to be the first artiste to perform there? Oluwa Burna all the way

  37. Maybe Seun Kuti is from Botswana then or davido is from Angola . I don’t know why people make false news everywhere . These people are the illiterate set of people in our society . This fake news must stop

  38. Nigeria artists are so great, congratulations to burner boy his just performing fabulously dis days

  39. No matter what seun kuty may said, dey have present that award to burna boy, and there is notting he can do to it again

  40. This is not cause for a big controversy, all great heights to burna boy .he vwas fantastic last year

  41. For Burna Boy to have called Nigerians “unprogressive backward fools”, I don’t think he deserves congratulations from Nigerians.

  42. Congratulations to Nigeria been known all over the world as the best African country in music, good luck burna boy..

  43. Nigeria artists are really making the country proud internationally, wish the politicians will emulate this

  44. That’s true ooooo….is seun kuti now from Togo…He his the first Nigerian to perform for this so why is burna boy now opening mouth all around…

  45. Congratulations to Burna for this great achievement, More of this to come Nigeria Artists way

  46. Performing there is not an achievement to me it’s the number of crowd you pulled that matters

  47. thats was then and i believe its history now please give kudos to who its due for now and stop side hate speech…to be it looks like hate speech all burna needs now is congratulations anything apart is a hate speech i say

  48. Maybe they didn’t check their records. Seen kuti , well just accept they forgot. Congratulations to burnaboy.

  49. This is a good thing for our country. Burna and co may you all represent us well o. Kuti it’s likely your appearance in California did not really make waves

  50. Am not really the music type but congratulations to u. And pls there should be no jealousy among u. God bless Nigeria

  51. We have talents in this country. Congratulations on this opportunity . make your country and loved ones proud. Keep soaring high

  52. There is is nothing that is not a big deal for these people…celebrities…bloggers and we d entire look outs….congratulations tho

  53. Just a tip of education to bourna boy so he don’t raise his shoulder too high. Weldone seun kuti.

  54. Congratulations to all Nigeria stars who participated in the music festival, you all made Nigeria proud

  55. BurnaBoy deserves the invitation but I think he should take it easy with the way he boasts without facts.

  56. smile stop the hatred and he doesnt mean it or taking it too far either, but uncle seun you are taking it too far, who knows maybe you are from Ghana sef.

  57. Don’t mind them jare seun, they just want Burna Boy head to swell more than the work he’s doing.

  58. Burna boy is making waves…. fwmi kuti whether or not you perform at Coachella in 2012 or you are from Togo or Ghana…. no one remembers that… all we know is burna boy is star

  59. I think burna knows he is putting himself ahead others is very bad and he needs to do more findings before talking on the net anyway Congratulations to all Nigeria stars who participated in the music festival,

  60. Your time will come very soon. There is a saying that says when you celebrate others you will be celebrated. Burner boy issa bomb shell. I love the dude

  61. Why we burna boy think he is the first to perform there,he shd research properly before saying things online,anyway congrat to him

  62. Femi asked them please may be they thought you are from Ghana or Togo that’s why they didn’t remember your name among the first sets to win coachlle award in 2012 sorry about that.

  63. This Burna Boy is getting too proud for my liking. Go easy man, a proud person is before the crash o.

  64. I bet they don’t keep record if they do burna won’t say he is first or maybe he is over hyping as usual.

  65. Congratulations to you Burna boy. But I think promoters are suppose to be expert. They should try to verify things before making conclusions. Seun kuti have played there before I think they should change the news with burna boy being the first

  66. Seun Kuti should be congratulated first before this weed Buna Boy who thinks and feels because he was invited to perform at the Coachella made him say most Nigerians are fools. Burna Boy lacks manner of speech, his fame has overridden his thinking faculty

  67. It means Burna ain’t the first Nigeria artist to perform Coachell music award, Seun Kuti the first followed by Burna & Eazi.
    Nice one, u guys re representing Nigeria music industry.

  68. I Guess they didnt have a record of Seun Kuti having performed there before. That’s why such declaration was made

  69. Is like seun kuti is truly saying the truth. Its not burna boy that is first to perform on coachella

  70. I’m very happy for what Seun said, so burna boy will stop bragging that he’s the first Nigerian to perform at coachella

  71. When you don’t know the details of certain things, no need to talk. Seun Kuti has sang at Coachella before and this fact was omitted.

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