Seun Kentebe: “After 7 years of marriage my mum still doesn’t like my wife”

Nigerian actor Seun Kentebe has taken to social media to reveal that his mother is yet to accept his wife after 7 years of marriage.

Seun Kentebe_ After 7 years of marriage my mum still doesn't like my wife

Seun Kentebe took to his Twitter handle to narrate the unpleasant challenge he’s facing in his marriage.

According to the actor, his mum is not in any way a terrible person as he describes him as a sweet soul but he said it’s first son trouble and mothers always have a hard time letting them go.

According to him, he has accepted his fate and will make sure to make both women in his life happy even though it’s not going to be easy as he will not let his relationship with both women wane.

See what Seun Kentebe wrote on Twitter below;

“7 years in and my Mom still doesn’t like my Wife.

I’ve accepted my fate.

We move.

I honestly didn’t expect the responses i got from my tweet o!

I’d like to add that my tweet was not in any way meant to demonize my Mom; she’s a sweet soul. I’ve realized it’s a first born son problem: some Mothers have a hard time letting go of their first sons and that’s the hand i’ve been dealt.

Thanks, God. Face with rolling eyes

Till she comes around, i’ll keep managing the situation.”

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