Seun Egbegbe – Judge fines prosecutor N50,000 over case delay

A prosecutor, Mr Innocent Anyigor has been fined N50,000 during the trail of Nollywood film-maker, Olajide Kareem, alias Seun Egbegbe. The fine was imposed on him during the  previous proceedings.

Justice Oluremi Oguntoyinbo, sitting at the Federal High Court in Lagos, rejected the plea by the police prosecutor that the N50,000 be waived, Punch Metro reports.

Seun Egbegbe - Judge fines prosecutor N50,000 over case delay lailasnews
Seun Egbegbe – Judge fines prosecutor N50,000 over case delay

The judge rebuked the prosecutor for the snail’s pace at which the case had proceeded since Egbegbe and his co-defendants were arraigned in February last year.

The judge  during the previous hearing awarded N50,000 cost against Anyigor after the defence counsel raised objection to the competence of a police officer, Godwin Omaka, to testify in the case.

Shortly after Omaka entered into the witness box at the last hearing, the defence counsel complained that they could not find his name on the list of the witnesses which the prosecutor served on them as part of the proof of evidence.

Responding, the prosecutor, Anyigor, apologised, saying it was an oversight.

But Justice Oguntoyinbo rejected the apology and awarded N50,000 cost against Anyigor, stressing that the fine must be paid before the next adjourned date.

When the matter was called on Monday   and Anyigor was asked by the judge why he had yet to pay the fine and urged the judge to waive it.

But the judge refused.

In view of the judge’s refusal to waive the fine, the prosecutor pleaded to be given two weeks to raise the money.

But Justice Oguntoyinbo said she could not grant any adjournment longer than seven days, noting that the case had already dragged.

“I am getting fed up with this case. There has to be an end to litigation; this matter must end.

“We are talking about human lives. Only one of them (defendants) has been able to secure bail, the others are in prison.

“Justice delayed is justice denied. These are young people, let them know their fate,” the judge told the prosecutor.

She subsequently adjourned the case till November 7, 2018, directing the prosecutor to ensure that the fine was paid.

The police charged Egbegbe and four others with alleged serial frauds involving N39,098,100, $90,000 and £12,550.

They were accused of fraudulently obtaining the money from no fewer than 40 Bureau De Change operators in Lagos over a period of two years – 2015 to 2017.

Egbegbe and his co-defendants, however, pleaded not guilty to the 40 counts pressed against them.

Those standing trial alongside Egbegbe are Oyekan Ayomide, Lawal Kareem, Olalekan Yusuf and Muyideen Shoyombo.


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  1. But why fining him again with 50k
    The Court granted 5million for his bail in the last sitting…. Where do you want him get this money from and they are complaining the case is slow

  2. I don’t know why the prosecutor would keep delaying the case ,this case has taken too much time, Justice delayed is justice denied for sure

  3. The case should be handle properly so dat justice must prevail. We hope dat who ever is guilty get his or her punishment

  4. Corruption cannot be stopped because the maker of law are the breakers of that same law…All that is seek is justice…. Why paying for justice.

  5. I am sure this must have really learnt his lessons if he comes of this very mess…and I am beginning to smell a rat…someone somewhere is really after his peace of mind.

  6. Well, the judgement has been pronounced, I don’t think it can be reversed. So oga, if u no get the ba go borrow to help your situation, but if you get congratulations

  7. if this case isnt important or theres no evidence to keep holding this young man in their custody, they should let him go…let him go do something meaningful with his life. why keep a man under custody and keep delaying his court appearance. thats not nice really. we waste uncessary time in court in this country

  8. am sure this must have really learnt his lessons if he comes of this very mess…and I am beginning to smell a rat…someone somewhere is really after his peace of mind.

  9. I’m really impressed with the stand the judge has taken,why would a prosecutor drag a case and put people’s lives on hold for so long? Our legal system really does require a lot of restructuring, hopefully this fine will make other lawyers do their jobs more efficiently.

  10. Since he does not have the 50k and we talking about the case been slow. I appeal to the judge to reduce the money so as to fasten the whole thing

  11. D case is taking ages to prove in d absence of evidence it means not guilty bcuz court can’t work without tangible evidence, what else will I say.

  12. I am still shocked Seun Egbegbe is still in police costody . I think 50000 is quite too low as a fine for the delay of the case

  13. This is not justice at all..the money is too much this recession time..the judge should have just pitied him because it is not easy to raise money now

  14. This in my opinion is a step in the right direction as it will enhance and quicken justice, people will begin to have confidence in our judicial system

  15. When you don’t have a handy evidence, why press charges? All the same, the man just seek justice, but unfortunately in this part of the world, money rules all things even in the law court.

  16. This is not right, why fining him of 50k again dis case has been long, the judge has intially granted him ball of 5million, this is the corruption we are talking about.

  17. But why requesting for 50 thousand from him?
    The Court ordered 5million for his bail in the last sitting. from where will he get the money from? and they are complaining the case is slow. Hmmm.. let everyone be given the punishment that deserves him

  18. The judge shouldn’t have fine him nobody is above mistake he only forgot to add the name of the witness and this case is getting sincelast year

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