Serving soldier nabbed for alleged robbery, cultism

A serving soldier identified as Daniel Okeke, who was in his complete Military camouflage with a locally made pistol and three rounds of 9mm ammunition, has been arrested during a foiled attempt to snatch a motorcycle from its rider in Agboju, Lagos.

Serving soldier nabbed for alleged robbery, cultism lailasnews

The serving soldier who boarded a commercial motorcycle from Mile Two to Ojo Barracks where he claimed he resides, was accused of attempting to snatch the motorcycle from the rider. The bike snatching move, got the attention of other commercial motorcyclists who descended on the suspect who they accused of being one of the cultists that have been disturbing them along that route.

The suspect, a private in the Nigerian Army who was almost beaten to death by the angry commercial bike riders, escaped and sought refuge in the nearest police station. However when interviewed by Guardian’s correspondent, he said;

“I joined Black Axe while I was studying Public Administration in IMT, Enugu but could not complete my studies for financial reasons.

I participated actively in the group’s activities while in school. That was when I bought the pistol and the ammunition found on me on the day I was arrested. I bought the gun at Onitsha, Anambra State for N5000”

Preliminary investigations revealed that Okeke, who also confessed to be a member of the Black Axe Confraternity, had been demoted in 2017 from a Corporal to a Private Army following his recklessness while on duty.

Speaking on how he got the gun in his possession, the arrested serving soldier said he bought it in 2006 as a cult member at the Institute of Management and Technology (IMT), Enugu. He claimed he bought the gun for N5,000.

“I had the gun before I joined the army. I bought the gun while in School at IMT in Enugu where I was studying Public Administration but I didn’t graduate due to financial difficulty. Back then I was a member of the Black Axe Confraternity but I have since renounced it before joining the Nigerian Army in 2008.

“When I joined the army, I buried the pistol in my house. I was only using the gun to protect myself. I have never robbed with my pistol, I only used it for self-defense and I really regret my action,” he said. Responding to the reason for his demotion, Okeke said he was demoted because he was involved in an accident with the vehicle driven by General Mohammed Ali (rtd).

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