Serena Williams trophy room – Tennis star shows off very modern mansion (Video)

Serena Williams trophy room: The Multiple Grand Slam winner gave a tour of her Miami home to Architectural Digest, and to quote Stefon, it has everything — even a trophy room.

Serena Williams has won 23 grand slam singles titles in her illustrious career, including one when she was at least eight weeks pregnant.

In a new video from Architectural Digest’s “Open Door: Inside Celebrity Homes,” the she gives fans a virtual tour of her Spanish Mediterranean–style estate located north of Miami.

The 14,500-square-foot property reportedly includes a gym with a sauna, a 620-square-foot closet, a wine cellar, an infinity pool in the backyard, a karaoke room, and a trophy room the size of an apartment.

Along with her extensive trophy collection, Serena said that the room contains “some really cool pieces that really mean a lot to me” — like this Wheaties box she appeared on.

But, really, there’s a lot of trophies. So many that it seems like Serena can’t even keep track of them.

“I don’t keep many of my Grand Slam trophies here, I do see an Australian Open trophy…Oh wait! There’s a U.S. Open trophy,” Williams says to the camera.

“I am so bad with trophies,” she adds. “This is Roland Garros, the French Open. Clearly I don’t have a lot of those so I can’t tell you that one. I only have two or three, I can’t remember. Three.”

Watch the video below;

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