Senator Shehu Sani warns El-Rufai’s wife to stop talking about his hair

Senator Shehu Sani, the lawmaker representing Kaduna Central in the red chamber has warned Governor El-Rufai’s wife, Hadiza El-Rufai to stop talking about his hair wherever she goes.

Senator Shehu Sani warns El-Rufai's wife to stop talking about his hair  lailasnews

Senator Shehu Sani who said she considered El-Rufai’s wife’s remarks about his hair as a ‘hate speech’, stated that he will report her to Dr Gummi or Council of Imams if she doesn’t stop. He wrote on Facebook;

“I appeal to Mr Governor to caution his wife to stop talking about my hair everywhere she goes on campaigns. Everywhere she goes its all about my hair. Its not my fault if her man is not blessed with hair. I consider it as hate speech. I will report her to Dr Gummi or Council of Imams if she doesn’t stop. Haba Jammaa.”

Senator Shehu Sani warns El-Rufai's wife to stop talking about his hair  lailasnews 1

The Senator is known to be an arch-enemy of the Kaduna State Governor, and he recently dumped the All Progressives Congress (APC) after Uba Sani, el-Rufai’s preferred candidate was declared winner of the party’s senatorial primary.


  1. Now that she is insulting the man let his husband warn her very well so that there will be no problem

  2. Sincerely it’s uncalled for and not funny to make comments about another man’s hair in public at that. She needs to caution herself

  3. Hahahah, madam El-Rufia you won’t hear now stop talking about his hair there are other things to talk about if truly your hubby deserves a second term in kaduna

  4. Why would she be talking about his hair, especially considering the fact that he’s not in good terms with her husband

  5. Very funny.. How would you keep talking about another persons hair.. In short, I see it as teasing statements! She should better stop.

  6. Just imagine, talking about one’s hair in campaign…
    That is so childish
    Instead of the campaign to be issue based…
    Politics in Nigeria is something else

  7. Why would she also be making references to his hair on campaign, maybe she likes the senators hair, otherwise was her reason, that’s their own sha

  8. What concern her just like to be looking for trouble don’t mind her she has hatred for u even her husband suppose to warn her against such

  9. Very funny…What has another man hair got to do with you. Please mind your business. Senator you also acted like her by saying the husband doesn’t have hair too.

  10. The governor should talk to his wife its not good to be talking about somebody after he even say’s he doesn’t want it please stop it. It not right to joke about someone.

  11. If nobody talks about you then you are nobody. let them hate why the hell are you complaining letting all the office Nigeria know about your hair ,….;lol

  12. What has Shehu Sanni’s hair have to do with campaigning. The governor should truely caution his wife please.

  13. hahahaha. But the hair looks funny so i can understand why the woman loves talking about it. Sorry sir no vex

  14. I think for peace to rain both party should apply maturity, what has hair got to do with politics

  15. I think this is new year, all this rebellious suppose to have stop, hair or no hair why can’t you concentrate with your own life and move on.

  16. madam El Rufai please leave another mans hair alone o. Abi u no fit go cultivate your husband hair ni.

  17. maybe the woman is in love with the man but she can’t explain expres it so that’s the only thing she can do

  18. What sort of childish talk is this, why should senator Shehu descend to be discussing petty things like this. If he has any grievance against El Rufai, he should trash it out with him.

  19. This is funny, but still immature talking about one’s hair all the time, even in public. I think she should be asked why she loves talking about his hair all the time.

  20. Nigerian politics is now becoming funny. What concerns her with senator shehu Sani’s hair. I wonder if she can’t do her campaign without talking about Sani’s hair. She needs to be cautioned seriously because I don’t know why people can’t mind their business.

  21. El-Rufai wife should leave the man alone and mind her business. Talking about his hair is rude. Is non of her business.

  22. Whats with her and his hair… Some people won’t just mind their businesses, thats how one beef will start… Mtcheew

  23. This is seriously funny what has his hair got to concern her, she looking at another woman’s husband

  24. Nigerians with comedy what is her business with your hair or do you have hair odour even if you do is nobody’s business funny woman

  25. Nigeria politicaians and theeir wahala. Please madam el-rufai leave Sen. Shehu alone and stop talking about it in public as it’s non of your business. Pls mind your business

  26. Hair and politics, am trying to figure out how it relates, but it were better he gave an example in what mode his hair was being talked about. It will help us understand his grievances.

  27. Political campaigns in Nigeria is now a child’s play and mockery…is no longer issue based which is supposed to be.

  28. Lol… This is funny!!! Madam , please leave the mans hair naaaa, his wife likes it like that

  29. Lol no need to report dr gummi and the imams will read this. If shes talking about his heir it could mean she likes it no need to fight her for it.

  30. What is El-Rufai wife problem with Senator shehu sanni’s hair? Is that a campaign strategy or just a meme?

  31. This is why I hate politics in Nigeria… If u go for campaign, do ur campaign and go and stop talking about something else…. And this is a man older than your husband…

  32. I hate Nigerian politicians as they bring irrelevant and insignificant matters into the political system

  33. What’s her business? maybe its because her husband doesn’t have hair. its seriously an hate speech.

  34. Maybe she is admiring the hair and wishing her husband has somthing like that so Oga senator no vex,maybe she is crushing on you

  35. She’s jealous, At the same time she admire his hair nii but too much of admiring think especially what belongs to someone else could lead to smth bad in the future

  36. What is her business with another man’s hair? He is not her husband so she should respect herself. What attribute has hair in campaign?

  37. She likes your hair and talking about it. I dont think she means any harm Mr Senator. So take a chill pill and relax

  38. His right this is very wrong of her, what’s her business with another person husband hair.

  39. This two personality is scam, have no business with you guys: whether he like keep his hairs or not doesn’t change Nigeria Economy

  40. I see no reason why she is concern about his hair. Or should I say she is admiring your cute face with the hair

  41. though we are all entitled to our opinion and there is freedom of speech but there are things that are not meant to be said in public

  42. What has your hair got to do with the situation of Nigeria.She should mind her business na.Haba.

  43. Indeed its a hate speech if not whats her problem with another woman husband’s hair? Islamically ma is totally prohibited .

  44. Shehu Musa as an elected Senator deserves respect, even if he is not in good term with her husband, she’s expected to leave politics for politicians.

  45. What’s her business with the his hair? If she likes it let her tell her husband to start keeping it too. As simple as that.

  46. Why is she acting dat way she should leave his hair alone now or don’t her husband have hair

  47. some women likes trouble whats her own concern there with the man hair now, you cant just defamed people personalty anyhow and how you felt

  48. All I want is that El rufai should warn his wife against such things,she’s bringing trouble on her husband’s neck

  49. That’s total rubbish, what her business with another man’s hair she should be warned and stop mentioning such.

  50. Why can’t a married woman mind her home and business if she likes the hair she sh ould ask her husband to keep one na

  51. Hahaha, this is funny, what’s her business in what’s not her business? Maybe she feels something for her.

  52. What business has she got to do with his hair? Politics and it’s drama. She should respect his wishes.

  53. I use to think that people from the North are very reserved! Why is she now lousy? She will have to stop or face the consequence of her action…

  54. Sounds funny. What has some body’s hair got to do with another? People keep hair for various reasons so it’s nobody’s business.

  55. What kind of petty smear campaign is this.. What has his hair got to do with his duties in the senate.

  56. This is not fair what does sani shehu hair have to do with politics? I think her husband should call her to order

  57. Politicians should find tangible points for their campaign points not hate speech and abusive words

  58. Why was she talking about another man’s hair what’s wrong with his hair pls tell El rufai’s wife to mind her business

  59. Shehu, you are right, what is her business with your hair and you are not the one that says her husband should have your type. I think her man should warn her because this is indeed a hate speech.

  60. Before reporting her to the council of Imams, you should try your best to make it known to the husband.

  61. When you don’t have value and substance to present then u start looking for people to pull down. What is her business with the hair? God bless Nigeria

  62. This shouldn’t be anybody concern of somebody else hair, na she get am let her be proud of herself not any other to criticize her

  63. Its indeed weird talking about someone like that. Its indeed a hate speech and should be cautioned.

  64. Shehu shehu
    So you consider such hair a blessing
    Lol.then why see it as a hate speech if truly deep within you
    It really is a blessing?
    Have those things cleared off and look better Mr. Senator
    Hadiza is only being factual

  65. What is her problem with another man’s hair. That is invasion of privacy and personality deformation. She should be cautioned

  66. women and trouble. What’s even her business with the hair sef? Make the SHEHU take am easy, somebody cannot play with u again?

  67. Why do people take medicine on another person’s illnesses…let her respect herself before the man reacts

  68. Lol, this is kinda funny. What and why will she be talking about another man’s hair? She should talk about her husband’s.

  69. Useless politician…. What does your hair has to do with news… Abeg if you like leave you hair for 100 year waiting consign me…nonsense

  70. Smiles! Probably she likes the hair but she is jealous because her husband doesn’t have such, pls she should mind her business.

  71. That’s the first step towards admiring and falling in love with someone…. Adultery is smelling..

  72. I think the Governor’s wife should stop talking about his hair and give peace a chance to reign. It’s really alright if Senator Shehu Sani wants to style his hair in any fashion because it’s his personality.

  73. She doesn’t know that its a blessing for a man to have such full hair at his age or maybe she’s jealous of him

  74. you have done well for giving her last warning, if she does that again , you may go ahead and report her to appropriate office. It’s truly a hate speech

  75. This is the same man that talks about people and politics.
    He should should ignore her and chill

  76. Woman and problems…. What’s wrong with his hair? Jes not tour husband or your son, so y the discussion

  77. lol, our politicians are full of drama, which one is talking about hair? Madam please leave the senator hair alone please.

  78. What concerns her with his hair? Her campaign should be issue based campaign and not campaign of calumny

  79. It almost sounded like joke with the “habba jamaa”, childish when he threatens to report her to Imam or whomever. I would expect him to sue her instead

  80. What are we not going to hear
    Does she have any business with your hair. You too should put dead ears tto it

  81. This is none of your business man. It is the business of her husband. Her husband likes it that way. Stay clear, if not, I will be force to say, you are lusting after her, which is against the sharia law. Don’t let them aputate your hands for you.

  82. Let her mind her business and stop pork nosing in people’s matter!
    What concerns her with people’s lifestyle?

  83. It’s really alright if Senator Shehu Sani wants to style his hair in any fashion because it’s his personality, I dont think she means any harm Mr Senator.

  84. Sir but your hair looks funny nah? You have alot of time on your hands to even notice. Maybe she has a crush.

  85. What about the Hair?Is this hair Feb 19th election… Mrs I think you love this man not even like.. Plz can you mind your business. Thank you

  86. Hahahaha,politician will stand on anything and everything to prove a point and buy the heart of the Masses.

  87. These two people should mind their business or matter what they do they cannot change our thoughts buhari is going out of government

  88. He ought to know by now that people will always talk, so he shouldn’t take things personal.

  89. Some things are not to be said on social me, I just don’t know why people make news out of nothing

  90. Seriously I think El-rufai and all his people have problem. Cos they couldn’t do anything for Shehu Sani, they had to resort to insulting the gentleman. This has started long ago though, but I think by now El-rufai’s people should have let the past slide.

  91. I guess she loves everything about the hair style that’s why she can’t stop talking about it. So Sir please be happy that someone out there admire you for something.

  92. Making jest of his hair is now an election strategies,pls we have more pressing issues she shouldn’t bother us about ones hair jor

  93. El rufai’s wife should please desist from talking about his hair to avoid unnecessary problem and rift

  94. Just wondering what is this woman business in someone else’s hair, is the hair her concerns, I wonder why some will never mind stay on their own, been looking another person’s trouble.

  95. See the way senators and senator’s wife are behaving as small small children.. Nigeria has problems na hair person dey talk. God go help us

  96. It is high time they stop her before she makes it her lifestyle to always talk about you or is that part of her campaign? She must desist from such act.

  97. Why is talking about another man’s hair, what’s her concern with that , she has no right to do that all.

  98. Maybe she likes his hair who knows.Women can be weird atimes in terms of what trips their fancy.

  99. Hia!!!! What’s her concern there?
    Is the senator her husband?
    Please she should mind her business may be she is just jealous or she is inlove with him lolzzzz

  100. People’s representative should be solely concerned with delivery the dividends of democracy , and not what can’t benefits any one

  101. Sigh!!!! So funny,but to b frank anyways,what concern her about another man’s hair,,why can’t she face her own

  102. What nonsense why will another person’s wife be talking or abusing another man hair you better stop that shit

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