Senator Shehu Sani lists nine reasons for extreme poverty in Northern Nigeria

Senator Shehu Sani in his last social media post for 2018, listed nine reasons for extreme poverty in Northern Nigeria.

Senator Shehu Sani lists nine reasons for extreme poverty in Northern Nigeria lailasnews

Senator Shehu Sani in his post titled ‘Nine reasons for extreme Poverty in Northern Nigeria’ wrote;

Nine reasons for extreme Poverty in Northern Nigeria;

Neglect of Agriculture & dependence on oil revenues;

Decadence & collapse of public education;


Septic extremism and toxic inter ethnic violence;

Abandoning the moral and ethical standards and economic vision and legacies of Ahmadu Bello;

Culpability of successive Northern leaders in power;

Entrenched Handouts culture;

Pliant attitudinal incumbrance of refusing to challenge leaders and hold them to account or the Slavery of loyalty or inimical subservience;

Decades of systemic marginalization,emasculation and oppression and Institutional contempt for the poor by the regional elites.

Senator Shehu Sani lists nine reasons for extreme poverty in Northern Nigeria lailasnews 1

He has before now blamed the elites in the northern part of Nigeria, over the high rate of poverty in the region. According to him, while there are wealthy northerners, the North still has high poverty rate.

Shehu Sani said it was unfortunate that the poor were the ones who “toiled and worked for us, and laboured hard to see us elected into public office.” He lamented that while politicians looked out for the poor and the physically-challenged during campaigns, the people were usually abandoned when elections had been won.


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  1. I think shehu sani is saying the fact but sometimes the human being factor contributed because most of us Don’t want to work we want everything already made

  2. What is the way out is not only good to outline them
    But what can be done to unravel them
    What is the percentage of ur positive contributions to change these long over due

  3. They use the poor to get into power by buying their votes with little gifts and promises they will never fulfill. You are 100% correct Sir.

  4. Telling us all these won’t solve d problem… The question is how can it be solved? The whole world awaits results not complaints…

  5. The problems has be highlighted even before you got to power the main thing they want is someone who can empower them into any activity

  6. Septic extremism and toxic inter ethnic violence
    That’s the part where he nailed it. Everything he said is true.

  7. In as much I would have love to praise Shehu Sanni for raising these points, unfortunately he is part of the Elites and government that are using aforementioned points to suppress the northern masses, he has been dining and winning with oppressors in the last 44 months.

  8. I totally disagree with his first point,its northern and middle belt states that produce d largest agricultural produce

  9. So the region has a lot to work on using the highlighted facts.the rich northerners should bring up the low class so that the wealth can be evenly distributed

  10. Senator Shehu Sani has done the main work. His list of reasons is right. I wish the common man will learn something from this list.

  11. I think I totally agree with you sir but poverty is not just in northern part alone but everywhere in the country.

  12. Senator Shehu Sani is very correct. If people of northern Nigeria can improve on those things he mentioned, there will be no more poverty in Northern Nigeria.

  13. You are right sir
    Population growth is another reason for the increase in poverty level
    Please let the government look into this

  14. Sometimes I wonder if our so called leaders are blind to the true situation of this country or they were sent by the devil to come cause problems and hardship for the common man of this country.. God will surely redeem us from their wickedness

  15. This trend is likely to continue unless the northern leaders rise to the occasion and genuinely work to improve the plight of the people

  16. you are very very correct but what is the way out, because we know the problem already but what we need now is the solution to those problems.

  17. Yessooh he is right this northern part is most poverty part..what amused me is that food comes from the n they sell gold n r hard working sooo what is the problem

  18. Shehu sani is always right in whatever he is saying about the country but he still have to have solutions to these problems

  19. Especially the education, most of us are sick mentally and we need education for our nation to move forward.

  20. You are right senator but you should be one of those who cause the poverty because I’m sure you have not done enough to alleviate the suffering of the people of your constituency. Check yourself

  21. this is just the bitter truth nothing else have been highly marginalized through that process limit the concept of being independent and highly depend on dubious governors and president for all the need and what have they really gain from this poverty lack of good education oh my god you need help on that side

  22. Mr man stop all this story’s , you are part is the government, you guys in the senate house are eating more, what ordinary people must eat. So stop all this story’s please.. We are not interested

  23. He said the truth, I wonder why the poverty rate is so high in the northern part of the Country despite the number of rich people and political office holders we have from North.

  24. Nicely stated Senator, but that’s not all.. The major reason for extreme poverty in northern Nigerian is lack of birth control and education.. My opinion though.. It’s not only in northern part that the politicians use the poor during election and abandoned them when been elected.. It’s everywhere, so to me that’s not a reason.

  25. He is very right especially in the part of neglet in Agriculture and the educational system. The government is not doing well at all.

  26. He can put all his reasons into one being our way of thinking,most nigerians are poor due to their refusal to do what would help them, they allow the rich to keep misbehaving because of selfishness among us. And lack of education is also hunting us

  27. So true sir. The poor are the one that do the work, go through a lot just to make sure that one’s in power are elected with such hopes but unfortunately, the suffering never ends because they always forget their promises to the poor. God will help us

  28. Your correct but as a senetor what is way forward and how would as a senetor contribute to the emancipation of this adject poverty in the North

  29. We all know that but the problem is , who will fix it right , as we are now in the year 2019 let come out and vote the right person on that day

  30. If we can have more people who can find out the reason for our problems we will be able to solve problem quite faster

  31. Your right Mr senator, the poverty is not only in the North but all over the federation.the government should do something for the masses who elected them in power

  32. He has made all the points straight, we are too dependant on oil ,in Africa Nigeria seems to be the giant when it comes to agricultural produce exports but all that has died out

  33. That’s just the fact about the problem facing the northern part and those are the reason for the poor standard of living in the north. I wish the government should help

  34. That’s just the fact about the problem facing the northern part and those are the reason for the poor standard of living in the north. I wish government should help.

  35. I totally agree with senator shehu. Those are the reason for the poor standard of living in the north and not just in the north but all over Nigeria.

  36. You are very correct senator exp in the aspect of using the poor for elections and abandoning them after they won

  37. He Is very right I believed him that is the main reason why the standard of living in Northern part of Nigeria is very poor.

  38. You can always call your colleagues to order to stop abandoning the poor after winning election cos that has been the normal trend for you politicians

  39. Recently this though just flash my mind that churches can also go into mechanized farming outside building universities.

  40. So true. They hold their people to slavery and stagnated growth while they enrich themselves. You’ll see them sharing cups of maize and rice now that the election is few weeks away, roast corns with the road side sellers, but when they win, you’ll have to pass a hell of a thug before you could get access to them

  41. He is correct in all ramification, the politician only remember the poor during election, if only they will say no to that, things will get better

  42. Well said senator, number 1, 3 and 6 most especially, it will good if the FG will look into all these points and start working on them.

  43. He just hit the hammer on the head of the nail. The truth is bitter and I know many of the northern leaders won’t agree with him but that’s the truth and especially culpability of northern leaders holding on to power as there birth right. If Nigeria is to be great again and reduce poverty, I think this nine points should be tackled on decisively.

  44. How i wish we can do less of the talking and more action. Its all good to hear our leaders with insights as this. More grace .

  45. Thwse are good points but i consuder “Septic extremism and toxic inter ethnic violence;” as the most paramount

  46. Very true Shehu sani the Government really have to do something about it and Nigeria have to change and we must change the change

  47. This is so true but not just in the northern part but in this country Nigeria, if solutions is been provided to this problem, I promise you Nigeria will be a better place

  48. This is good news,tell them, but this is the reason why buhari provides fertilizers for northerners, and leave the siutherners to suffer for low fertilizers,bihari want all Nigerians to go into agriculture, this is good news

  49. The summary of everything we have here is bad leadership. It is my earnest prayer that the coming election will greatly rectify this.

  50. Poverty is spreading across the entire nation not only the north. If the government can pay more attention to agriculture and give it a boost rather than relying on only oil

  51. This is one of the reasons I so much like the out spoken senator. He does not mince words about saying the truth. What he twitted was just the fact.

  52. North should be the most developed part of Nigeria cos they have enjoyed that presidency more than every other region.

  53. The above mentioned reasons are correct and has really affected the lives of the northerners. But in as much as these are the reasons, the northerners also have obscure minds towards life itself.

  54. The nine reasons Shehu Sani gave for the cause of poverty in Nigeria are very genuine and to the point. The poor masses toiled and laboured for the rich but while in the office they trampled on them.

  55. You are absolutely correct but sir once a problem is detected then a solutionis needed, my question is what are you yourself wish to do to help.

  56. Hmmm,it would have been beat if we can have many senators like this man(Shehu sani)in the house that reason as him. Things would have been great.

  57. Listing the problem is good but is not the best. What would he say his effort has been to try to correct this ill since he became a senator.

  58. I still like him with all this fact, he shows a great leader ambition with this his words but we have lost our great leader, may his soul rest in peace

  59. He’s so right, but my question remains what measure are they taken to upgrade the living of this sets of individual and Nigerians at large

  60. Senator Shehu Sani is right. Everything he listed are part of the reasons for extreme poverty in Northern Nigeria but just listing or saying the reasons is not just enough. Something needs to be done.

  61. Although I totally agreed with you but you people should have a rethink before you turned the northern part of Nigeria into a dessert.

  62. You have said it all, in fact you made a very honest point.
    My question now is whats the solution that you have proffered just in 2018?

  63. Why didn’t you mentione the huge amount of money that senators and other politicians receive on a daily basis?

  64. You are absolutely right Mr. Senator but then a lot of people have list reasons for poverty not only in the north but in Nigeria at large, so is the possible solution to the situation we all fine our selves

  65. This country has all the resources to make it an envy to other nations, yet some people has deprived others of their own allocations, God have mercy on Nigeria and save this nation from poverty in JESUS name Amen

  66. Nigeria needs a renewal of leadership mentality, youths should be empowered to raise this nation from destruction, God grants Nigeria mercy in JESUS name Amen

  67. But what can be done to unravel them
    What is the percentage of ur positive contributions to change these long over due

  68. I hope they can rise up to the challenge and do the needful to improve the economic situation in their region and the nation at large.

  69. We all know all these but what are they the senators doing about it,the humorgous amount they collect will never allow them to do the right thing!

  70. Fact thanks alot for telling them a little truth if you know you know…the wicked politicians wont help the country out because of their selfish mind set

  71. True fa
    But can our government do anything about it?
    Now that the problem has been know let’s our next plan be on how to curb it.

  72. Please sir can you also tell us the actions you have taken to correct this ills. This is one of the reasons why you were voted for.

  73. Thanks for pointing out the reasons for extreme poverty in the north. The question now is what will our government including you as a senator do about it

  74. on point sir,not just in northern part but Nigeria and Africa as a whole may God help the black races especially Nigeria Amen

  75. It’s not enough to list reasons of why there are so much poverty in Nigeria. What have been done to eradicate poverty

  76. He his a Senator, so he should come with a plan to solving the problem that is why he was voted in the first place

  77. You have said it all most especially on the aspect of the poor being abandoned immediately after electing you people. Please also lets list out the way forward.

  78. We all know how to pen things down, he has given us the reasons which all of us know is the truth, but the problem with our people is in the application.

  79. Very correct my dear senator. Just check out the number beggers of northern extraction in our cities. Its very sad indeed.

  80. So true. they should work on all these problem listed. the extreme poverty in the Northern state will be reduced to nearest minimum.good explanation Senator..thank you.

  81. Sir, you truly nailed it. But I’ll suggest that you also make your social media ranting practical by helping someone within your capacity.

  82. These nine things are not the cause bit the fruit of the cause though some has direct relationship with the cause
    The real problem is bad and cirriot leadership

  83. He has said it all.. the North must shun away from all these listed reasons for their poverty…. May God help every part of the country to eradicate poverty.

  84. Shehu Sani, has spoken the truth and this factors are responsible for the poverty rate in the north. Those they elected should come to their aid.

  85. All these reasons are good and can curse poverty and suffering but our Government should learn how to handle our resources very well, maladministration of the resources and of the country is what we are suffering from.

  86. Very well orthographed. In all the enumeration, I’m happy he mentioned the over dependence on oil and negligence of agriculture. Secondly is not being able to hold our leaders for accountability.

  87. Wow!!! You really need some accolades on this..this is pure fact..I love you for this…especially that collapsing of public schools
    God bless you for this

  88. I so much like this Shehu Sani he is a true activist and what he said are 100% true. Not just in Northern Nigeria but in the whole Nigeria

  89. These factors enumerated by the senator Shehu Sani are the fundamental factors that causes poverty in these region. Their leaders who voted them should change their situation for good.

  90. The nethern elite has been ruling the country for long, but yet the region is educationally backward. Poverty all over while the elite children re outside the country.

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