Senator Shehu Sani invited by police after suspects named him in a murder case

Nigerian Senator, Shehu Sani representing Kaduna Central in the red chamber has been fingered in an ongoing homicide investigation, which prompted an invitation for questioning by the Police.

Senator Shehu Sani invited by police after suspects named him in a murder case lailasnews

In the letter addressed to Senator Shehu Sani, he was asked to appear on April 30 at the Command Headquarters in Kaduna for questioning. The letter which was signed by Austin Iwar, the police commissioner in the state and also forwarded to Senate President, Bukola Saraki, reads in parts;

“This is in connection with a case of criminal conspiracy and culpable homicide transferred to this office by 1 Division, Nigerian Army, Kaduna, alongside with exhibit audio CD in which your name was mentioned by the principal suspect,” Iwar said in a letter to Sani, who represent Kaduna Central at the red chamber.

“This is to enable us fairly and timely conclude investigation into the matter, Mr Iwar said,” Iwar said in the letter addressed to Sani through the Clerk of the National Assembly.

However reacting to this, Senator Shehu Sani accused the Kaduna government who have been at loggerheads with him, of planning to frame him up for murder.

“They want to frame me the same way they frame Senator Dino Melaye in Kogi on allegation of arming thugs,” Sani, who claims not to have seen the letter said.

Also sharing a screenshot of a report of a national daily in which the Civilian JTF leader in Kaduna state was quoted saying he was tortured to frame the Senator for murder, Shehu Sani tweeted;

Those who abuse power by thinking that they can use security forces to set us up in order to silence us or tarnish our reputation have taken on the wrong person.They will always fail as they usually do.

Senator Shehu Sani invited by police after suspects named him in a murder case lailasnews 1

The Civilian JTF leader in Kaduna state, Garba Isa told newsmen in Kano on Thursday;

“I was not in Kaduna but received calls that the Military are looking for me on an issue so when I went back I was at our office in Kabala Doki when the military came and asked me to come with them.

The Military told me that they arrested some suspects and I alongside another person we should come in our position as JTF to verified their identity at Badarawa so after an inquiry they allowed the other person to go and asked me to follow them”.

They now took me to Kukwa Ahmed Aruwa Firm, and kept me there I was there when a Military Captain came and left there after he sent an intelligent officer who now came and told me that I was the one who killed Lawan Bakin Ruwa”.

I told them as a civilian JTF how can I killed anybody, they now started torturing me that II most accept that I’m the one who killed him and Senator Shehu Sani was the one who contracts us to do it”.

Garba added, ”the Military at the firm insisted that II most accept that Senator Shehu Sani gave Bashir Hamadada money to pay us for the killing of Lawan and I told them I neither knew Bashir no Lawan they are talking about”.

Garba Isa added that he spent two weeks with the military but still refused to implicate Senator Shehu Sani “and later we were transferred to the Kaduna State State CID were I spent almost a month and from where I was taken to Prison”.

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