See what woman did after seeing husband’s sexy Salsa instructor

A man has revealed what his wife did after she saw him grinding and dancing with a sexy Salsa instructor

According to Twitter user, Ayigbe James Bond, he decided to try the Salsa dance after being asked by his wife to lose some weight.

See what woman did after seeing husband's sexy Salsa instructor lailasnews 3
See what woman did after seeing husband’s sexy Salsa instructor

After the wife saw the dance instructor, she reportedly marched her husband home and asked him to forget the dancing lessons, after giving him a crate of beer to chill with.

The post which has been trending on Twitter has garnered 4,000 shares and 7,000 likes since it emerged online yesterday.

Below is what the man wrote;

Wifey asked me to lose some weight, perhaps try some salsa.. She saw my salsa instructor and marched me straight home, plonked me in front of the TV with a crate of Guinness,and asked me to forget it! Women are so indecisive. I just don’t gerrit..

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  1. Because you went extreme with the instructor according to her view… All women are protective and jealous…. Isn’t new…

  2. Because you went extreme with the instructor according to her view… All women are protective and jealous…. Isn’t new… My baby mama will do same when she get such video…..

  3. Of all the instructors, you chose a sexy one.You no try shaa.Your wife is right.You know you men are capable of anything.So no more

  4. Hahahaha. Is the instructor a woman? I don’t understand why she would ask her husband to forget what she always wanted him to do

  5. All women are protective and jealous…. Isn’t new… My baby mama will do same when she get such video…..

  6. Man, tell urself d truth. With d way u were dancing and hugging ur instructor, would u take from ur wife.?Case closed!!! I support her 100%

  7. Woooo, that’s your wife for ya! She’s feeling jealous and so she wouldn’t want to see you smooching with the dance instructor.

  8. Women can be seriously indecisive indeed. To be a man you must have the ability to accept nonsense.

  9. Very interesting! The woman saw something bigger than andshe just couldn’t stand it. O my! I can’t laugh alone.

  10. Women can be so jealous oo, just like me too cos I would do the same, I can’t lose my husband for gym instructor

  11. So funny, women can be that way, we didnt create ourselves, but channelling it in the right part is the best

  12. What she did is right, please husband is that the only way you know when it comes to reducing Wight.

  13. Did she ask you to go and dance to loss weight?she said you should loss weight it suppose to be exercise.

  14. Been jealous or protective of her husband is the best thing to do. I don’t see your fault men can be tricky sometimes

  15. She’s protecting her home that’s why she want you to stop you don’t have to lose weights but you can gain more weight and still be her husband

  16. Hahahaha she is just protecting her marriage biko, because she saw something else which you did not see

  17. looking at the waist of the instructor alone is temptation so to avoid stories she did the right thing

  18. This is so funny,I don’t blame your wife jare,men are not trustworthy so to avoid stories that touches at the end of the day

  19. Hahahahahah to her that’s the best thing to do,she knows her man more than any of us here so let her be

  20. She’s probably jealous cos u are dancing wit some one sexy… Women sha dey can’t hide deir jealousy… I love dem for dat

  21. She is just being jealous and protecting her territory against young and sexy ladies ,,, ., I believe she can make the salsa lessons a home lesson instead

  22. Hahahahahah ,she can’t just watch another woman walk right in front of her and snatch her man away nah

  23. This is serious ooo,
    Your wife want to protect our home now, that is why she instructed you home.
    Can’t just stop laughing

  24. Hahahaha abeg n.a. the woman side I dey ok. You are seeing things here and you still want send the man enter fallow? This woman Sharp gon

  25. Hahahah. Men and their lack of control issues… You did well nwanyi Ibem. Let him not lose again o. We like am like that….. Hahahhaha… Oga we are protecting our own

  26. Lol just watched the video.. abeg that dance instructors ass I something else. Let him drink beerabeg.. give him more

  27. She dosent want her husband to lose weight and she will now lose her marriage instead let him gain weight and gain her marriage she choosed wisely

  28. This is so funny . Well, she did it because men can’t be trusted . From salsa dance it will enter salsa bed

  29. She has to guide her property jealously. She doesn’t want stories that touches the heart because most of this instructor does wonders

  30. You should have known that you are chasing your hubby into lion’s den, thank God you realize early before he is devoured.

  31. The temptation was much, the wife would forget about her husband losing weight than her losing her husband

  32. She can’t open her eyes widely and see her thing moves to another this thing. She’s not stupid o

  33. Very funny. No be small thing o. Women are really indecisive. The wife was just trying to protect his possession and treasure.


  35. She prefers to be seeing you with pot-belly than being snatched without trace. So, don’t mind her. She’s protecting her property from Salsa

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