See what makeup artist did to lady on her wedding lady

A makeup artist almost reportedly ruined a lady’s wedding day after the makeup costumes she did on her face went awfully bad.

The bride according to reports, had to wash off the extremely poor looking and scary make-up designs on her face.

See what makeup artist did to lady on her wedding lady

The lady who reported the incident on social media claimed it happened to her sister and advised people to always ask more from their makeup artists if they feel unsatisfied with the job done.

She wrote:

Wow! MakeUp artist Weldone , this was how my sister wedding was almost ruined by bad makeup , the church pictures was already a disaster, she had to wash off everything for the party,

Please if your makeup artist do a bad job and you are not satisfied, tell them straight up that you don’t like it.

While reacting to the incident, a social media user on Facebook stated that it sounds unbelievable:

s this a joke?cause am thinking,does it mean that no close relative,chief bridesmaid who should be a very good if not best friend has any makeup sense sure to have said something even before the artist was completely done?this is sad.Just looking at the artist’s face if i were the bride i would have had second thoughts

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