See the ‘suicide machine’ invented to assist people kill themselves (Photos)

A 3D-printed euthanasia device named Sarco that will assist people to kill themselves at the click of a button has been displayed for the first time during a funeral fair in Amsterdam.

Philip Nitschke popularly known as ‘Dr Death‘ succesfully launched the world’s first 3D-printed euthanasia machine on Saturday April 14, 2018.

sarco-suicide-machine lailasnews
The Sarco suicide machine

The device first hit the headlines last year after prototype designs were released by its two creators, Australian euthanasia activist Dr. Philip Nitschke and Dutch engineer Alexander Bannink.

Philip Nitschke lailasnews
Philip Nitschke

The two men developed the Sarco with the aim of making it available worldwide.

The Sarco provides death by hypoxia, or low levels of oxygen, and is designed to be portable.

It will come with a built-in detachable coffin and its inventors claim that a fully-functioning version will be built this year, after which the blueprints will be made open source and published online for anyone to access and download.

Philip Nitschke sarco lailasnews

Dr Nitschke and Alexander Bannink designed the suicide machine in the Netherlands. He believes it is a more ‘peaceful and I would even say an elegant death’.

Nitschke told Agence France-Presse (AFP):

“This is a situation where one person chooses to press a button rather than for instance standing in front of a train.

I believe it’s a fundamental human right [to choose when to die]. It’s not just some medical privilege for the very sick.

If you’ve got the precious gift of life, you should be able to give that gift away at the time of your choosing.”

sarco-suicide-machines lailasnews


Dr Philip Nitschke, 70, owns a not for profit organisation, Exit International, which will be placing the printing program of the Sarco on the internet as free open source material once they have been fully tested, which will allow the machine to be 3D-printed and assembled anywhere in the world.

However, pro-life groups have criticized Dr Nitschke and warn his machine could lead to a huge rise in suicides across the US.

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