See the Bronx gang Trinitarios behind 3 attacks on teens in 2 weeks

The deadly Trinitarios gang, it has emerged, is behind 3 horrific attacks on teens in 2 weeks.

As you read this, the NYPD is looking for three teens – thought to be members of the deadly Trinitarios gang – who police say slashed a 17-year-old’s head on June 8 in the Bronx – two weeks before teens from the same Dominican street gang butchered a 15-year-old boy to death.

Members of the Trinitarios gang pose for a photograph lailasnews
Members of the Trinitarios gang pose for a photograph

The NYPD released a surveillance video of the attack and it shows the Trinitarios gang members running away from the scene after slashing a teen in the Bronx.

The three suspected Trinitarios gang members, according to police, punched and sliced a teen in the head with a knife on a Bronx street in broad daylight around 8:30am in the Kindsbridge section on June 8.

The 17-year-old victim was taken to a hospital and was treated for the laceration on his head.

The same gang on June 20 dragged an innocent 15 year old Lesandro ‘Junior’ Guzman-Feliz from a Bronx bodega and brutally killed him with a machete in a case of mistaken identity. A horrific footage from Guzman-Feliz’s killing shows the terrified teen being dragged from the bodega and hacked on on the side walk.

Lesandro 'Junior' Guzman-Feliz being dragged lailasnews
Lesandro ‘Junior’ Guzman-Feliz being dragged

Guzman-Feliz, who was part of the NYPD Explorers program, was laid to rest last week. So far, eight have people were arrested in connection to Guzman-Feliz’s death.

The eight suspects, who have all pleaded not guilty, are: Jose ‘Canelito’ Muniz, 21, Elvin Garcia, 23, Jose Taverez, 21, Manuel Rivera, 18, Danel Fernandez, 21, Joniki Martinez, 24, Santiago Rodriguez, 24, and Kevin Alvarez, 19.

Trinitarios members lailasnews

And, just two days before the horrifying bodega murder of Guzman-Feliz, a large pack of suspected Trinitarios members were caught on camera repeatedly stabbing a 14-year-old along Bronx River Parkway during rush-hour.

14-year-old repeatedly stabbed and beaten by Trinitarios gang members lailasnews
14-year-old repeatedly stabbed and beaten by Trinitarios gang members

The attack took place at 5.30pm on June 18 in the median of the Bronx River Parkway, not far from the East Gun Hill Road exit.

Police officers responded to the scene to find the 14-year-old victim lying unconscious and unresponsive, and suffering from multiple stab wounds all over his body.

The victim, who has not been named by his family out of a concern for his safety, was taken to Jacobi Medical Center, where he is still listed in critical condition.

The video of the attack on the teenager shows a gaggle of suspects, some of them shirtless and shoeless, pummeling the victim in full view of passing motorists.

The 14-year-old lost a kidney in the attack, so far police have arrested one suspect in the brutal attack, identified as 21-year-old Ramon Paulino, of The Bronx.

Paulino has been charged with federal counts of attempted murder, assault and gang assault. Police say other suspects remain at large.

NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill said on the 970AM ‘The Cats Roundtable Show’ Sunday the police need the community’s help to dismantle street gangs like the Trinitarios and MS13.

‘Everybody in New York needs to take a look at that video,’ he told host John Catsimatidis on 970AM.

‘When I talk about gangs — and I talk about gang violence — this is what I’m talking about, absolutely, total disregard for humanity. What they did to this kid was unspeakable.’

‘We need the community. We can’t do this by ourselves,’ O’Neill added. ‘We need the community to rid these communities of these gang and crew members and to stop this.’

O’Neill said ‘so many tips’ helped bust the eight suspects in Lesandro’s case.

Who Are The Trinitarios Gang?

One of the Trinitarios' logos lailasnews
One of the Trinitarios’ logos

The Trinitarios gang has had a long history of violence in New York City — and often clashes with its rival gang, Dominicans Don’t Play or DDP.

The Trinitarios or 3ni are a violent New York-based multinational organization composed of Dominican Americans.

The name Trinitarios comes from three main Dominican revolutionaries of the Dominican War of Independence: Duarte (Juan Pablo Duarte), Sanchez (Francisco del Rosario Sánchez), and Mella (Matías Ramón Mella).

Established in 1989 within the New York State prison system, Trinitario has since spilled into the streets, with chapters in all five boroughs of New York City. Reports of Trinitario activity have also been made in several US states, Spain, and the Dominican Republic.

It is considered one of the fastest-growing gangs in New York, recruiting members from high schools local to the gang’s area of activity, with the highest numbers of reports coming from Chelsea, Gramercy Park, Harlem, Inwood, the Morris Heights section of the Bronx and Washington Heights.

Trinitarios Gang slogan is “Dios, Patria, y Libertad” (the official motto of the Dominican Republic), which means “God, Fatherland (or Homeland), and Liberty (or Freedom)”.

Trinitarios Gang colors are red, blue, white (the colors of the Dominican Republic flag), and (most significantly) lime green.

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