See shocking advice Cossy Orjiakor gave a depressed follower

Nigerian actress, Cossy Orjiakor, shocked many with the advice she gave a depressed follower who said he is on the brink of committing suicide.

See shocking advice Cossy Orjiakor gave a depressed follower lailasnews

The suicidal follower, took to Cossy’s Instagram page to reveal that he feels like taking pills that will keep him dead. He wrote;

Good evening mummy, please come to my rescue, I need your help, I feel like taking pills to put me to sleep, never to wake up.

Reacting to the comment from the follower, Cossy Orijakor advised him to sell his kidney for his family rather than kill himself for nothing. She wrote;

Cheii they say health is wealth. You are a walking millionaire. Why waste ur life when u can sell one kidney and build house in your village. U can e’en sell the 2 kidneys. Lover and other things. Ur Sacrifice will be cherished forever by ur loved ones. So before u take that pill, remember how u can bless ur famy

See shocking advice Cossy Orjiakor gave a depressed follower lailasnews 1


  1. shocking, the problem is that some people think that all this so called celebrities are god without knowing that many of them are useless and doesn’t have anything to offer, it’s a pity

  2. Working millionaire indeed. What could have caused him to drink and wake up no more if not money.

    She’s right now. Making him see from angle he could not imagine. It is advice.

  3. Well I can’t blame her,but she should just try to moltivate him not to kill himself, that’s a stupid idea but looks very funny…

  4. Interesting advice! I can’t help smiling. Am very sure the follower guy would reconsider committing suicide. She is actually right.

  5. That is her believe to sustain him and possibly his family as well. It is now left to him to take a decision.

  6. Suicide is never an option. But please when ever one is in a depressed state please think about your love ones.

  7. Very good to hear that, let’s the people who are Abt killing their self read this also may they could change their plan.

  8. Really shocking advice..i believe with this the guy will never think of such again…nice one though,cossy..

  9. Lolzzzz truly if he dies just like that it’s a waste well matter what is depressing you suicide is still not an option

  10. I hope he sees the humor in this and also gets the advice you gave him instead of becoming more depressed next time add loving words to your beautiful advice cossy

  11. What she said is true nah I wonder people just kill their self for nothing they didn’t change anything is better they use it for money rituals or sale part of their body to make money before they can now die at least they wont be forgotten they drop a legacy of wealth before their death.stupid I dont think if anytin can make someone take a life if u know the cost of what u have in urbody u will know u are rich

  12. Thoughts some it is found embarrassing and not expected from her… But what do you expect of her since the person has already made his decision to end his life… She just said it to make the fellow coke off from the bottle of his depression and see that life is still valuable…

  13. The advice was not good enough but rather he needs words of encouragement to see reasons why he should not commit suicide.

  14. You don’t need to kill yourself instead sell your kidney like Kossy said or you should submit yourself to doctors who like to experiment on dead body.

  15. What kind of stupid advice is this?it’s better to shut up,you must not reply everything,o well.good for people who see these celebrities as mini gods thinkibg they have all the money,shishi dem no get

  16. Somebody came to you with his problems and that is what you have if that person kills himself tomorrow know that you are part of the reason he did that even if you can’t help with money there are other means of helping you don’t even know if u he person needs cash or just a listening ear you just bad mouthed the person that is very bad of you.

  17. Most of these celebrities are not worth their fans think, most of them are nothing but present as if they were OK. May God help anyway

  18. The best advice one can get is that which you give to yourself, she can’t give what she don’t have, it as simple as that, bros you can be depressing yourself because of temporary things, i understand that they are important and necessary in life, but are they worth losing your life for. Think about it.

  19. I love the advice if she is tired of life good but remember to give out your functioning organs before you go

  20. Some people might think she has given him an epic reply but that is the best reply he needs think about it brother

  21. That serves himvright. He was actually looking for sympathy or that she will give him money. See everybody in this country now is struggling so wake up.

  22. Correct, for once in your life you say something meaningful, instead of wasting your life, just make a sacrifice

  23. Good for the young man. He thought he could find solace in iniquity stricken individuals and slay queens.

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