See reason why great-great-grandmother just celebrated 25th birthday

A great-great-grandmother celebrated her 25th birthday today, but she was born 100 years ago.

The woman identified as Doris Cleife was born in a leap year and she only gets to gets to celebrate her birthday once every four years.

See reason why great-great-grandmother just celebrated 25th birthday

Staff at Doris’ Brunel Court care home in Portsmouth will throw a bash for Doris with local dignitaries, friends and residents all invited.

Manager Katrina Morgan said:

“We know that family means so much to Doris and they will all be celebrating with her at a private party on her actual birthday on Saturday but the residents here wanted to throw a surprise tea party as well.

“We are delighted that we are able to share such a special moment with her and her friends here.”

At the surprise tea party, Doris was given a cake with the number “25” on top, since it’s the 25th time in her life that her birth date, February 29th, has come around.

Doris, a retired hairdresser, reacted to hitting 100 by telling PA news Agency: “I just take it as it comes, I can’t do much about it.

“I honestly don’t know, I think to myself, I never dreamed I would get this far, I lost my mother when she was quite young and my granny died when she was 47 but here we are, and I have a sister who is 98.

“I don’t feel any different.

Great-great-grandmother celebrates her “25th birthday” today

“I’ve waited all my life to be famous and now it happens like this.”

She added:

“I am waiting for my letter from the Queen.

“To be honest, I am feeling quite philosophical about becoming 100, but I am looking forward to spending time with my new friends and my family.”

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