See plenty items female thief hid under her dress in ASDA UK (Video)

A female thief caught in Mega Mart ASDA, UK has surprised many after she hid lots of groceries she stole, under her large dress in the mart.

In a video posted on social media, the woman could be seen rounded up by the security operatives in the mall and was asked to return all the items she stole.

See plenty items female thief hid under her dress in ASDA UK (Video)

She began to drop the items one by one and it looked as if it was never going to end.

She was later ushered off by the security men in the mall.

Watch the Video:

See reactions:

*** I swear those ones standing behind and clapping hands are Nigerians

*** She needed them for the next Ramadan 😂. They will come after me in 5,4,3,2,1…….🚶😂

*** Hijab covers the beauty of some women, I never knew they also use it cover stolen goods

*** With her fine chubby stomach… Thank God say them nor dey beat thief for Yankee, you for hear word

*** She might just be hungry and have mouths to feed too. But that’s no right to steal

*** Las las every religion get virus people. Which one is “She’s not a true Muslim”😏.. No worry she be Rev sister i know her

*** Now where are the Muslims that talk bad about the Christians😪. I am not seeing them oooo. Nothing is about religion, people just do what they feel like doing😪

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