See this hilarious marriage list given to a man in Akwa Ibom

The marriage list given to a man who is set to marry a lady from Akwa Ibom, will surely make you laugh. The man who rather consider the list hilarious decided to post in on the internet and it has since gone viral, with a lot of people giving their comments about the high value placed on bride price in different tribes of the country.

See this hilarious marriage list given to a man in Akwa Ibom Lailasnews 2

A lot of people actually condemn the list, which rather looked like a list of items needed to stock a new super-market.

It’s no news how bride price is a cultural right in most parts of Nigeria. Marrying from some places is very easy and doesn’t require anyone breaking the bank. In some other parts however, it’s like expecting Santa Claus provide for a family for a lifetime.

Most times, it affects relationship as the loud undertone is that one can’t settle with the love of their life if they are not extremely wealthy. The latest which has gotten a lot of attention is a marriage list which was given to a groom-to-be.
Recall in January when a lady cried out that the bride price set on her husband has made them broke even after the wedding. She complained bitterly that after the wedding ceremony and all other marriage rites, she and her husband had nothing left on them to cater for themselves.

According to a publication by, It is actually a well established principle of customary law in Nigeria that the payment of bride price is an essential ingredient of a valid customary law marriage. The term ‘bride price’ is often used interchangeably in Nigeria with ‘dowry’.

Such practice, however, may lead to confusion in thought as ‘dowry’ stricto sensu means the property which a woman brings to her husband. On the other hand, ‘bride price’ may be defined as

“. . . any gift or payment, in money, natural produce, brass rods, cowries or in any other kind of property whatsoever, to a parent or guardian of a female person on account of a marriage of that person which is intended or has taken place”



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