Secondary school students excited to be suspended from school

A group of young secondary school students are currently trending on Facebook after showing excitement to be suspended from school.

Secondary school students excited to be suspended from school lailasnews 4
Secondary school students excited to be suspended from school

The young boys who took to the social media website to make the post are currently receiving mixed responses as some of their friends are hailing and some other users wonder the kind of students that are being bred in Modern Day Schools.

It is not known what offence they committed, but the students seem to be in the final year in High School and rather consider the suspension as a medium to have more fun outside of school.

One of them wrote:

GOING on a suspension diet SS3 connect
Aje womoo king of boiz
Amala co ordinator
Omostate God of war
Shadow God of battle
On a low key

See reaction:

Abimbola Dawodu Who are your parents for crying out loud.. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. Infact the school needs to expel you all because you are the bad eggs amongst others. If iam right, this is Ansarudeen school and you just gave the school a bad name. Shame


  1. They do have shame,at all talk more of pitying their parents that are suffering to get money for their education.

  2. This has been since ages past. Students like it when they dont go to school. Especially when the suspended. It means nothing especially to the unserious ones

  3. Na waooo is this what this generation to breding, how will tomorrow be, parents have failed in their responsibilities. Am so ashamed of you all

  4. This guys are crook,they don’t even feel any remorse for the suspension…the school authority should just expel them at once

  5. Why are we blaming them, before we blame them let not forget the country we are in, am not justifying their actions, but our schools especially secondary schools are nothing to write home about, that’s why most of them right from secondary schools, they are already cultist, the learning system of all our schools especially public schools are very poor and rotten

  6. Small secondary School cultists. I pity you people. Small time nua they will pick up carriers in Yahoo boys, agberos, robbery, election thugs

  7. Smiling.

    More free time to cause mischief in the community.

    Ride on Bro, you’ll meet your Waterloo very soon.

  8. I weep for their parents. After all that they have invested in their life. Instead of panicking and crying and asking for mercy. The are happy. May God help this generation

  9. Evidence of a lost generation. Its a sad day indeed, when children now celebrate evil. Playing with their future, and when they become scums of the earth tomorrow, they will blame everything and everyone including- society, govt, their parents, even ancestors but not themselves

  10. I think you should all be more serious because it’s your final year in secondary school, that’s a shame for you.

  11. I can’t believe they are Happy for been suspended, and the surprising thing is that they are in there final year,may God have Marcy on them

  12. This show that they don’t have interest in school that’s why they are excited from been suspended

  13. This is not funny at all. This is what our educational system is be coming. Gone are the days when children are happy to be in school. This is Nigeria

  14. Some children don’t just know how parents struggle to pay school fees. I think the government, parents and teachers should put more efforts towards orientating pupils on the importance of education

  15. They lack proper upbringing.. How will dey secure a better future for themselves without proper upbringing

  16. Whats paining is that thier mother might be selling akara just to put thrm in school and now look at the is well..

  17. You’ll begin to imagine what the future holds for the African child, tomorrow they look for people to blame for their failure and sometimes the parents are to be blamed for poor upbringing.

  18. What kind of Students are they , at your final year , you are happy you are going on suspension, oh I pity your parents.

  19. Is a stage of life and it occur must time on the type of schools and state some times village schools like government type nobody cares what will happen but their must be what keep them going

  20. What a shame to the Nigerian school system, and to their school, ignorance is a disease, may it never be too late before they realize their mistake.

  21. What type of students are these ones? It is obvious they don’t like their studies at the first place. And come to think of it, they are even in final year o

  22. This is not good at all, it makes them look as though they were not serious, however, since the condition to which they were suspended is not know I won’t way much

  23. What a shame on the family of these fools. They are the ones that will end up terrorizing the state at the end of the day. Imagine being happy for being suspended from school!

  24. Comment*This is so bad, children on nowadays I wonder why they were so excited for been suspended, well I pray they understand what education can do for one in life.

  25. What a shame, students been suspended and they are happy. I pity their family and they will retreat it

  26. What a shame, students been suspended and they are happy. I pity their family and they will regreat it in future


  28. This is a serious matter. The parents of these kids should be sought out and questioned. It is obvious that these kids have not received the training that they should have received. This should be looked into by the government.

  29. It’s the parent i pity for wasting their money on who they take like children not knowing they are wasted sperm.

  30. I pity this students because they don’t know what they have done to their lives come to think of it what have their teachers been doing all this it now they are in their final class that realised that they are bad and needs to be suspended.our government schools are turning our youths into something else.I wonder if this government schools are still producing leaders of tomorrow

  31. This is foolishness, and devil is really working on them because I can’t see the reason why they should be happy nawo ooo

  32. I think they should be expelled for damaging the image of the school and i fear the junior students might copy this their bad behaviour

  33. I did more than this when I was in secondary school. To me, suspension then was just like a RELIEF from school wahala but knowing that we’re happy out of ignorance. I can’t blame them because secondary suspension has no effect on them. Unlike Tertiary institutions

  34. Their family will be at home and place of work, working hard to ensure their children attend school, but loom at what they turn to.

  35. This is serious. It seems like their dreams just came through. Who gets this happy for been suspended. Wonders will never end

  36. They don’t feel any remorse of their act..
    I God have mercy, give them wisdom to know that their parents are fighting for their own good

  37. Pls oooooo,am nt supportin dem o,is just dat anything goes on social media,i guess dey are just been kids bt 4got it will go dis viral

  38. Imagine the children of nowadays who are not serious, how can you be happy for being suspended from school, hmm na waoo

  39. Tomorrow these once will turn to armed robbers and blame the society for being unfair to them. Now they have opportunity to better themselves and they are here trending on facebook after been suspended from school. SHAME!

  40. Ewoo
    If it’s in my school, you will be crying because your parents will deal with you and the school is the one to tell the parents

  41. Nawa o with this our generation. Generation of thugs and all sorts of nonsense. Just in SS3 o, imagine this guys in the university. May God help them.

  42. This is very disturbing, suspension diet indeed. Who are there parents and guardians. I weep for this our generation.

  43. Its quite obvious they lack home training and right school build up, the teachers have obviously not been doing their jobs as well as the parents who are just too callous

  44. Those students are not serious at all,if you have been suspended from school you have to cry and beg for pardon.

  45. but our schools especially secondary schools are nothing to write home about, that’s why most of them right from secondary schools, they are already cultist, the learning system of all our schools especially public schools are very poor and rotten

  46. You are just playing with your futures. Better go nd sit down and think about what you are doing. ..

  47. These students really don’t deserve to be called students. . They do not understand what they are doing in school. I think the government should come in and send them for proper counselling before it is too late.

  48. Suspension to a final year student was this not a shame you want to get to your self why are nowadays student behaving like they know better than their teachers tend to look down to their teachers

  49. I am sure these are the big guns of the final year class. We can’t help but have type of these students yearly. Not all students will b serious with their education

  50. You’re all making jest of your tomorrow because you don’t know how important education is in Nigeria now

  51. They Are only playing with their future,once they realize what they have done by then it will be too late,they are only been lazy

  52. These ones lack home training. What is this generation turning into? They should be expelled because they are the rotten eggs in the school.

  53. They don’t know the implication of what they are doing until later when they will say someone has chain their destiny.

  54. Congrat. Keep enjoying the suspension diet. When you will be tired of eating it will come then you will realize what you have done to your self. God will deliver you people.

  55. Trust me, these guys had options. And i dont think they had wanted to go to school at all. What is exciting about suspension?
    I pity their parents

  56. Imagine the student when people are doing they best to go to school but u are happy that you are going to be suspended from school. Shame on you

  57. Can you imagine? Nigeria has really turned to something else..hip hop musicians are not helping matters..

  58. Students of known a day thy think bad behavior make them to become celebrity,
    See their face with smiling
    But I know very soon they will regret.

  59. That’s why most of them right from secondary schools, they are already cultist, the learning system of all our schools especially public schools are very poor and rotten

  60. It is obvious this ones where already tire of schooling! I just hope they don’t look back on this day and cry had I know

  61. Lol, suspension diet indeed, and this are our leaders of tomorrow, instead of them to make a hay when the sun shine,they are happy to go for a suspension diet, I’m sorry for your future

  62. Are these the people we consider to be the leaders of tomorrow???

    Never!! They should be expel ,,, no remorse for their offence

  63. That’s wat u get wen u force a child to go to school by force, this ones ain’t interested on education abeg

  64. LOL . This boy done mental. How would be happy to be on suspension what will you be doing at home. you are lucky am not your daddy wooos I go beat you ehn

  65. It’s high time our parents inculcate manners into their children. It’s really getting out of hand.

  66. They were never students because a real student will show sign of remorse and will not be happy when sent out of school.

  67. The school should do better with the likes of this stupid kids that don’t value what the will be missing

  68. I have observed that the stubborn, arrogant and students actually turns out to be the most successful. Lolzzzz leave them alone.

  69. Their don’t seem to even care about there future. May God touch their heart. So that their may change from bad to Good.

  70. Students nowadays no longer want to be in school. It’s like they are being forced. It’s only a handful of them that know the value of education.

  71. I understand their joy, I remember my happiest moment in secondary school those days. When our V.p will say if u know u haven’t paid ur school fees stand up carry ur bag and go home.
    That moment sweet pass to piss for dream…

  72. Nawa for these children’s, where are we heading to in this country with the attitude of our younger ones nowadays

  73. Children of this days, to think that their parents are toiling day and night to give them a better future,

  74. From the pics caption this boy’s I sense they cultist,these are the sets of people are politicians use they should be expelled

  75. You see what the world has turn into. Students happy for being suspended. Peer groups are destroying our children nowadays.

  76. na wa o see future criminals and arm rubbers. please the should use iron hand on these students o because they are becoming worst daily

  77. Children this days don’t what to go to school,when I was in school I was always scard of anything dat will bring shame to ma family.

  78. What could be the cause of this excitement from been expelled from school. This is a bad sign for the parents. They should act fast to help this boys before they become a lost course

  79. I don’t even know what to write, I see no reason why they should be happy, though they might actually be among the bad heads in school for them to have earned a suspension… It says it all

  80. tomorrow they look for people to blame for their failure and sometimes the parents are to be blamed for poor upbringing.

  81. Nobody should pretend about this action everyone feel happy whenever they tell them to stay home for sometime

  82. This is unimaginable getting excited over be sure your parents will also be happy too seeing you getting suspended from school.

  83. I pray for you all infact since you are already in ss3 why not quit rather than spoiling the innocent ones. Look at their ugly faces

  84. These country needs a complete revolution the education system is failing every other sectors are either die or in the process of dying

  85. This boys are so useless o, look at how they are happy cause of suspension, what is our school system really becoming.

  86. These ones has no intention of schooling at first, image, they are being happen suspended from sch.. their parents should really be worried about them not being hooligans.

  87. Suspended from SS3 instead of them to be crying, they were laughing.. I pity them and their parents

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