Schoolgirl dies after being operated on by a lab scientist posing as a doctor

Stella, a student of Gateway Excel College, Ogeneago Otukpa in Benue state, died after she was operated on by a lab scientist posing as a doctor, she developed complications after the quack doctor performed an open appendectomy on her. She was later transferred to a different hospital where she eventually died in spite of efforts to save her life.

Schoolgirl die after being operated on by a lab scientist posing as a doctor Lailasnews

Itodo Samuel Anthony, who is a teacher at Stella’s school, shared the story on Facebook. He revealed that the quack doctor is a lab scientist at a government hospital but opened his private hospital where he poses as a medical doctor.

Read the very sad story below.

This evening I was at the hospital to see one of my students. She had a surgery for appendicitis two weeks back and a classmate informed me on Sunday that we had to look into the girl’s case because she was in bad shape. I called her same Sunday with the intention of taking her to a new hospital but the girl said she was okay now.
Anyways, she was in serious pain when I saw her today, and highly emaciated. There was a fresh stitching today because the place was opening. She was getting blood transfusion when I went there because she was “anemic and djdhshsjdjd” according to the quack who operated on her. I had asked her guardian to take her to a doctor I trust only for this “doctor” to stick a needle in her and start feeding her with blood. I was going to yank her off that bed but this quack wouldn’t have it, and I spoke with my doctor who agreed we should let him finish the transfusion.
I got reliable info yesterday that this guy who did the surgery on my student is no doctor, and that was why I was insisting for her to be taken to a doctor this morning before her mum blocked the move, asking for us to wait till tomorrow. It didn’t take more than 5 sentences from that man’s mouth for me to tell he wasn’t trained as a doctor. That assuredness wasn’t even there. A Doctor who was happy to say “let her take the blood then you can take her anywhere” as if eager not to have her die in his hands. I have been told he is a lab scientist at a government hospital here. A lab scientist at a government hospital and a “medical doctor” at his private hospital. I have heard this evening alone a hundred gory tales of the lives this clown has risked or wasted in his over two years of operation. But nothing hurt me more than knowing this dude examined my Faith…in the queerest of ways.
This student will be taken to a proper hospital this night, and if she needs specialist care, we will take her to Enugu. She shouldn’t just die.
After that I will go after this lab scientist with everything in me. I will not rest until that warehouse of death is shutdown and he is driven underground. He clearly has had several other successful surgeries, I mean he had done two similar operations for this same family, and perhaps he isn’t culpable for my student’s present state of health, but I can’t deal with the fact of a lab scientist posing as doctor…doing surgeries!
How can we be doing this? How can you be doing surgeries without medical training? How can you be calling yourself a doctor when you’re a lab scientist. I am still very insulted he referred to himself as a doctor in my presence. How can you be diverting patients sent to your lab for testing in a government hospital to your private shack and no one has found it pertinent to throw you out of that establishment? I have been given the phone numbers of an anti-quackery unit and I will make my calls tomorrow. This guy should be in jail.
And all those nurses and workers I saw there who kept straight faces like they didn’t know this guy wasn’t trained to be doing what he was doing. Based on 10k salary or something like that. What is the value of our humanity?
First, that girl shouldn’t die. We can’t afford another Agada ThankGod here.
After that, Mr “Doctor” run!

Schoolgirl die after being operated on by a lab scientist posing as a doctor Lailasnews1


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